Great example for kids of why not to play on frozen ponds

CAMBRIDGE, Vermont (KFOR/Storyful) – An 8-year-old girl suffered life-threatening injuries after falling through an ice-covered pond. She survived, and her story can now serve as an example to other children of the dangers of playing on frozen bodies of water.

An 80-year-old homeowner in Cambridge, Vermont, saw two of several siblings fall through the thin ice while playing on the pond.

He was able to retrieve the 6-year-old girl near the banks, but her older sister was in the middle, deeper part of the pond.

He called 911 and, fortunately, Vermont State Police Trooper Michelle Archer was within five minutes from the location.

Do not try to walk on frozen bodies of water in Oklahoma

By the time Trooper Archer was able to remove her belt, grab a tethered life preserver, and reach the little girl in the water, the child appeared to be unconscious.

Archer raced back to shore, placing the girl on the snowy bank of the pond.

“She’s making noises!” Trooper Archer said.

In the video at the top of this story, the girl is heard moaning but is unable to speak.

Another trooper, Keith Cotes, also responded and carried the little girl to a waiting ambulance.

According to a VSP news release: “The girl was brought to the University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington for treatment of injuries that were initially believed to be life-threatening. She has since made a complete recovery and returned home.”

Troopers Archer and Cote, along with the homeowner, were all recommended by the agency to receive the VSP’s Lifesaving Award for their heroic acts.

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