‘Great spotlight for our school’: Warwick High Cheerleaders perform at NBA game

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Warwick High School cheerleaders had the opportunity of a lifetime this past weekend — to open for a National Basketball League game in North Carolina.

Warwick High School cheerleaders, known as the ‘Platinum Gold’ team traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina.

The team was invited to perform during the pregame show alongside the Nurvouz Dance Team.

“It was a great chance for us to experience something different that I don’t think anyone has ever experienced before,” said Warwick High School cheer captain Mya Porter. “Being able to be put in the spotlight to perform an opening at an NBA game, [it was a] great opportunity, great spotlight for our school, for us in life in general. I really had a great time this weekend with my friends being able to bond together as a team and be able to enjoy each other’s presence.”

WHS cheer program coordinator coach Shana Knight told WAVY.com that Nurvouz dance coach Shameka Fennell, a WHS alumna basketball player, made this possible.

“This is something that they’ve been looking forward to. We got asked to do it about a month and a half ago. At first, I was a little skeptical about going, like ‘are they ready for this?’ I’m the type of coach that not only wants my team to be prepared, but I just want them to be mentally ready for it,” said Knight.

The WHS cheerleaders reassured her and got to work on their performance.

“My team did a great job preparing and we went out there and executed,” Porter said. “We did it. We did our thing. This is the first year that we’ve been able to brand ourselves [and] we have been able to perform in stomp and shake competitions. [We also] perform at NBA games and being able to place top four at a regional competition.”

Knight has high expectations for the team, as all cheerleaders must keep a C average.

“It’s about having the experience, having somebody who believes in you and pushes you,” Knight said. “Grades come first. You’re a student, then athlete. I push them because I tell them it’s not always about a pretty face or skirt. You have to do something with yourself, and I want you to excel in life.”

Knight turned the NBA performance into a team-bonding weekend, with activities and food options for the hardworking ladies.

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