The Great Storyteller: How Trump Continues to Win Over 'Lost' Americans

Nicolas Bencherki, Joelle Basque

After Donald Trump caused a debacle at a recent NATO summit and started a trade war between the United States and most of its partners, one would imagine he would be highly unpopular.

Yet 87 per cent of Republicans continue to approve of the U.S. president.

The enduring support from most of Trump’s voters is surprising given the president’s many eyebrow-raising statements. He accuses legitimate media of producing “fake news” while relaying dubious information himself. He undermines the authority of the media and scientific institutions that have traditionally brokered knowledge. His communication style is indifferent to the truth.

We suggest that Trump remains popular because he is a storyteller, and that stories do not have the same relationship to the truth as other statements. People accept stories even when they contain factual errors because they resonate with their own experiences and provide them with an active role in their own narratives.

The narrative paradigm

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