Greater Akron real estate sales: Here's what homes sold for week of Nov. 22



1499 Beardsley St, Fast Charles S II to Mcfarland Investment Holdings LLC, $68,000

1164 Ackley St, Jones Eric to Williams Alice M, $10

1700 Brown St, Hansel Patricia A Trustee to MCMLXX LLC, $52,000

975 Raymond St, Mahoney Carolyn to Mahoney Makeba, $40,000

2225 Manchester Rd, Richard P Martin Co Lpa Profit Sharing Plan and Trust to Fairchild Capital LLC, $35,000

1867 Manchester Rd, Nah Properties LLC to Akron City Rentals LLC, $48,000

2190 Lynn Dr, Flanagan Maureen A to Egonia Onie Pareja, $160,000

784 Lindsay Ave, Ollietown LLC to Davis Alex-Zander T, $79,000

808 Harrison Ave, Mueller Lynne A to Harris Wayne, $65,000

873 Fess Ave, Jennings Deidra to Aphesis LLC, $50,000

629 Ranney St, LTTB Realty LLC to SFR3 040 LLC, $58,000

740 Hampton Ridge Dr, Callahan Jill G Co Trustee to Elsass Keith, $315,000

295 E Glenwood Ave, Williams & Covell LLP to Thopra Arun Kumar, $114,000

443 Dennison Ave, Fink Sari A to Shreve Nathan R, $116,000

1320 Eastwood Ave, Circle Holdings LLC to King James IV LLC, $47,100

347 S Firestone Blvd, Kline Donald W to Witherspoon Demarco A, $120,000

640 Ardleigh Dr, Hunter Nathan A to Torres Francisco, $198,000

619 Donald Ave, Blankenship Karen Sue to Taylor Rebecca L, $34,600

836 Amherst St, Moore Kourtney to K&M Investments #1 LLC, $8,000

311 Lloyd St, Sims Carl R to Hitt Lena Jean, $6,500

584 Meredith Lane, Bicudo Delventhal Alice to Eichhorn Charles N, $200,000

754 Tallkron Dr, Lang Jennifer A to Lindroos Melissa, $138,900

858 Fried St, White Janet K to Paolucci Thomas, $42,000

296 Cole Ave, So Will I Properties LLC to Clark David B, $82,000

2076 Congo St, Madlock David H to Walker Sally Ann, $130,000

2947 Popham St, Williamson Craig A to Baker Street Homes LLC, $135,000

129 Portage Path, Sharp Bonnie to Pmig Inc, $25,000

129 Portage Path, Pmig Inc to Rida Fatima, $38,000

1128 Belleflower Rd, Hostetler Amy R to Patterson Damien L Sr, $40,000

912 Merriman Rd, Porco Frederick V Jr to Dunn David E, $450,000

173 Henry St, Origin Homes LLC to Middlebury Housing LLC, $56,000

533 Alaho St, Vanhorn Ronnie R Sr to Galvin Lashea L, $105,000

445 Allenford St, Griffin Paul E to Global Rental Property LLC, $40,000

856 Patterson Ave, Multiples LLC to Mason Gwendolyn, $76,000

496 Rentschler St, S & D Structures LLC to Corty Rentals LLC, $52,900

1120 Georgia Ave, Baja Bound LLC to Shinn Christopher, $134,000

737 Wall St, Begue Roger to Elmulaiki Hafedh Ali, $53,500

1778 Congo St, Holt Danielle L to Vernon Robert, $106,000

135 Southwood Rd, Moss Judith A to Hurm Matt T, $302,948

509 Rentschler St, S $ D Structures LLC to Corty Rentals LLC, $44,100

1166 Frederick Blvd, Smith Mary A to Schwenk Carolann, $30,000

576 Patterson Ave, Soe Hey Nay to Lwe K Baw, $59,000

780 Damon St, Poole Gloria Ann to Subba Malati, $110,000

807 E Waterloo Rd, Sciara Steven A to Smitherman Darryl Duane, $50,000

1786 Flint Ave, Baity Stephen C to Kma Capital LLC, $51,800

1149 Flanders Ave, Mitchell Rachelle N to Brunson Ryan, $118,000

1243 Leeser Ave, Drouhard Tammie to Mccraney Renee Denise, $36,500

1188 Juneau Ave, LTC Enterprises #4 Ltd to Harris Cynthia D, $27,999

1946 SW 2nd St, Armstrong Marquita to Armstrong Marquita, $27,200

560 Hollibaugh Ave, Samouk Sejo to Matula John V III, $127,000

1043 Hartford Ave, Mount North Capital 1 LLC to Mount North Capital 1a LLC, $1

559 Morgan Ave, Mount North Capital 1 LLC to Mount North Capital 1a LLC, $1

806 Crouse St, Turner Linda I to Semgen Holdings LLC, $11,752

877 Sutton Pl, Farkas James N to Clemens Marie Ann, $235,000

1148 Winton Ave, Irsak John M to 1040 Legacy LLC, $23,000

528 Avalon Ave, Leiby Todd W to Kaye Kayla, $180,000

1225 Nestor Ave, Lindesmith Kevin P to SFR3-040 LLC, $37,350

98 Grandin Rd, Mohlmaster Ronald C II to 98 Grandin Road LLC, $200,000

491 Sieber Ave, Mccullouhj Merle L to James Mariah, $92,000

939 & 941 Damon St, Dao Thuy Van to Vo Anh, $160,000

1049 E Archwood Ave, Brown Mcclung Akron LLC to Xe Properties LLC, $35,000

377 Buckingham St, Gale Timothy to Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Daniel M Powers Roth Ira, $5,000

95 Ansel Ave, Washington Timothy W to Brown Michael, $129,000

567 Fouse Ave, Padula Frank to Stephenson Dean W, $55,000

196 Butler Ct, English Nancy L to SFR3-040 LLC, $25,000

1010 Ute Ave, Partin Laura J to Mingo Darrell E, $130,000

369 E Archwood Ave, Canedy Diona A to Decaria Colleen R, $105,000


1376 Stratford St, Amos Jesse A to Riding Michael, $143,000

725 Charles Ave, Horvath Pamela S to Lessiter Matthew, $89,000

249 Broadview Ave, D & R Holdings LLC to Graham Alexander C, $115,000

152 Hermann St, Rine Blaine D to J & E Investment Properties LLC, $47,000

5227 Witner St, East New Haven LLC to NVR Inc, $41,616

83 S Van Buren Ave, Hentosz Dennis Grant to Kerley Hershel H Jr, $65,000

465 SW 31st St, Bullock James C to Mcgluphy Jeffrey A, $200,000

268 Norton Ave, Aris Jessie M to Heydon Jr Larry L, $82,000

221 Evergreen St, Ocheltree Philip D to Ocheltree Alex, $72,000

Bath Township

21 Harmony Hills Dr, Jre Homes LLC to Luck Nathan, $430,000

2718 Sun Valley Cir, Mehigan J Howard Jr to Garland Jacob Victor, $245,000

Copley Township

991 Croghan Way, Hyne Donald F to Hyne Donald F, $240,000

Coventry Township

592 Cove Blvd, Starcher Mark E to Opendoor Property Trust I, $123,900

3603 Mong Ave, Catterall Laurie Kay to Hobbs Mark J, $390,000

3727 Rook Dr, Albaugh Donald W to Riemenschneider Lynn A, $357,500

3463 Dollar Dr, Halman Heather to Nguyen Thang, $301,000

Cuyahoga Falls

1450 Tewksbury Cir, Lucas Victoria A to Brooks James F, $178,500

2990 Prange Dr, Stevens Kenneth R to Skall Chase Barry, $131,000

1295 Front St, Haney Gwen M to Berencsi Samantha, $107,000

601 Grant Ave, Ryckman Gary C to Adams Lindsey Marie, $155,250

133 Jennings Ave, Starr Robert D to Machamer Christopher, $80,000

2849 Hudson Dr, Bergey Caleb R to Rindo Richard B, $149,900

2548 Fairland St, Cingle Adam D to Cingle John K, $88,780

2426 10th St, Parker Caleb to Vig Tyler M, $94,000

1472 Julian St, Smith Brandon to Bedell Alexander, $185,000

2223 Providence Blvd, Stimmel Ronald A Jr to Anderson Nissa, $265,000

673 Roanoke Ave, Naragon Mildred I to Waddell Brenda, $158,000

2107 Pinebrook Trl, Blake Sean M to Montoney David R, $99,900

40 Pine Ave, 5008 State Road LLC to NVR Inc, $90,000

20 Pine Ave, 5008 State Road LLC to NVR Inc, $90,000

50 Pine Ave, 5008 State Road LLC to NVR Inc, $90,000

30 Pine Ave, 5008 State Road LLC to NVR Inc, $90,000


3363 Dowling Dr, Luck Nathan D to Morgan Alexander J, $315,000

3089 Shelley Lynn Dr, Simpson Carol Ann Trustee to Jarosz Matthew R, $350,000

3406 Lenox Village Dr, Bennett Kristen C to Judge Jill M, $169,000

3009 Ridgewood Rd, Hilty Travis to Jackisch Daniel G, $291,000


175 Bayview Terr, Chessar Edward Louis Jr to Barbera Barry L, $500,000

174 Magua Dr, Scott Stacey to Banks Ann Louise, $216,400

2961 Graybill Rd, Breedlove Dale L to Brenneman Judith A, $326,700

2419 Bonna Dr, Davis Steven to Lonis Justin, $125,000

1285 Everbright Dr, Hymes David L Jr to Jre Homes LLC, $170,000

3110 Bear Hollow Rd, Polacek Kenneth to Real Estate Gurus LLC, $217,100

1370 Sassafras Pl, K Hovnanian Forest Lakes LLC to Moran Debra Irene, $285,451


836 W Streetsboro St, Chesterberry Properties LLC to Parsee Jed, $69,300


3236 Sunny Brook Dr, NVR Inc to Powell Kenneth Edward, $285,545

1566 Wilson St, Rawls Nina Trustee to Garcia Devon E, $21,000

3300 Stafford Dr, NVR Inc to Basnet Ganesh, $281,640

3311 Stafford Dr, NVR Inc to Rizzo Nicholas G, $277,250

3180 Cottage Cove Dr, NVR Inc to Kniffin Karen L, $265,955


9041 Seminole Lane, Radatz Detlef to Aux Funding LLC, $155,000

9109 Seminole Lane, Hyde Kimberly A to Fountain Asia, $219,000

8543 Ravenswood Ln, Ngo Linh My to Shurkov Dmytro, $170,000


3650 Mogadore Rd, R&W Home Improvement LLC to Garcia Fernando Rueda, $210,000

Munroe Falls

128 Pinehurst Rd, Prochnow Jeff Trustee to Morgan Houston Jr, $223,000

New Franklin

179 Odelle Dr, Walker Sally Ann to Lucas G Timothy, $370,000

4759 Edna Dr, Leonhard Gregory P Co Trustee to Heard Bryan, $251,000

4802 Whyem Dr, Compton Joshua L to Delaney Kenneth G Jr, $259,000

701 Valley Crest Dr, Osborne Clarence R to Osborne Clarence R, $78,205

332 Townsend Ave, Mobobhumm LLC to Biebelhausen Jonathan, $92,000

1946 W Nimisila Rd, Top Designs Inc to Schulz Danielle B, $180,000

4120 Melton Ave, Flashhouse Cle South LLC to Bross David, $154,500

3817 & 3819 Faith Ave, MK Realty LLC to Kiemschies Danielle, $190,000

2703 Delhi Dr, Naragon Michael to Weber Kaitlyn Grace, $305,100

Northfield Center Township

7285 Chatham Ct, Charbonneau Karen I to Biondo Elizabeth A, $169,700


142 Fell Ave, Sylvestre Anderson to Knepp Cody, $260,000


2964 Fair Oaks Dr, Warrens Nick to Pletcher Kevin, $240,000

3453 Wadsworth Rd, Haglund Daniel R to Schmidt Erik, $134,000

3195 Clark Mill Rd, Palladino Kenneth N to Kelly Katherine Josephine, $165,000

2108 Wadsworth Rd, Lisowski Timothy K to Halasa Mario, $176,100

3029 S Hametown Rd, Hanlon Daniel Keith to Burger Joseph L, $180,000

3605 Easton Rd, Flynn Sonja to Swain Paul, $169,900


3557 Dolphin Cove, Ames Sanford G to Barbarotta James, $155,000

10041 Crows Nest Cove, Smith Amanda P to Jones Casey J, $299,990

10556 Herrington Dr, Tomei Bechara M to Golden Virginia A, $410,000

3856 Nautilus Trl, Williams Jennifer to Milano Steven, $122,500

Richfield Township

4102 Far-O-Way Ln, Carretta Robert C Trustee to Cowin James S Trustee, $1,265,000

3455 Bannockburn Dr, Rogers R Scott to Haute Kenneth S Vanden, $1,170,000


4553 & 4557 Hawkins Rd, Sterenberg Barbara A Co Trustee to Collett Robert F Jr, $243,000

3184 Roberts Dr, Peters Michael K to Cyphert Jonathan Michael, $300,000

4240 High St, Brown Vanessa L to Stitt Stephanie E, $405,000

Sagamore Hills Township

809 Cedar Grove Cir, Hartlieb Jeff to Dahl Eric, $299,000

945 Trimble Pl, Prusak Anthony P to Morgan Keri, $262,000

10744 Valley View Rd Unit 7B, Mormile Patricia M to Smith Lumanda S, $58,500

420 Dartmouth Trl, Ebel Janet P to Lesinski Leslie J, $299,900

8651 Wood Hollow Rd, Liederbach Denis J to Liederbach Gregg, $135,000

Springfield Township

357 Edith Ave, TJ Land Management One LLC to Partlow Ashley N, $118,000

440 Taylor Ave, Beatty William L to Elkins Austin C, $145,000

1018 Buena Vista Dr, Riggs Diana Jo to Ferich Judith A, $100,000

3366 E Sanitarium Rd, Hoelzle Kevin F to Spickard Michael, $70,000

1027 Mohawk Trl, Miller Jerry Jr to Miller Andrew, $7,500

2361 Massillon Rd, Magrell Brian to Graves Brian A, $129,900

2935 Canton Rd, Tierney Brian J to Nelson Samuel Everette, $123,000

2593 North Way, Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd to Sapp Alexander K, $118,000

1098 West Park Way, Roberts Leonard A to Ludwig Lannie R, $115,000

2161 Canton Rd, Chambers Dorothy L to Deutsche Bank National Truste Company, $80,000

2925 Pine Lake Rd, Dierker Family Trust to Sirbaugh Michael E, $260,000


1934 Higby #B Dr, Cavanaugh Timothy A to Alam MD Shariful, $130,000

1558 & 1562 Robin Lane, Robin Hills Properties LLC to Fearon Daniel James, $270,578

4054 & 4058 Beckley Rd, Burnham Aaron C to Rodgers Joshua D, $175,000

3443 Saratoga Blvd, Chilinski James G to Jolliff Gregory E, $515,000

3867 Baumberger Rd, Grimm Charles E to M & T Real Estate Investing LLC, $125,000

560 Treeside Dr, Mackens Jonathan M to Mcclintick David T, $250,000

595 Eagle Trce, M&E Property Holdings LLC to Terzano Rita L, $241,000

2211 Graham Rd, Wagner Autumn L to Steele Clarance H Jr, $179,900


130 Barnes Dr, Ciccarelli Thomas to Hernandez Antonio, $190,000

158 Washburn Rd, Novello Desirae L to Konigsberger Cody, $169,900

66 Barnes Dr, Kuhn Louis to Phillips Leticia M, $215,000

793 Southeast Ave, Wilson Jim C to Murphy Peter C, $229,900

421 Melony Ln, Cochran Matthew J to Pokwal Tek, $205,000

47 Eastpointe Dr, Massoli Gina to Dobbins Hannah, $138,700

360 Tammery Dr, Leon Michael B to Chuwan Khadga P, $235,000

615 Timothy Dr, Jones Karen L to Crowe Melissa J, $285,000

545 Woodland Dr, Levenderis Tony to Rusinko Paul A, $275,000

478 Newton St, Kepich Alysha to Sloan Jeremy, $192,000


9908 Patton St, Scales Bronde to Joseph Jill S, $220,000

9874 Country Club Cir, Gartner William A to Martin Anna J, $265,000

3089 Mathers Way, Shields Katherine to Bann Brian Thomas, $385,000

2664 Overlook Dr, Sankala Dhiraj to Rane Hirachand B, $530,000

10060 Ridgewood Dr, Whitley Bobbie to Levy Elijah, $231,000

1683 Stone Creek Ln, Grabowski Laverne to Carroll Florence, $160,000

10269 Orchard Hill Ln, Bash Corinne I to Northcoast Real Estate Group LLC, $121,100

Twinsburg Township

1987 Oxford St, B Miller Builder Inc to Ware Brianna M, $215,000



1205 Bryce, Bradley Shannon M to Salazar Eloy I, $187,500

329 Rainbows End, Lorence Robert to Bulk Holdings LLC, $400,000

881 Hilliary Ln, Lukasik Cheryl to Lombardy Kristine, $390,000

Brimfield Township

3996 Selnik, Trautman Russell M & Thomas M (Tic) to Larko John & Janet Fox (J&S), $255,000

Lot 49 E Old Forge, MS Acres LLC to MS Acres LLC, $0

5215 Glen Park Dr, Mupinga Davison M & Emily E to Bergey Caleb & Victoria (J&S), $310,000

Deerfield Township

Lot 71 Mcclintocksburg Rd, Cutlip Steven R & Evelyn M (J&S) to Hayden Mark A & Sharon L (J&S), $40,000

9301 St Rt 224, Grimes Jeanine M to Grimes Michael James, $105,000

Freedom Township

7842 St Rt 303, Rowan Kenneth F to Veon Zayne M, $169,000

Lot 16 E St Rt 303, Rowan Kenneth F to Veon Zayne M, $169,000

6505 Vair, Petersen Michael H @2 to Westry Lonnie Darnell Sr, $142,000

Garrettsville Village

8555 Davis, Baum Joseph J & Kathleen J (J&S) to Singer Paul, $230,000

8145 High, Sun Trust Mortgage Inc to Criblez Norman & Teresa, $60,000

10487 South, Conard Jill & Robert A Clark to Workman Robert Ray & Juliann (J&S), $153,000

Hiram Township

12893 Udall Rd, Blair Gail to Beavers Justin & Tristan Matuszak (J&S), $350,000


Cressb Lot 138 F 50 Laurel, Rank William F to Oloyede Joseph & Maria (J&S), $170,000

464 Francis, Rank William F to Oloyede Joseph & Maria (J&S), $170,000

1259 Carol, Alli Sandra D to Dowdall Michael J, $105,000

435 Lake, RTB Rentals LLC to Delrosa Douglas A, $356,500

339 Dodge, Matalik James G to Simpson Adam William, $126,000

1075 Munroe Falls, Testa Mark V to Belcher Kelly & Jane (J&S), $128,000

1143 Jessie, Ludwick Gary J to Grigoli Kristine, $105,000

Nelson Township

9212 Pierce Rd, Klem Scott to Madercic Daniel & Brittany (J&S), $230,000


897 Mill Rd, Iatonna Debra Ann (Trustee) to Ducsay Dennis, $263,000

886 Park, Sheldon Jeffrey J to Deremer Breanne A, $135,000

Div S Lot 6 SD-40 Beach, Sheldon Jeffrey J to Deremer Breanne A, $135,000

505 N Chestnut St, Wess Mari C to White Viktoria B, $154,900

1023 Overlook, Hurst Wilma J to Ramsdell Ray S & Susan E (J&S), $125,000

835 Emerald Lake PW, Deremer Breanne to Hays Mckenzie, $95,000

1050 Shrewsbury Dr, Waide Mark E & April A (J&S) to Jones Denzel & Octavia (J&S), $270,000

Ravenna Township

Div S Lot 43 PCL 17 Hommon, Fox Timothy R & Yafei X (J&S) to Belknap Michael A & Stacey A (J&S), $10,000

Rootstown Township

4091 Siefer, Soos Kirsten to Iatonna Debra (Trustee), $140,000

4276 Hattrick, Litsinger Donald M & Cathy L to Darling Roy, $125,000

Shalersville Township

3218 Bartlett, Travers Brodrick A to Ford Kenneth & Arcele Damicog Ford (J&S), $284,900

Lots 18 & 19 Peck, Podojil Richard E & Rosemarie (J&S) to Podojil Samuel & Megan N (J&S), $90,232

8896 St Rt 44, Moss William A & Felicia N (J&S) to Taylor Aaron & Emma (J&S), $234,900

9855 Diagonal, Spilker Sara A to Svette James H & Debbie J (J&S), $280,000


977 Gaynelle, Scalia James A & Andrea J (J&S) to Domozick Carla, $263,100

9818 Creekside Wy, Terry T N & Brianne E Schaefer to Bledsoe Ronald, $285,000

1938 Fairways Dr, Davis Darnell & Pamela (J&S) to Wheller David W & Laureen A (J&S), $315,000

Suffield Township

Lot 41 Pontius Rd, Kidsjaber LLC to Chew Justin Ryan, $228,800

2396 Randolph Rd, Durick Kenneth D & Wanda E (J&S) to Cultrona James V & Deanna M (J&S), $127,500



Bolog Pearl L from Hagan Ann M, 1081 Kings Way, $220,000.

Canary Properties LLC from Hoopes Daniel H, 1290 S Linden Ave, $40,000.

Canary Properties LLC from Mackintosh Kimberly Kay, 725 S Mechanic Ave, $35,000.

Canary Properties LLC from Mackintosh Kimberly Kay, parcel 105074 Mechanic Ave S, $35,000.

Canary Properties LLC from Pirtle David W & Tonda S, 1335 S Freedom Ave, $40,000.

Global Real Estate Solutions LLC from Mengers Ruth W, 251 W Broadway St, $82,000.

Hamilton Tarah from Balaban Mihaela, 2832 Federal Ave, $180,000.

Johnson Richard Justin from Dorsey David W & Kieu, 1440 Noble St, $40,000.

Lambdin Leda & Marcus from Sikora Investment Properties LLC, 1312 South St, $112,000.

Nelson Michael & Dixie from Johnston Roger Brent Ttee, 1250 S Sawburg Rd, $90,000.

Ocean Realty LLC from Zorger Jason, 63 W Wayne St, $32,100.

Rickerman Power LLC from Maddocks Properties LLC, 1420 South St, $29,000.

Bethlehem Township

Abigail Morris from Gourley Cara Jo, 266 Bender St NE Lot #25, $23,000.

Dyer Janet E from Pelger Michael, 69 F St SW, $24,000.

Fondriest Jamie L & Raymond C from Stark Properties Ltd, 909 Main St N, $179,900.

Snyder Summer Rae from Performance Advantage Properties LLC, 134 High St NW, $155,000.

Canal Fulton

Conner Timothy & Samantha from Brooks Lauren, 468 Layden Ave, $245,000.

Pizzo Joseph L & Chesko Dawn from NVR Inc. A Virginia Corp. DBA Ryan Homes, 3004 Bonita Cir SE, $255,000.

Sampson Richard L Jr from Bailey Bradley & Rheann, 718 Tell Dr, $225,000.

Seem Angela from Swartz Douglas S & Erica E, 559 S Canal St, $117,500.

Waters Robert & Judith from Murphy Diana L, 782 Beverly Ave, $205,000.

Zalewski Dana P & Costello Laura B from Mayes Laura A, 732 Dan Ave, $220,000.


Ackerman Kristi R from Clary Christine L, 1534 25th St NW, $75,000.

Beck Timothy R from Speaker Timothy D, 1925 Woodland Ave NW, $59,996.

Brewer Donald from Stallings Brian J, 1230 Smith Ave SW, $20,000.

Brunyansky Margaret A from Hamby Rebecca L, 1313 9th St NW, $30,000.

City of Canton from Metro Canton Real Estate LLC, 1607 8th St NE, $445,000.

City of Canton from Metro Canton Real Estate LLC, 1715 9th St NE, $445,000.

City of Canton from Metro Canton Real Estate LLC, 1800 9th St NE, $445,000.

City of Canton from Metro Canton Real Estate LLC, parcel 200743 Berger PL NE, $445,000.

City of Canton from Metro Canton Real Estate LLC, parcel 237649 Lippert Rd NE, $445,000.

Delong Jennifer from Blake Nancy J, 2130 Mount Vernon BLVD NW, $119,000.

Ducan Ronda Langlois & Craig from Francis Evelyn L, 1725 Oberlin CT NW, $90,650.

Dwyer Demetria & Maierhofer Natashia from Mitco Remodeling & Renovations Inc, 208 44th St NW, $326,000.

Envy Me Properties LLC from Wartman Melissa, 1654 Cleveland Ave NW, $74,030.

Fame City Properties LLC from Heavens Holdings LLC, 907 14th St NE, $24,000.

Gearheart Tracy from Lorenzano Amy, 943 High Ave NW, $12,000.

Gemstone Properties Inc from Branan Sherry Y & Mccauley Alena E Ttee, 3729 Shanabruck Ave NW, $95,700.

Hall Cheryl D from JBSM Investments LLC, 1019 Concord Ave SW, $85,000.

Harsh Marie from Ward Thomas K, 3805 Woodland Ave NW, $145,000.

Holly Christian LLC from Big Bay 6 LLC, 208 Clarendon Ave NW, $55,500.

Hoover Elizabeth A from Yarger Ariel S & Elise Shannon Elise & P, 151 33rd St NW, $143,000.

Hymax Holdings LLC from Anthony Ronald L & Michelle A, 1735 Edwards Ave NE, $42,000.

Jackson Ariko from Jackson Nancy M, 1600 22nd St NE, $70,000.

Johnson Eric from Hildenbrandt Evan, 2208 6th St SW, $54,000.

Joy & Carlisle Estates LLC from R&M Baker Real Estate Investments LLC, 908 Harriet Ave NW, $9,000.

Knox Malik from Screamer Properties LLC, 2665 St Elmo Ave NE, $161,400.

Ly Linh Ma from Pendleton Gary M, 224 Park Ave NW, $40,000.

Maurer Lejean & Stephen from Doughty Rosie Trustee of the Olee Nucklo, 3415 Market Ave N, $165,000.

Mcphilliamy Morgan C from Yoder Tonya L, 2832 Abbott PL NW, $96,500.

Morgan David Lee Jr & Jill from Kortis Karen S, 616 Bellflower Ave SW, $115,000.

Mosher Daniel from Wengerd Lavern W, 1512 Crescent Rd SW, $35,000.

Myers Brittanie L from Dragomier John A & Johnson Melinda H, 2230 10th St NW, $85,000.

Ontrack Properties LLC from Yoder Steven & Ellen Kay, 3120 Dewey PL SW, $85,000.

Ontrack Properties LLC from Yoder Steven R & Ellen K, 3126 Dewey PL SW, $85,000.

Ontrack Properties LLC from Yoder Steven R & Ellen K, 3214 Dewey PL SW, $85,000.

Parks Warren III & Raquel from Equity Trust Co, 937 Forest Ave SW, $34,900.

Perry Katrina L from Xides Dean v, 1523 19th St NW, $120,500.

Revision Homebuyers LLC from Seich John J & Sueann M, 1229 Bedford Ave SW, $42,000.

Revision Homebuyers LLC from Seich John J & Sueann M, 2414 Grigsby PL SW, $38,000.

Roberson Steve & Beth from Carey Tim, 2903 12th St NW, $71,000.

Sal Investment Properties LLC from Milena Hunt Homes LLC, 806 23rd St NW, $87,500.

Sica Juventino Ajanel from Jones Tasheena S, 1529 4th St NE, $70,000.

Smith Addie J & James H Jr from Moser Olive Ann & Rohr Charlotte Opal &, 1607 Yale Ave NW, $100,000.

Spencer Storage Solutions LLC from Frana Clara Self Storage LLC, parcel 212843 Bryan Ave SW, $175,000.

Steinmetz L.R. Trustee from Galati Paul J, 1325 12th St NW, $145,000.

Stowe Shannon H & Warren Brent A from Niewiadomski Edwardp & Beth A, 340 Valleyview Ave NW, $160,000.

Tarman Ashley N from Lee Joseph, 1233 Perkins Ave NW, $139,000.

Yeager Sarah from Michael Kenneth R &Patricia A, 1507 14th St SE, $32,500.

Canton Township

Jurenec Charles Janko from Boston Dorothy v, 4845 Clardell Ave SW, $135,000.

Kistler Dustin from Cook Katherine & Jeffrey, 3405 3rd St NE, $139,900.

Lindsey Alan A from Ward Patricia L, 5136 Martin Dr SE, $24,000.

Nelson Donald & Kathleen from Kent Shelley B, 4424 Millport Ave SW, $115,000.

Nielsen-Mayer Sean & Maughan Kelli from Robinson Preson W, 5247 Birchmont Ave SW, $400,000.

Jackson Township

Ambrus Eric R & Laipply Erica L from Rembrandt Property Holdings II LLC, parcel 10008077 Portage St NW, $279,000.

Camarata Stephen Vincent & from Berkshire Farms LLC, parcel 10013495 Greenview Ave NW, $98,900.

Casper Apartments LLC from Sunset Square No 2 Ltd, 6666 Casper Dr NW, $1,945,000.

CBH Investments LLC from Honold David L & Linda J, 6573 Palmer Dr NW, $100,000.

Cuellar Hector Ariel from Simms Michael R, 5630 Cherokee Ave NW, $219,000.

Dunn Tyler Jackson from Dunn Joseph J & Beltz Julie A, 9692 Strausser St NW, $180,000.

Dye Richard E & Beverly A from Howell Daniel, parcel 1600182 Portage St NW, $21,700.

Finney Shaun M & Amanda Jo from Janecko Philip J & Kathleen A Co Trustee, 6167 Redford Rd NW, $259,000.

Freday Nicholas & Katelyn from Mizener Aaron J & Rachel A, 3411 Harris Ave NW, $279,900.

G F Properties LLC from Miller Vickie J, 8156 Glenburn St NW, $235,000.

Grant Charles L from Lockhart Alexander, 4271 Parkdale Ave NW, $50,000.

Hane William D & Terri A Hane from Karvounides Gust & Kireta Michelle, 6225 Oakcrest Ave NW, $172,000.

Hayes Bradley R & Stephanie M from Honold David L & Linda J, 6547 Palmer Dr NW, $290,000.

Hayes Bradley R & Stephanie M from Honold David L & Linda J, 6567 Palmer Dr NW, $170,000.

Howell Daniel M from Dye Richard E & Beverly A, parcel 1600181 Portage St NW, $21,700.

J&J Motors from Long Paula L, 4871 Echovalley St NW, $195,000.

Jane Zito Designs LLC from Berkshire Farms LLC, 7238 Greenview Ave NW, $109,900.

Jennings Justin from Cranor Ann S Trustee, 6281 Bertram Ave NW, $760,000.

Meader James from Edgar Hazel L, 7212 Knight St NW, $228,000.

Modd Garrett J from Freday Nicholas & Mcabier Katelyn, 1327 Taggart St NW, $185,000.

Moss Tamika Lynn from Murphy Polly Sue, 4639 18th St NW, $71,500.

Parker Cheryl from Andreski Steven M & Sara A, 7819 Lake O Springs Ave NW, $335,000.

Pitzulo II Joseph A from Etling Brian L, parcel 1609245 Beatty St NW, $28,900.

Reece Jennifer from Gorring Diana M & George M, 1135 Durham Cir NW, $242,100.

Rodgers Stacy M & James T from Mcmahon Raymond J Jr MD, 6577 Forestwood St NW, $350,000.

Rohrer Todd T & Krista R from Schillig Meghan & Jones Tyler, 9737 Diamond Ridge Cir NW, $319,900.

Scheetz Kristen M from Chiarappa Anthony M & Danielle E, 9756 Emerald Hill St NW, $290,000.

Smiley Jill M & Jeffrey R from Seifert Tamie S, 5487 Sonia Ave NW, $329,000.

Stasik Roderick C & Myers Danielle M from Shepperd Constance L, 7626 Ravine Dr NW, $218,400.

Steiner Linda Pernell from Howell Daniel M, 6817 Portage St NW, $250,000.

Thompson Charles R & Linda L from Bodnar Edward P & Patricia A, 6946 Knight St NW, $225,000.

Lake Township

Burtoft Gregory S & Michelle D from Ousley Kristen R Trustee/ Kirby Family I, 8362 Ladonna Cir NW, $305,000.

Castelli Elise T & Breznak Chad from Labeau Colin M & Danielle, 3755 Lake Center St NW, $380,000.

Diversified Growth LLC from Prather Dale, 3676 Broad Vista St NW, $185,000.

Do Tam from Isaac Cedric L & Carolyn L, 2389 Salem St NW, $350,000.

Gingerich William & Martha from Myers Martha E & Powell Virginia L, 12783 Forsythia LN NW, $179,900.

Ingram Rebecca L from Logan Michael W & Deborah A, 1228 St Abigail St SW, $285,000.

Kirkpatrick Kara M from Foringer Bobbi S & Eaver Dale R Ttees, 2789 Wright Rd NW, $490,000.

Lion King Express LLC from Glengarry Properties Ltd, 11911 Cleveland Ave NW, $425,600.

Lovejoy Maddison M from Hollin John, 3055 Linden St NW, $155,000.

Middaugh Allen Paul & Sara Marie from Huchok Paul E, 13626 Cinnamon Lane Ave NW, $289,900.

Williamson Gary Lee & Teresa Gail from Smith Eric C & Kieva D, 9931 Market Ave N, $255,000.

Winer Lee v & Iris D from Troyer Wayne L & Betty J Trustees / Bett, 10720 Middlebranch Ave NE, $322,000.

Wise Andrew M & Jena C from Marchese Christopher N, 112 High St NE, $162,000.

Yoder Merlin R & Charlene L from Gingerich William C Martha, 1889 Gingerich St NW, $332,000.

Lawrence Township

Guimaraes Cleiber De Araujo from Smith James O II & David H, 8291 Kepler Ave NW, $35,000.

Kallai Arthur Joseph Jr & Julia Danee from Lewis Kristi L & Herrington Justin, 12401 Chestnut St NW, $275,000.

Shyann Hunter LLC from Pittson Properties, 3971 Manchester Ave NW, $245,000.

Taylor Charles E & Maryanne from Fulk Carla R, 3371 Clermont St NW, $418,000.

Wilson Kenneth W from Carpenter Joseph N, 4287 Manchester Ave NW Lot 7, $1,000.

Lexington Township

Provence Richard W Jr & Penny K from Homes 4u Tri County Inc, 12560 Union Ave NE, $79,000.

Sobol William P from Andrassy Dale W, parcel 2808249 Parkmont St NE, $25,000.


Frazier Joseph from Waterbridge Properties LLC, 239 Frana Clara St, $169,500.

Gaff Stephanie D from Roberts Kenneth R, 122 Brunner CT, $84,000.

Sanford Eric & Christina M from Haddox Joshua, 906 Bentwood Cir, $370,000.

Swierczek James & Peggy from Denzer Wanda S, 176 Beau Chemin Ave, $174,000.

Walters Ashley N from Greaves Kirk A & Caitlin S, 524 Cypress St, $237,000.

Wright Michael C & Osborne Lauryn C from Mayle Brittany, 245 Devinney Ave, $125,000.

Marlboro Township

Clevenger Ryan J & Michaela M from Wells Robert L, 8988 Alberta Beach St NE, $218,500.


Butler Tyler A from Shurtz Brian K, 838 Seneca St NE, $135,700.

Coleman Gregory David from Earp Tyler J & Linda S, 1756 Jefferson Rd NE, $204,500.

Esper Marquetta L from Radel Chad E, 318 8th St SW, $92,185.

Fisher James M & Kelli L from Hall Michael J & Sandra L, 2451 Mount Union Ave SE, $285,000.

Hartzler Capital LLC from D & K Property Enterprises Ltd, 407 Lincoln Way E, $197,000.

Hess Brett H from Soehnlen Carol A Ttee, 27 8th St NE, $92,000.

Jasinski William E & Tonya M from Clark Timothy J & Dawn, 275 23rd St NW, $158,000.

Lancaster Mary from Dice Nicholas E, 605 Webb Ave SW, $84,900.

Lovell Courtney N from Carpenter Caleb & Olivia, 305 6th St SW, $130,000.

Martin Tim from Smith Evan J & Eric D, 1518 1st St NE, $85,000.

Massillon Apartment Investors LLC from Massillon Center LLC, 59 Lincoln Way E, $1,938,000.

Orozco Juan C & Barbara A from Mccune Robert W & Christina R, 1600 Byron Ave SW, $146,500.

Pyles Chad & Courtney from Waggoner Rollin D &Gabriele A, 2620 Rhode Island Ave SE, $38,000.

Samake Drissa & Diaby Aicha from Cannon Thomas A & Cynthia M, 1860 John Carroll Dr SE, $245,000.

Seese Christopher & Kourtney from Phillips Donna, 1260 Lanedale St NW, $265,000.

Simmonds George from Glasgow Larry G Jr & Michele, 1356 Huron Rd SE, $24,000.

Simons Christina from Byron Christopher & Andrea, 804 Rotch Ave NE, $180,000.

Waicak Jeff from Barnett Linda D, 770 Lawton St SE, $17,500.

Warth Jolyn E from Parks Debra Ann & Getz Barbara Jane, 1080 Kelly St SW, $275,000.

Nimishillen Township

Reasoner Brian C from Stahler Kenneth B Ttee, 8916 Rue Helena St, $90,000.

Strait Jerry Scott & Patricia L from Bobo Meril L, 5665 Grenshaw Ave, $386,000.

Uhl Ty Lee Martin from Mckenna Jeffrey R, 7960 Hebron Ave, $175,000.

Uhl Ty Lee Martin from Mckenna Jeffrey R, parcel 3302643 Lakefield St NE, $175,000.

North Canton

Boughton Joseph & Stephanie from Lowry Lisa K, 1641 Greenway Rd SE, $194,900.

Dare Carrie A & Adam J from Garlock Douglas L & Helen L, 848 Lorena St SW, $154,000.

Friel Darcy A from King Jon A, 1117 Fair Oaks Ave SW, $245,000.

Hall Maraio A from Smith Robert C & Amanda L, 636 Mckinley Ave SE, $154,900.

Mollohan Sue Ellen & Ronald K from Keenan J Sean, 1601 S Main St Unit 2, $149,900.

Neal Christopher A & Amanda E from Herrmann John T & Martha M, 1615 Ambler Ave SW, $189,000.

Rembiesa Barbara A from Dimartino Heaven R, 428 Hower St NE, $146,000.

Zagna Properties LLC from Batchelder Paul E & Barbara H Trustees /, 8 Cord PL SE Unit 8-C, $325,000.

Osnaburg Township

Hope Senior Village LLC from Helping Osnaburg Prosper Economically in, parcel 10013875 Wood St N, $200,000.

JS East Canton LLC from Kress David, 406 Noble St W, $400,000.

Lobins Emily v Jake N from Icardi Mark v, 693 Evening Star Ave SE, $425,000.

Nelson Robert from Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 120 Liberty St E, $60,123.

Rowe Scott from Robinson James, 5141 13th St NE, $50,000.

Paris Township

Alderfer Julie S from Gilson Cheryl A, 16464 Delmar Dr SE, $139,900.

Beadnell Jeffrey from Virs Ltd, 311 Latzer Ave, $75,000.

Boch Robert C & Helen M from Arnold Marla, 710 E 1st St, $75,000.

Gotschall David A from Ramsey Janese E, 206 Lincoln Way E, $238,300.

Hertel Kiley J from Crowl Margery K, 1905 Union Ave SE, $180,000.

Lab Brian Anthony & Joelle Lynn from Louive Janice M, 1770 Union Ave SE, $190,000.

Perry Township

Beard Julie L from Davis Scott v, 3132 Lynch St SW, $131,500.

Brittain Mary & Donald from Bishman Mark A & Margaret G, 3340 Meadowwood St NW, $195,000.

Bryant Nicole Christina from NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation, 6929 Gauntlet St SW, $239,840.

Darst Corey A from Bleau Joseph R & Ann M, 5215 Oakvale St SW, $195,000.

Dentler Dustin from Kirkbride Leslie J, 3460 Partridge St NW, $192,100.

Gingerich Dannie E & Linda from Weaver Mark, 5980 Faircrest St SW, $85,000.

Gorton Michael from Fisher James M & Kelli L, 5264 Burlawn St NW, $200,000.

Guthrie Christopher W from Miller Leigh Ann Trustee of the Nancy T, 3362 Mollane St NW, $255,000.

Hutchison Brett Michael & Hobart Katie from Wagner Justine O, 4716 Piccadilly Ave SW, $165,000.

Kinsinger Amy L from Carden Todd W & Carrie A, 4212 Pirates Cove St NW, $199,900.

Lyons Gregory P & Kimberly D from Witter Eldon J & Kristy L, 4870 Arbor Rd SW, $138,000.

Moran Patrick J & Lynne A from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 6913 Gauntlet St SW, $316,760.

NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes from Dehoff Agency Inc, parcel 10013294 Lavenham Rd SW, $60,000.

NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes from R L Deville Holdings Ltd, 6943 Gauntlet St SW, $49,331.

Pineda Carlos & De Leon Lincy from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 6056 Lavenham Rd SW, $265,270.

Polen Brittany from Hupp Nancy C, 1122 Summerdale Ave NW, $138,500.

Red Wind LLC from Herman Wilbur M Trustee / Jo Ann Herman, 4400 Lincoln Way E, $434,500.

Stenger Michele L & Holly L from Tatarsky Mary Jane, 1734 Clearbrook Rd NW, $200,000.

Szczepaniak Enterprises LLC from Smith Randy L, 5076 Tuscarawas St W, $900,000.

Szczepaniak Enterprises LLC from Smith Randy L, parcel 4302321 Delaware Ave SW, $900,000.

Szczepaniak Enterprises LLC from Smith Randy L, parcel 4307991 Delaware Ave SW Rear, $900,000.

Tailwind Massillon MHP LLC from Wiles Melissa L, 3354 Hilton St NW Lot #31, $2,900.

Vianney Holdings LLC from Huff Lindsay, 5015 12th St SW, $132,331.

Pike Township

Clapper Marcella from Basham Jr Millard I, 2217 Kingsbury Dr SW, $1,000.

Sancic Family Farms LLC from Carpenter Belinda B Ttee, 7528 East Sparta Ave, $302,500.

Sears Lisa & Randy from Bethel Timothy Mark & Kimberly Joyce, 5885 Stinewood Dr SE, $73,000.

Plain Township

22 Degrees East LLC from Countryside Service Company LLC, 1904 Eastbranch Cir NE, $392,000.

22 Degrees East LLC from Countryside Service Company LLC, 1913 Eastbranch Cir NE, $392,000.

Bell Alexis Marie from Hug Zachary T, 2922 Sharonwood Ave NW, $184,000.

Bella Development Rentals LLC from Geitgey Complexes Inc, 1046 Applegrove St NE, $5,325,000.

Blackwell Benjamin from Countryside Service Company LLC, 2017 Eastbranch Cir NE, $214,000.

Blair Nicholas M from Szabo Andrew J III & Sheila Jo, 1121 31st St NE, $117,787.

Bowen Charles P & Debra K from Moser Evelyn M, 3424 Martindale Rd NE, $140,000.

Bowers Kristin & Brandon from Dininno Kayla & Nicholas, 2155 Cottington St NW, $308,000.

Cross Timberlands LLC from Woodhall Donna I Trustee, 3201 Croydon Dr NW, $250,000.

Elmhurst Real Estate Holding LLC from Shaw Robert W, 7877 Elmhurst Ave NW, $99,000.

Family & Community Services Inc from War Ren Associates, 3660 Millvale Ave NE, $400,000.

Family & Community Services Inc from War Ren Associates, 4230 Lesh St NE, $400,000.

Gasbarre Joseph G & Alyssa N from Williams Jeffrey D & Phoebe J, 7801 Chatham Ave NW, $256,100.

Gilbert Jeanette C & Bruce H from One Richmond Avenuecompany LLC, 4103 Will St NE, $119,000.

Goff Kristen & Robert II from White Lorene L, 2104 Whipple Ave NW, $185,000.

Grindel John J & Stephanie E from Schrader Jeffrey W & Patricia J, 6815 Middlebranch Ave NE, $196,500.

Grossi Isabella from Brittain Donald S &Mary E, 1230 Spangler St NE, $132,500.

Hill Brianna Delaney & Bower Dominic from Allatzas Mark A & Palosi Kristen A, 4547 Grandview Ave NE, $179,000.

Jivens John H II & Rosenberg Sheri E from Klein Laura A, 1507 32nd St NE, $121,500.

JL2 Holdings LLC from Rusnok Cheryl A, 3696 Northern St NE, $98,000.

Johnson Thomas E & Jennifer B from NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA, 1317 Fountain View St NE, $381,950.

Kovac David & Katie from Difiori Jeffery L, 6425 Firestone Rd NE, $49,779.

Lowe Albert K & Bonita K from Rothermel Nancy, 4216 Tannybrooke LN NW #12D, $170,500.

Mae Collsion LLC from Goddard Holley B III, 3905 Cleveland Ave NW, $190,000.

Maloney Lisa A & Ryan P from Feller Kary A & David C, 4216 Tannybrooke LN NW #12C, $185,900.

Martin Jacob A from Avo Properties LLC, 3101 Wolverine St NE, $158,000.

Mollett Jeffrey W from Rine Shawn, 4135 27th St NE, $1,000.

Myers Malissa & Nutter Christopher from Liliestedt Bruce E, 3510 26th St NW, $189,000.

NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes from Mckinley Edgewood Development Company LLC, 1217 Southbrook Cir NE, $98,000.

NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA from Mckinley Edgewood Development Company LL, 1329 Fountain View St NE, $72,000.

Pine Jennifer L & James v from Raymond Anthony CJ II, 5104 Beech Grove Ave NE, $215,000.

Ryan Austin Michael & Allison from CVL Properties LLC, 1823 Koran Ave NW, $186,000.

Shepard Gary & Diana from Graber Dean L & Thiede Janet, 4803 Grandview Ave NE, $172,000.

Stumperth Martin A & Becky S from Lexington Farms North Ltd, parcel 10013237 Harness Cir NE, $89,000.

Swift Shawn D from Monnette Michael E, 6494 Blossomwood Cir NE, $215,000.

Trikilis Steven & Wolfe Madison from Krigbaum Rex & Anita K, 3075 Forestview St NE, $174,900.

Sugarcreek Township

BDS Legacy Investments LLC from Solomon Legacy Investments LLC, 237 Wabash Ave S, $60,300.

Bolitho Ryan K from Hershberger Nancy L, parcel 7100107 Massillon St, $11,025.

Indorf Mitchell from Hutt Arah F, 6845 Pigeon Run Rd SW, $88,110.

Miller Matthew J & Mast Keri from Weaver John J & Elsie E, parcel 6703965 Stone Ave SW, $110,000.

Miller Steven D & Deborah from Hershberger Michael M & David L, parcel 10014737M Northknoll Ave SW, $12,776.

Miller Steven D & Deborah from Miller Steven D, 11055 Northknoll Ave SW, $12,776.

Ousley Hunter William from Hershberger Ammon E & Eli E, 13909 Baughman St SW, $212,600.

Rohl Ira E from Miller Mervin M & Mary E, 127 Main St E, $37,400.

Tuscarawas Township

Yoder Brandon Jay & Annie from Davis Christopher & Julia L, 864 Woodline Ave, $93,000.

Washington Township

Mastroianni Todd M & Jennifer from LMT Properties II LLC, parcel 7501638 Electon Rd NE, $120,000.

Mastroianni Todd M & Jennifer from Trummer Lisa M & Mitchell L, parcel 7501665 Eastmoor St NE, $120,000.

Scott Michael E from Bolog Pearl L, 3495 Rambo Ave, $220,000.



6126 Ridge Rd, Campbell Charlotte D to Miller Amanda & Andrew Stanec, $173,840

parcel 033-12A-30-006 Ridge Rd, Campbell Charlotte D to Miller Amanda & Andrew Stanec, $173,840

720 State St, Kavanaugh Todd J & Beth to Graber David & Kyleigh Shank, $130,000

10432 MT Eaton Rd, Buckhorn Properties LLC to Edwards Alison B & Joshua M, $335,914

792 Thelma Dr, Kinnan William Andrew & Brittani to Kemp Terrell J Sr & Libby L, $310,000

1339 Harmony Dr, Miller Kyle Levi & Christine Lynne to Stanger Christina J, $315,000

438 High St, Kemp Terrell J Sr & Libby L to 96 Investments LLC, $145,000

397 Dalton Dr, Spearing Monique R to Neading Chris J IV & Jean A, $320,000

357 Meadowcreek Dr, Pfouts Richard L & Maedene B to Warrens Jacqueline & Nick, $330,000

314 Foxglove Dr, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Pische Katherine & Michael, $449,825

parcel 033-12A-30-008 Ridge Rd (R), Campbell Charlotte D to Miller Amanda & Andrew Stanec, $173,840

267 Baldwin St, Treichel Thomas F & Sieglinde L Trustee to Lyle Barbara L, $187,000


60 Skyview Dr, Cosgriff Michael J & Lynn D to Skymount Solutions LLC, $78,000

4251 Cory Ct, Raney Susie to Pearce Audrene, $200,000

4262 Hadley Ct, Bonnett Bryanna to Vuckovic Milan & Ljuba & Vanja Vuckovic Gleske, $163,000

4243 Miner Dr, Mullen Jeffrey T & Anne Marie Ousley to Mullen Jeffrey T, $38,415

parcel 003-18B-30-059 Miner Dr, Mullen Jeffrey T & Anne Marie Ousley to Mullen Jeffrey T, $38,415

4068 Keller-Hanna Dr, Tegowski Erica A to Thomas Charles & Nicole I Thompson, $282,000

1188 Tulip Ct, Allen Kimberly D Trustee to Hasan Ramona, $172,000

1595 Lincoln Ave, Phiel Alexandria to Ek Real Estate Fund I LLC, $225,000

4303 Arlington Dr, Spilka Matthew J to Olivo Hannah G, $208,000

3251 Twain Blvd, Malone Mackenzie to Holmes James J & Heather L, $255,000

4180 Cherokee TR, Evans Trevor T to Salamon Michael & Nicole Borowy-Salamon, $250,000

parcel 003-18B-31-293 Keller-Hanna Dr, Tegowski Erica A to Thomas Charles & Nicole I Thompson, $282,000


parcel 016-03B-19-014 Ridge Rd, Deka Alex C to Major David S & Linda S, $255,000

18 Vista Ridge Cir, Sulieman (abuhamdeh) Ashraf & Karam Alnajjar & Ayman Abu-Hamedeh (vendee) to Sulieman Ash & Karam Alnajjar & Abu-Hamedeh Ayman, $375,000

693 Ridge Rd, Deka Alex & Alex C to Major David S & Linda S, $255,000

583 Eastwood Rd, Borojevich Sandra L & Lia to Dubetz Lia, $300,000

908 Center Rd, Kasper Daniel A & Leslianne to Sobol Brett Edward & Susan Renee, $360,000


10626 Greenwich Rd, Miller Deborah A & Russell A Riffle to Wasser Toni Lynn, $585,000


3489 Avon Lake Rd, Cross Christopher L to Cunningham Jacob E & Kellie, $250,000

parcel 024-04B-21-003 Avon Lake Rd (R), Cross Christopher L to Cunningham Jacob E & Kellie, $250,000


8639 Chippewa Rd, Phalsgraff Adrianna to Tucker Jeff, $60,000

130 Harris St, Equity Trust Company Custodian to Kellogg Samuel J, $147,000

7930 Buffham Rd, Murray Robert M to Gagliardo Anthony Harrison & Melissa Sue, $80,000


7110 Lafayette Rd, Salerno Michelle M & Michelle M Martin to Dugan Thomas M & Deborah D, $480,000

parcel 020-10C-23-003 Lafayette Rd (R), Salerno Michelle M & Michelle M Martin to Dugan Thomas M & Deborah D, $480,000

parcel 020-10C-23-004 Lafayette Rd (R), Salerno Michelle M & Michelle M Martin to Dugan Thomas M & Deborah D, $480,000

6374 Ryan Rd, NVR Inc to Kokhanevych Ivan & Valentina, $430,375

2970 Sutton Ln, Smith Melissa to Yorke Damon T & Shaena L Miller, $1,400,000

4931 Kennebank Ln, Crowe Arla L to Salerno Michelle M, $235,000

4540 Ledgewood Dr, West Stephen W Jr to Gargalianos Jennifer Marie & Timothy J, $339,900

3885 Fenn Rd, Hovanic Michael & Kristen to Young Cody S & Cheyenne, $330,000

4757 Ledgewood Dr 9-B, Zhao Yi to Lin Yun, $60,000

221 Canterbury Ln A-38, Thornton Robert to Brown Jeremiah, $106,100

42 High Point Dr Unit 22, Mcguire Constance M to Spear George E II, $179,000

parcel 028-19C-20-208 Forecastle Trl, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Camargo Alexis N Sr & Isabel, $263,240

988 Chadwick Ln, Fechko Karnel to Bures Christopher & Dana Mackey, $315,000

192 Essex Ln, Dudley Jeffrey to Lynch Thomas Aaron & Lauren, $325,000

1048 Salem Ct, Hepner Real Properties LLC to Watson Samantha, $190,000

915 Branch Rd, Koncsol Michael & Beth Danyi to Whatmore Benjamin Joseph & Tracy April, $215,000

4112 Watercourse Dr, Rife Mary Ellen Trustee to Rench James L, $410,000

4617 Ridgestone Way, Schepis Nicholas John & Linsey Marie to Young Edward W & Genvon, $431,000

5441 Ridgeline Dr, Estep Orville F & Rebecca R to Abbott Chad A & Candace, $400,000

3660 Station Rd, Miller Gregory S Trustee to Evtushenko Natalya & Yuriy, $275,000

7344 Ballash Rd, Urry Gerald T to Cavanaugh Mark & Noelle Joy, $270,000

5030 Hidden Lake Dr, Colony Home Builders Inc to Fite Allen Edward Jr, $650,900


4616 Greenwich Rd, Ritzman Cynthia A Trustee to Stallard David J & Linda L Trustees of the Stallard Family Trust, $660,000

102 Beachwood Ln, Kacic Kristine M to Liggitt Kelly Lena & Christopher John Brock, $225,000

9427 Hubbard Valley Rd, Hanna Jeffrey A & April A to Fairbairn John Matthew & Shawna Marie Hodges, $1,900,000

45 Warner St, Kimble George W Jr to Sammon Daniel & Kathleen E, $92,000

110 Hazelwood Dr, Farley Enterprises LLC to Leeann & Joe Properties LLC, $128,500

6069 Seville Rd, Davis Shara L & Richard O Gaeckle to Slansky Cassandra Lee, $245,000


11092 Chatham Rd, Rowlands John R to Shawnee Lake Park Inc, $130,000


parcel 025-01A-33-021 W River Rd, Douglas Jerry A to Jag Land Holdings LLC, $375,000

1565 Honey Badger Ln, Drees Company the to Baker Kristina, $547,129

944 W River Rd, Douglas Jerry A to Jag Land Holdings LLC, $375,000

parcel 025-01A-33-020 W River Rd, Douglas Jerry A to Jag Land Holdings LLC, $375,000

2567 Abbeyville Rd, Sklarz Robert W to Carleton Sara Marie, $275,000

1598 Greenbriar Run, Drees Company the to Haun Nicole Marie & Frederic V Jr, $553,702

6436 Neff Rd, Tippie Daniel M to Cooper Aaron G & Katherine A, $339,000

6708 Spring Glen Dr, Ross Janet J to Marcum Michael Thomas & Judith Cornish, $430,000



240 Heritage Pointe, Kim Jamie & Rhoda Mast S/T to Johnson Thomas Frederick & Claire Alison S/T, $220,000

204 S Mill St, Wayne County National Bank to Campbell Real Estate Ltd, $225,000


473 N Portage St, Fox Lawrence A & Gail M S/T to Thoricht Adam C, $80,000


9748 MT Eaton Rd, Stark Robert L Jr to Moore Johnathon Michael & Jessica, $300,000


17786 17818 Harrison Rd, Yoder Aden M & Ada Mae to Yoder Steven A & Karen A S/T, $500,000

West Salem

10141 Lattasburg Rd, Balliett W Eileen Trustee to Skelly J Jacob, $140,000


4969 S Honeytown Rd Rear, Miller Ryan A & Shana L S/T to Baker Andrew & Emily Kathleen S/T, $450,000

This article originally appeared on Akron Beacon Journal: Home sales for Summit, Stark, Portage, Wayne, Medina week of Nov. 22