Greater Akron real estate sales: Here's what homes sold for week of Dec. 6



1295 Big Falls Ave, Kurtz Lawrence M to Milanko Grozdana, $42,500

1307 Diagonal Rd, Parker Alan D to Catlin Nicole Alexis, $37,000

2128 SW 5th St, Davis Daniel Lee to Hossain Marzan, $46,000

699 Bettes Ave, Yee Yun S to Brandon Marquis, $80,000

51 Kuder Ave, R&M Baker Real Estate Investments LLC to Kapital Enterprises LLC, $30,000

370 Hickory St, Thompson Oletha to Kapital Enterprises LLC, $95,000

152 N Portage Path, K S Yoak Enterprises LLC to Noel Eric, $220,000

2100 Newton St, Qilin Group LLC to KNB Capital LLC, $35,000

1214 Jacoby Rd, Cusick Thomas J to Neer Alex, $180,000

2357 SW 19th St, Mckinney Timothy A to Patel Rohan, $75,000

1132 Bristol Terr, Page Lonnie D to Chicas Gilberto, $7,500

334 Ely Rd, Stevens Lois J to Romano Charles V III, $357,501

266 S Maple St, Citation Bailout LLC to TB & LH Bros Realty LLC, $15,000

1428 Woodbirch Ave, Collier Curtis R to Gillespie Timothy O, $65,000

919 Vernon Odom Blvd, Brinson Evis to Odom Vernon 919 Ak LLC, $45,000

3164 Cottage Cove Dr, NVR Inc to Bradshaw Stephan J, $275,420

614 Stanley Rd, Brooks Kenneth E to Morton Robert Anthany, $134,900

596 East Ave, Daniels Karen M to Smith Brandon, $21,400

2148 Thurmont Rd, Randall Mable H to Moss Samantha, $112,160

1225 Sparhawk Ave, Cericola Estates Ltd to Jurkovic Ryan, $74,500

72 Middlebury Ave, Cloyd Osha R to Dejesus Mercedes, $74,000

581 Lessig Ave, Mollohan Gary L to Rock Kacey D, $165,000

1047 & 1049 Murray Ave, Liska William C to Olesh Mark, $120,000

3538 Samuel Rd, Dal Capital Sma V LLC to Riffe Milana K, $119,000

1913 SW 2nd St, Miller Jeffrey A to Donahue Michael J III, $1,200

295 High Grove Blvd, Treich Tyson T to Sutar Radkika, $125,000

981 East Ave, Ruple Willette D to Powermoves LLC, $7,000

102 E Ingleside Dr, Walter Cale R to Price Triston Douglas, $125,000

2824 Stratford Cir, Carter William Bruce to Smith Patricia, $255,000

866 Kirkwall Dr, Tackett Michael Ray to Guiley Clifford Dale, $94,000

4978 Peggy Ann Dr, Richards Dawn E to Fetchu Mallory D, $195,000

289 Goodhue Dr, Brown Daryl to Kochy Daryl, $190,000

1172 Woodward Ave, Hernandez David L Jr to Boylen Hannah O, $124,800

802 May St, Kongmanichamh Kongkane to Aung Soe, $24,000

329 Dean St, Mitchell Property Neighborhood Development LLC to Wadsworth Nicole Ann, $58,000

717 Hampton Ridge Dr, Abrahamson Nicholas A to Sea Ridge Capital LLC, $140,000

5125 Duxbury Dr, Huyler Kelly Marie to Abbas Ashraf, $655,000

1039 Ackley St, Schwaberow Tara to New Generation Homes Inc, $13,300

477 Edgewood Ave, Mccall Ira to Crown Business Consortium Limited LLC, $25,290

341 Stephens Rd, Stanley Schueller & Sons Rentals LLC to Blagojevic Aleksandar, $120,000

1274 Wilbur Ave, Finley Claudia L to Fisher Tammi, $65,190

394 Margaret St, Coffman Brian W to Middlebury Housing LLC, $21,000

3816 North Shore Dr, Husted Janice K Trustee to Crawford Derek E, $497,000

1754 Highview Ave, Lori Patricia L to Tevepaugh Anthony J, $110,000

205 Mission Dr, Evans Clint to Nurse Tiffany N, $165,000

1319 Herberich Ave, Flynn Sally J to Clay Micah L, $121,500

2872 Unclmorse Ave, Hines Dennis Duane to Hines Michael Duane, $100,000

595 Mohawk Ave, Wolfe Michael Carl Sr to Maple Leaf Bulbul LLC, $64,500

502 Mineola Ave, Wise Bradley J to Manley Jermel V, $177,400

865 Packard Dr, Fitzpatrick Rory to Mahdi Group LLC, $22,600

516 Van Everett Ave, Sheppard Geneva to H & N Investment Properties LLC, $17,000

1958 Cramer Ave, Harrison John A Jr to Wright Courtney L, $100,000

569 Elbon Ave, Ohs Three LLC to SFR3 040 LLC, $27,000

2320 Windemere Ave, Woloch Barbara A to Owen David F, $86,750

596 East Ave, Smith Brandon to Smith Brandon, $10,655

321 Zeller Ave, Conti Andrea D to Mima Todd, $115,000

977 Concord Ave, Brannon Leonard Paul to Krenn Nicole C, $62,500

2500 Graham Ave, Harris Michael J to Cress Bruce, $161,800

165 Frank Blvd, Jackson Sterling A to Queen Uriah, $130,000

108 W Long St, Singh Davinder to Chaney Tareef Lamarr, $3,000

2076 Thurmont Rd, Kane Seth T to Biggums Candice, $166,000

2961 Millbrook St, Alhassani Hassan A to Scott Danielle, $80,000

661 Selzer St, Black Squirrel Properties LLC to Portman Charles A, $49,900

558 Corice St, Nwoseh Bobson to Kennedy Joseph A, $52,500

1088 Murray Ave, Hull Donald to KS Yoak Enterprises LLC, $69,510

535 Crosby St, Kunkel Thomas M to Lemmon William, $69,525

3799 Butterfield Dr, Rollins Steven M to Auvil Cory, $201,000

325 Retreat Dr, Temo Lawrence C to Vidlak Pablo, $418,000

1500 Beardsley St, Metzger John D II to Hinson William, $95,000

1310 Dover Ave, Clayton Property Management to Mishra Bishnu Maya, $139,900

777 Annapolis Ave, Gill Curtis M to Rockwell Eric N, $124,500

1952 Braewick Dr, Jones Courtney D to Xie Xiuhuan, $215,000

367 E Ido Ave, Clegg Property Management LLC to Kogin Sony Trustee, $77,900

1605 Mud Brook Ln, NVR Inc to Tontodonato Pamela, $330,505

217 Lake Pointe Dr, Daily Mark R Trustee to Oelschlager Jo Ann Trustee, $395,000

1576 Overlook Dr, Safely Landed Inc to ZD Investments LLC, $45,500

1234 MC Intosh Ave, Limric Michael Edward Sr to Enjoy LLC, $48,500

978 Berwin St, DC & JZ Associates LLC to Slabaugh Eric, $75,000

305 Mineola Ave, Pavlin David R Trustee to Olsen Randall John, $200,000

1596 Malasia Rd, Posey Lorene M to Rinehart Matthew J, $122,625

953 Owen Ave, Lindsey Michael P to Herbert Lenny, $10,000

715 Hampton Ridge Dr, Loesch Melissa to Quester Nicole Marie, $192,000

953 Owen Ave, Herbert Lenny to Chicas Gilberto, $17,000

736 & 738 Kenmore Blvd, Myers Thomas K to Stewart Salome, $95,000

695 Crystal Lake Rd, Sigalow Susan S to Foster Robert N Jr, $742,500

39 E Dalton St, Santabarbara Constance S to Ayala Carial Nathaly Elizabeth, $40,000

6194 Renninger Rd, Cianchetti Philip O to Truist Bank, $94,000

1538 Tyler St, Haggins Detrice to RVR Realty and Investment LLC, $24,100

2332 SW 17th St, Kapstoneak LLC to Brucker Matthew, $65,000

1375 Yellowstone Ave, Alboreo Jamie L to Towd Point Mortgage Trust 2018-1, $51,200

2860 Kendall Rd, Rininger Larry to Gilbert Vanessa C, $123,000

1950 Springfield Center Rd, Paul Foster LLC to Gressley Lindsay K, $107,900

1534 Brittain Rd, Clover Home Solutions LLC to Tamang Biman, $180,000

670 Moon St, Best Yet Investment LLC to Stones Construction & Remodeling LLC, $12,000

136 Burton Ave, Valinsky Consulting Group LLC to Stones Construction & Remodeling LLC, $15,000

635 Mohawk Ave, 1 Commanagementgroup LLC to Wood Joshua M, $18,000

1604 Malasia Rd, Schweda Justin K to Carson Jean S, $100,000

1001 Seward Ave, Goler Russell H to Walden Elaine, $179,900

3404 -3408 Peach Dr, Giampapa Stephen Louis Trustee to Mobley Robert J, $225,000

905 Milo White Dr, Stout Linda J to Hefferman Joseph C, $70,500

3567 Carper Ave, Cuvelier Edward S Jr to Miller Alexa L, $267,500

2586 Edgebrook Ave, Barden Charlene B Trustee to Heaps Ronald, $115,000

1670 Ottawa Ave, Thornton Russell to Zumpano Toni, $82,000

2906 Nesmith Lake Blvd, Angel Rosalie G to 2906 Mesmith Lake Limited, $55,375

159 Rhodes Ave, Langer Patrick T Trustee to Larkin Street Homes LLC, $99,900

210 Allies St, Englehart Michael J to Ward James, $10,000

6003 Keller Rd, Castle Andrew T to Tenney Bailey S, $187,000

2795 N Glencoe Dr, Pearce Jeffrey W Co Trustee to Miller Matthew R, $275,000

1603 Mud Brook Ln, NVR Inc to Bernhard Laura, $342,870

993 Shaw Ave, NVR Inc to Wieland Mary T, $288,720

1160 La Croix Ave, Grzyb Kevin M to Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd, $25,000

918 Florida Ave, Smith Marie to Trevaskis Charles R, $15,000

parcel 6801823 E Tallmadge Ave, Shanti Community Farms Inc to Tamang Sunita, $23,000

291 E Ralston Ave, Leeser Joshua K to Moore Paula, $100,000

1985 Braewick Dr, May Maryann C to Krakoff Sheila, $209,000

817 N Howard St, 1 Brick at A Time Investments LLC to Ara Maintenance Ltd, $23,500

945 Trimble Dr, Bishoff Jolene M to Brunner Ward Randolph, $117,000

1655 Smokerise Dr, Szalay Paul S Jr to Roholt Real Estate LLC, $200,000

parcel 902705 Corunna Ave, Singleton James P to Kuzior Joseph L, $48,000


10414 Tolland Dr, Maina Lincoln to Ikeh Onyemauche N, $390,000

3834 Nautilus Trl, Maier Michael to Wood Deborah, $169,900


1033 Liberty Ave, K S Yoak Enterprises LLC to Vicens Javier Roa, $132,000

1552 Lockwood Rd, Long Pamela Jayne to Lance Tiffany A, $210,000

2930 Wilbanks Dr, Bauman William E to Jackson Richard, $230,000

359 17th St NW, Kennedy Shari to Thomas Savannah Rose, $105,000

147 3rd St NW, DMC Lake LLC to KNB Capital LLC, $135,000

487 17th St NW, Weisner Kyle to Barker Cynthia, $70,770

23 20th St SW, Lind Ryan L to Oddo Christian, $115,000

543 W Lake Ave, Millikan Jean Elizabeth to Stultz Steven C, $86,400

5233 Witner St, East New Haven LLC to NVR Inc, $41,616

1345 Orchard Ct, Slabaugh Lindsay to Basinger Audrey, $115,000

435 17th St NW, Baker C Diane Trustee to Kma Capital LLC, $19,000

939 Wilbur Ave, Pouliot Properties LLC to Wright Linda M, $95,000

3535 Wooddale Dr, Karabatsos John T Trustee to Domico Brad, $290,000

698 N Summit St, Ries Jonah to the Haverford Meyer Company, $68,100

829 Brady Ave, Wiley Richard R to Gumm Stephen, $85,000

2750 Himelrigh Blvd, Sharratt Lindsay D to Brown Xavier Alexys, $250,000

3129 Medina Line Rd, Dazey Scott K to Sokira Jonathon A, $185,000

4273 Greenwich Rd, Gabriel Blake to Dolan Jesse M, $614,900

1501 Maple St, Winebrenner Mark A to Sykes Thomas L, $82,000

245 W Heatherwood Dr, Beach Joan P to Timmons William C, $100,000

1083 Shannon Ave, Sutton Robert V to L & E Oneill Investments LLC, $15,000


2350 Boston Mills Rd, Jakejosh Land LLC to Keil Jeffrey A, $95,000


2013 Rheam Rd, Wallace Ryan J to Berardi Brian A, $475,000

5760 Deer Pines Dr, Fogle Jason M to Warner John R, $65,000


1466 Karl Dr, Stewart Kimberly A to Cozart Clayton, $263,933

4444 Regal Dr, Grisez Todd R to Ulstad Peter, $550,000

4566 Devereux Dr, Francis Margaret M to Latham Catherine Z, $495,000

Cuyahoga Falls

30 Hayes Ave, Hostettler Chalee to Dandrea Jonathan M, $201,000

2248 Stone Creek Trl, Dell Cary J to Corbett F Patrick, $299,000

1548 & 1550 Campbell St, Myszka Elizabeth M to Herman Justin Lee, $142,400

907 Washington Ave, Cjo Richardson LLC to Kohl Tami S, $113,000

1632 Broad Blvd, Ford Carl L to Breece Drew, $165,000

2236 17th St, Mcdonald Robert W to Winter Charlene Elizabeth, $187,500

1831 7th St, Gatian Douglas A to Serpentini Paul A, $123,500

2332 High St, Rich Karla C to Crowe Jason Lamont, $89,000

2059 11th St, Zsoldos David to Charles Richard F, $204,490

1264 Munroe Falls Ave, Calise Christopher D to Lukas Daniel, $222,330

1855 21st St, Baraona Michael J to Weems Cameron Damare, $149,500

1611 Silver Lake Ave, Innova Holdings LLC to Banks Cheyenne, $185,000

1808 Maurice St, Domico Brad to Hutcherson James Thomas, $200,000

1757 3rd St, Averill Mary M Trustee to Shaub Hayley, $172,000

824 School Ave, Bernish Vickie A to Harkless Rudy A, $110,000

4033 North Steels Cir, NVR Inc to Sutton Michael S, $340,610

535 Center Ave, Wolfe Paulette to Machan William K, $75,000


1104 Cutler Ln, Siegenthaler Maura S to Cyr John, $500,000

137 E Case Dr, 137 Case LLC to Frameworks Capital LLC, $320,000

14 W Case Dr, Irwin Scott D to Everson Jessica, $289,900

259 Boston Mills Rd, Harris Julia H to Mcguire Scott P, $315,000

1311 Timber Trl, Anderson James B IV to Glaubman Matthew, $344,000

7683 Olde Eight Rd, Estate of Richard M Donley to Difranco Joy M, $180,000

7524 Olde Eight Rd, Vossler Richard C Co Trustee to Sockol Charles B IV, $211,000

2491 Barlow Rd, Advanced Opportunities Inc to Stennett Paul M, $330,000

6030 Stow Rd, Katz Daniel L to Hanzlik Richard D, $245,000

77 Atterbury Blvd, Hopkins Richard A to Cantoni Gretchen F Trustee, $174,900


2359 Sanitarium Rd, Hoover Bobby to Lawrentz Eric, $102,000

1564 Lake Rd, Gatha Adkins to Lumbatis Christopher Ward, $75,000


8229 S Bedford Rd, Flores Jason to Miller Malachi N, $235,000


103 Williams Ave, Casas De Amigos LLC to Fox Timothy J Jr, $184,500

Munroe Falls

124 Burr St, King Lucinda Kay to Scott Brian, $199,000

249 Chase Dr, Pagon Michael L to Kassinger William R, $205,700

90 Forest Hill Dr, Lewinsky Susan M to Young Kimberly M, $310,000

North Canton

5089 Stoney Creek Dr, Blagrave Troy A to Pennington Jared Richard, $525,000


9080 Olde Eight Rd, Yang Tom to Fried Russell, $207,000

12 Firebush Lane, Flanagan Nigel P to Linder Duane Alan Trustee, $120,000

7971 Vesta Ave, Rennebaum Joan L to Emmitt Timothy R, $166,000

724 Tinkers Ln, Markwell Rachel Y to Pitrone Gregory P, $225,000

6330 Greenwood Pkwy, Mausser Brian Richard to Augustine Cynthia L, $107,000


254 Keenan Rd, Acuff Kevin W to Shriver Matthew E, $120,000

5712 Riverview Rd, Miller Nancy L Co Trustee to Pavona Courtney D, $366,000


4086 Streetsboro Rd, Kish Richard F to Cruz Jose A, $165,000

parcel 4801204 Briarwood Dr, Zuccaro Anthony S to Patka John J, $90,000

3549 Hamilton Dr, Compton Richard K to Compton Richard K, $35,000

parcel 4802903 Hamilton Dr, Compton Richard K to Dorsey Amelia, $55,000


1932 Lillian Rd, Rea Martha S to Leonti Gerald, $123,000

1485 Arndale Rd, Riter Anthony R to Sheppard James A, $330,000

4256 Meadowlark Trl, Weber George D to Kennerly Darnell, $70,000

2412 Call Rd, Gill Richard P to Ohara Brenda Lynn, $149,000

1257 Chestnut Dr, Twin Hill Properties LLC to Giffels Evan D, $217,000

3155 Highland Dr, Klesch David C to Bell Michael, $315,000

1507 & 1513 Meadowbrook Blvd, Demopoulos Denise to Sharnsky Tyler, $228,000

1759 Hibbard Dr, Lent Carolyn A to Colarusso Nicholas A, $215,500

5462 Timbercreek Ln, Sobnosky Kevin J to Gilmore James Phillip, $345,000


522 Beverly Dr, Thomas Zane R to Judkins David W, $174,500

62 Waterford Way, Armstrong Robert A to Barko Joseph J, $299,900

206 S Alling Rd, Czubaj Heather J to Czubaj Heather L, $87,500

63 Woodhull Cir, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Maragani Satish Babu, $352,275

154 Ferguson Dr, Miller Sanford W Jr to Davis Goddess, $150,000

57 W Howe Rd, Waddingham Seth M to Schwartz Thomas, $257,000

732 Danner Rd, Aperta Properties LLC to Exultation LLC, $77,000

48 Highland Dr, Boyle Michael K Jr to Gezzar Marianne T, $148,000

956 Eastwood Ave, Mutchie Yvonne Trustee to Pocock Sean, $141,200


1959 Ridge Meadow Ct, Petit Rose Marie to Alam Syed, $120,000

10461 Belleau Dr, Singh Balbir to Russell James, $250,000

3128 Saint Mikala Ct, Menta Jeffrey S to Hakobyan Grigor, $539,000

1515 Iris Glen Dr, Makris Anthony James to Scott James, $175,000

3091 Aspen Ln, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Silvestri Denise M, $341,410

3588 Shady Timber Dr, Joseph Abilash Rao to Mohanty Dillip, $382,000

1778 Stone Creek Ln, Gockowski Stefan T to Blackledge Sissel, $147,000

8854 Gettysburg Dr, Noland Eveth W to Noland Kelsey T, $230,000

3173 Saint Mikala Ct, Jeff & Beth Johnson Trust to Wojcik Derek, $525,000


2171 Prestwick Dr, Alexander George A to Kungl Fred Trustee, $349,300

2160 Beechtree Dr, Kungl Fred Trustee to Alexander George A, $167,000

3459 Ashton Dr, Jessup Robert G Trustee to Helbling David T, $510,000

1652 Melanie Dr, Joya Yahya G to Mirhaidari Ali, $200,000

3308 Parfoure Blvd, Flashhouse Cle South LLC to Verba Taylor M, $360,500

638 Sleepy Hollow Dr, Danner Carla A to Danner Ryan, $240,000

2508 Barth Dr, Tatterson Jesse B to Ek Aimee L, $135,900

2305 Handforth St, Shelton Song Cha to Maloy Daniel E, $297,200

2092 Carlile Dr, Sloan Shirley M to Wilson Bruce Jr, $174,000

4761 Jupiter Rd, Thomas Terry L to Thomas Terry L, $87,500

3180 Jackson Blvd, Slone Curtis A to Carr Matthew, $253,900


Atwater Township

1269 Grate, Dillon Dennis L & Debra L (J&S) to Papciak Colleen S, $48,000


1041 Orchard, Gazso Melinda S to Adornetto Jennifer, $150,000

643 Beljon Ln, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Locke Christopher & Margaret Moore Junkin (J&S), $589,430

53 Greenbriar, Whittle Kyle B & Kayla J to Kwitkowski Ryan & Kelly Zarback (J&S), $280,000

859 River Run Rd, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Sheelavant Mahalingappa & Veena Raju Islampure (J&S), $473,870

860 Dipper Ln, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Erekson Mary & Talley Douglas & April (J&S), $387,755

989 Hawkin Ln, Honsaker Brandon Jay & Margret Joanna (J&S) to Patel Kalavatiben B, $395,000

28 Elm Creek Wy, Chapman Kristin Marie to Mchale John J, $199,000

639 Beljon Ln, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Fedoroff Vladimir L & Iryna A (J&S), $667,315

860 Dipper Ln, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Eckert Sarah, $381,900

875 Dipper Ln, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Anderson Paul & Elaine (J&S), $370,260

871 River Run Rd, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Vasamshetty Veera Prakash & Jyothi (J&S), $497,910

867 River Run Rd, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Koppachary Keerthi Vardhan & Reshma Priyanka Velaga (J&S), $457,925

Brimfield Township

Lot 21 N Howe, Parsons Charles & Shelley (J&S) to Wilkinson Sherman & Ellen (J&S), $125,000

2191 Orchard Cr, Cranberry Farm LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $61,800

Deerfield Township

2274 Mcclintocksburg, Fleming Sarah & William to Carden Todd W & Carrie A (J&S), $180,000

Franklin Township

7153 Hudson, All Ohio Rentals LLC to Mcmullen Scott & Kailey (JTW/S), $290,000

Freedom Township

7875 St Rt 303, Heritage Douglas A & Constance to Huber Theodore F, $281,000


407 School, Farnsworth Pilar A to Frank Chad T & Eva M (J&S), $154,000

486 Marigold Ln, Huang Yan & Kristin Snyder (J&S) to Sasonkin Dovber & Kaila (J&S), $268,000

1317 Water, Roberts Diane L (Trustee) to S M Templeton Ltd, $350,000

River Bend East Lot 97 Phase 5 Cindy Cr, Roeder Bron S to Grant Phillip L & Jaime M (J&S), $139,230

440 Allen, Ervin Susan Lynn (Successor Trustee) to Piriz Eduardo Gabriel & Helen M Rodriguez (J&S), $206,800

721 W Main, Mary's Grace LLC to S G Bierfeldt LLC, $73,500

Mantua Township

3421 St Rt 82, Wegling Stephen G & Beata K Wegling to Schnabel Patrick M, $300,000

SD-8 Lot 20 St Rt 82, Wegling Stephen G & Beata K Wegling to Schnabel Patrick M, $300,000

12246 Chamberlain, Novak Karen S &Stacey Shearouse&Novak Karen S (Lu) to Ketner Dawn M, $260,000

Palmyra Township

9304 Corbett Rd, Bator Kenneth to Staudacher Thomas Scott & Rene D (J&S), $243,000

Paris Township

9365 Gilbert, Gordon William D Jr to King Michael A, $24,900

6059 Mcmullen, Foster Sheri R to Rouzzo David J & Megan N Bowersox (J&S), $185,000

9993 Holcomb, Fesemyer David G & Cynthia A to Tibbs Christopher, $150,000

Randolph Township

3132 Laubert, Carter William R &Rebecca L (J&S) to Perry Anthony Christian & Corrine Adele Perry, $268,000


600 Page, Pahls Anita L (Tod) (Ryan Pahls) to Dennis-Milton Jocelyn R, $114,000

611 Spruce, Etling Lisa L to Brearley David, $90,000

1059 Yorkshire Dr, Moore Rhonda J (Successor Trustee) to Wilfong Thomas E & Rosemary (J&S), $228,000

Ravenna Township

Div S Lot 51 SW Brady Lake, Tennant Kathleen J to Gordon Alexander Vincent & Destiny Star Gordon (J&S), $205,000

2917 Brady Lake, Tennant Kathleen J to Gordon Alexander Vincent & Destiny Star Gordon (J&S), $205,000

Div S Lot 34 NE & Lot 35 St Rt 14, Hochkraut John A to Lutes Loren L Jr, $185,000

5539 St Rt 14, Hochkraut John A to Lutes Loren L Jr, $185,000

Rootstown Township

3909 Rosalind, Harvey Ellenor G to Dureiko David & Paige (J&S), $145,000

3190 Pine Hollow Dr, St Jean Joseph C & Margaret E (J&S) to Varga Nicholas Steven & Amanda Elizabeth Jane Palmer (J&S), $270,000

3931 Homestead, Hendricks Clate III &Christi (J&S) to Miller Douglas & Loretta (J&S), $345,000

4394 Apple Orchard, Posard Karen A to Himes David G & Linda M (Trustees), $362,000


256 Ruby Ln, Stonegate Enterprises Inc to Friedman Alexander R & Helen S (J&S), $60,000

9366 MT Vernon, Dengg John E & Jana K to Centore Gene J & Karen Lynne (J&S), $185,000

9256 Lakeside, Simons Betty J (Trustee) to RP2CUY LLC, $144,000

855 Classic Dr, M7 Realty LLC to 855 Classic LLC, $6,162,426

1669 Red Maple Ct, Rhone Jacqueline to Mayhue Kameron Michael, $155,000

1678 Duncan Way, FLG Streetsboro LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $71,534

Windham Township

10555 St Rt 303, King Elbert & Helen to King Elbert & Helen, $0

10503 St Rt 303, King Elbert & Helen to King Phillip, $80,000


9552 Cloverleaf, Broadwater Christopher R to Priest Brandon & Catherine A (J&S), $115,000



Burris Kevin from Mastroianni Todd & Jennifer, 747 Keplinger Ave, $119,900.

Filer Patricia from Berardi Robert T, 143 S Haines Ave, $11,000.

Flaker George K from Alliance Homes II LLC, 943 Reed St, $85,000.

Intihar Kevin R from Peluso Joel W, 1042 Hartshorn St, $105,000.

Mylar Karen S from Duchon Michael David, 662 S Lincoln Ave, $50,700.

Mylar Karen S from Duchon Michael David, parcel 104231 Lincoln Ave S, $50,700.

Palmieri Sadie from Buehler John & Jamie, 515 E Cambridge St, $43,000.

Ross John from Rickerman Jeffery, 316 South St, $78,000.

Schitt Edward & Patricia from Risko Matthew A, 1044 Meadowbrook Ave, $70,000.

Superior Housing LLC from KDC Properties LLC, 308 W Main St, $6,000.

Swaggard Patricia A & Baum Joel M from Swaggard Patricia A & Flowers Alan C &, 429 Hester Ave, $10,100.

Swaggard Patricia A from Swaggard Patricia A & Baum Joel M, 429 Hester Ave, $10,100.

Bethlehem Township

Bell Katrina A from Miller Alexis, 500 Basin St NW, $135,000.

Blanke Robert from Sole Patrick, 6000 Beth Ave SW Lot #13, $1,500.

Bossler Ryan D from 6535 Blough Ave LLC, 6495 Blough Ave SW, $169,000.

Gantzler Timothy A & Susan M from Wallace Guy S & Tormasi Wallace Victoria, 6070 Kemary Ave SW, $165,000.

Canal Fulton

Healey Drouin S from Stewart Mark A & Thomas Christina A Trus, 943 S Canal St, $174,000.

Simpson Harry Brian & Michelle Lee from Classic Custom Homes and Remodeling LLC, 2294 Summer Evening Dr, $262,000.


Adcp LP from Risher Jerry D Jr & Patricia J, 636 Smith Ave SW, $35,000.

Agll LLC from Miller Michael James & Krista Lyn, 1412 17th St NW, $55,500.

All LLC from Koogle Linda Trustee, 1616 Bexwell St NE, $314,900.

Andrews Toni E from Moses Cheryl J, 306 Hartford Ave SE, $40,500.

Bacon Stephan C from Ranalli Teresa M, 2522 St Elmo Ave NE, $107,500.

Bennett Amanda from Oakes Nathan E & Cassandra L Ttees, 5115 Cedar Glen Cir NE, $257,000.

Brookins Patricia Ann & Timothy Allan from Mcguier Timothy D &Victoria L, 1502 18th St NW, $84,900.

Brown Gerald W Jr from Passio Elizabeth, 313 13th St NE, $38,800.

Chadwick Andrea & John from Depasquale Michael A, 5304 Gardendale Ave NE, $270,000.

Cosner Michael L from Henderson Theresa II, 932 7th St NW, $10,500.

Davis Bradley & Kelsea from Isler Debra K, 1144 Broad Ave NW, $38,000.

Debord Kaitlyn A from Asberry Andrea S, 2205 23rd St NE, $91,900.

Diaz Barrera Jason Alfonzo from Fashbaugh Robert C & Treiber Lori L, 1019 Clarendon Ave NW, $21,210.

Duruttya Jody Lyn from Vickers Douglas P & Nicole, 1622 Trinity PL NW, $99,900.

Egan Nicole from Miller Genevieve, 1618 28th St NE, $95,000.

Floyd Christina from Strednicky Michael W & Ann R, 1347 Maryland Ave SW, $101,900.

Gibson Stephanie from Stoffer Doris M, 3415 Fairmount BLVD NE, $70,500.

Gonzalez-Velasquez Anayancy Francely from Galati Paul J, 1327 Shriver Ave NE, $42,000.

Hendrickson Rodney L & Michelle Y Moyer from Hawkins Diana J, 5421 Plain Center Ave NE, $240,000.

Horrigan Joseph A & Mary Ann from Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc, 1232 Perkins Ave NW, $63,000.

Howard James William & Betty Faye from Clark Nathan D & Amanda L, 257 Linwood Ave NW, $172,000.

James Dennis C & Alcorns William G from Rikah Properties LLC, 732 Akin CT SW, $25,000.

Jimmel Properties LLC from Depriest Torey, 647 Exeter Ave SW, $36,100.

Jko Real Estate Investments LLC from Colap Properties Ltd, 817 Gilmore Ave NW, $32,500.

Jowers Alonzo S from Steiner Brooke N & Jowers Alonzo S, 1528 Holland CT SW, $26,200.

Kerns Robert D from Reitz Carol A, 2010 Spring Ave NE, $107,500.

Lillie Emily A from Hudson Rebecca, 1634 Miami CT NE, $65,900.

Maple Martha C & Crues George from Hoover Leroy, 342 Linwood Ave NW, $93,000.

Martin Lindsay D from Ryan Beth A, 1222 32nd St NW, $106,000.

Mcmahon Daniel H from Rikah Properties LLC, 1733 Virginia PL NE, $20,000.

Patron Holdings LLC from HPC Acquisition Inc, parcel 239517 Anderson PL SW, $130,000.

Patron Holdings LLC from SGF Management Inc, 121 14th St SE, $130,000.

Patron Holdings LLC from SGF Management Inc, parcel 216570 Housel Ave SE, $130,000.

Patron Holdings LLC from SGF Management Inc, parcel 243900 Housel SE, $130,000.

Patron Holdings LLC from SGF Management Inc, parcel 243901 Merriman SE, $130,000.

Poland Edward D from Poland Belinda, 1309 15th St SW, $15,500.

Porter Cornelius & Monica Lynn from Stevens Francine, 145 Eastwood St NW, $399,999.

Rasinar Renovations and Consulting LLC from Paul Linda R TRUSTEE/LINDA R Paul Revoca, 1373 Park Ave SW, $27,000.

Reed Paula Jo from Dematteis Domenico, 1246 Rockwood Ave SW, $117,000.

Stacey Bruce Edwin II & from Lemaster Charles, 1620 48th St NW, $167,000.

Stephan Jennifer L & Chad M from Lyons Joshua A & Milano Kerry D., 2345 Pennington St NW, $225,000.

Thomas Alvy III from Kellos Larry J & Rebecca J, 2409 Snyder Ave NE, $94,900.

Trbovich Daniel Scott from Trbovich Daniel S & Trbovich Pontones, parcel 234087 Irwin PL NE, $1,000.

Westrich Daniel Sr & Aaron from Walker Paula E & Geckler James, 209 Greenfield Ave SW, $30,000.

Willmoll Development III Ltd from First Commonwealth Bank, parcel 206116 Central PLZ N, $75,000.

Canton Township

Barbera Legacy Properties LLC from Barbera Properties Ltd, 315 Pekin Dr SE, $1,400,000.

Barbera Legacy Properties LLC from Barbera Properties Ltd, 315 Pekin Dr SE, $100,000.

Barbera Legacy Properties LLC from Barbera Properties Ltd, parcel 10002453 Lincoln St E, $1,400,000.

Gallentine John & Patricia from Vaitsis Vasillios, 2364 Holt St SE, $24,000.

Geraghty Zachary D & Charity L from Kerry David A, 3820 Dueber Ave SW, $116,700.

Hedrick Michael J from Hedrick Michael J &, 5104 Dueber Ave SW, $78,200.

Holshu Mark & Brenda from Scalf James E & Nancy M, 513 Figueroa PL SE, $125,000.

Kopp Todd J & Denise M from Beaver Excavating Co, parcel 1308550 Waynesburg Dr SE, $67,950.

Mckinney Ralph E & Bellfry Jaye O from Bruner Land Company Inc, 1128 Mill St SW, $74,900.

Mckinney Steven J Jr from Guilliouma Elizabeth J, 612 40th St SE, $153,500.

Mowery Lori Kay & Kenneth Eugene III from Neff Eric P & Deborah D, 4902 Clardell Ave SW, $230,000.

Rohrer Jeffrey Scott & Boggs Rachel from Pena Kristina J, 4323 Sandy Ave SE, $250,000.

Stewart Mara from Buchman Nicole M, 3501 Chagrin Ave SW, $173,000.

Jackson Township

Aldridge Tammy L Hupp from Cassidy Sherrie L, 7264 Raleigh St NW, $201,000.

Byrd Amy M from Ford Stephen C & Lori L, 5593 Choctaw St NW, $195,000.

Labeau Colin & Danielle from Maringo Gerald J & Paulette D, 6680 Culpepper St NW, $484,900.

Lancashire Linda L from Murphy Theresa L, 4703 Hills and Dales Rd NW, $100,000.

Mcclure Randall L & Lynn M from Sutton Jim G, 4195 Wales Ave NW, $125,000.

Nitowski Raymond from Johnson Thomas E & Jennifer B, 6637 Groton St NW, $255,000.

Pantzer Mark D from Pantzer Mark D Trustee, 8692 Milmont St NW, $140,000.

Pizzino Roseanna from Vesy Nicole R TTEE/NICOLE R Vesy Revocab, 8354 Yorkshire St NW, $472,100.

Pursley Kimberly L from Barkett James L & Phyllis I, 5762 East BLVD NW, $338,500.

Quezada Jesus Aldair Mireles & from Milavickas Darlene M Trustee / Lebeau Fa, 6205 Lake O Springs Ave NW, $164,900.

Schlechte Justin Robert & Colleen Marie from Lehman Lester J & Melissa R, 6743 Militia Hill St NW, $435,000.

Sobie Daniel K & Jillian E from Millimen-Tola Amy, 5917 Pawnee St NW, $520,000.

Lake Township

42 Bridges LLC from Snyder Daryl B, 12920 Cleveland Ave NW, $46,500.

Berger Melissa from Stanley Mary E, 653 Prospect Ave S, $133,100.

Bowers Nicole & Michael David from Oravec Vicki Sue, 3065 Sweitzer St NW, $167,000.

Cassetty Robert L & Leslie M from Cassetty Don C & Rita L, 2424 Middletown St NW, $134,000.

Jogerst Amanda from Perkins Randall, 8464 Cleveland Ave NW Lot 24, $1,000.

Lowenfeld David & Laurie & from Miller Harold C & Jo Anne, 1630 Buckeye St NW, $98,750.

Lowenfeld David & Laurie from Lowenfeld David & Laurie &, 1630 Buckeye St NW, $98,750.

Matsko Steven Stepanovich from Henley Charles D Jr & Ame J, 2060 State St NE, $180,000.

Mccomas Amanda S & Glenaman Nathaniel from Jre Homes LLC, 11751 Geib Ave NE, $225,000.

Moktan Aani & Tamang Dil Maya from Cooper Melanie D, 2690 Missenden St NW, $389,900.

Moon Lynda & Brentt T & Michael E & from Carpenter Travis H, 3322 Sumser St NW, $204,000.

Ray Mitchell T & Maggie M from Moon Lynda C, 8754 Larch Ave NE, $355,000.

Robinson James E & Sara M from Cochenour David P &Lori L, 2441 Macnaughten St NW, $617,000.

Smith Dustin R from Foraker Timothy T & Kathianne, 3027 Raymond St NW, $155,000.

Szymanski Haley I & Jordan from Vang Tou, 1765 Cove St NW, $273,000.

Turgeon Nicholas & Regina from Johnson Freddie L & Shannon L, 2826 Sutherland Cir NW, $335,000.

Wringer Christopher & Serah from Didonato Nicholas J Patricia, 1586 Cornerstone St SW, $362,500.

Lexington Township

Healey Investment LLC Et Al from Stefanak Joseph J IV Trustee Etal, 11560 Webb Ave NE, $33,000.

Smith Jonathan R & Jayme A from Grubbs Christopher, 1451 Woodshire Cir, $301,000.


Cuellar Erik Ramos from Brahler Michael R, 625 Rainbow Dr, $110,740.


167 Group LLC from Henry M & Associates LLC, 167 Lincoln Way E, $175,000.

Austin Claudia A from Habitat for Humanity, 1621 13th St SE, $130,000.

Baisden Robert Lee III from Hartleben Melodie, 1625 Jolynn St NE, $161,000.

Battle David M from Patterson Shane W & Robin L Trustees / P, 954 Lincoln Way W, $105,000.

Bocoi Enterprises from Bourquin Nichole, 142 Penn Ave SE, $17,500.

Border William L III & Lunsford Candy J from Schindler Ryan, 2142 Mayflower Ave NW, $137,000.

Huntington National Bank from Martin Linda S, 411 Korman Ave NE, $78,500.

Jordan Kelly Ann from Stewart Mara & Swink Alicia, 882 Wales Rd NE, $145,000.

K S Yoak Enertprises LLC from Bennett Carl E III, 105 9th St SW, $26,000.

Mclaughlin Clayton Jon from Crabtree Christopher Michael & Disbennet, 917 North Ave NE, $93,000.

Reese Jonathan W from Bushman Samantha L, 704 11th St NE, $125,000.

US Bank Nat’l Association from Stewart Harry O & Jean A, 823 12th St SW, $40,000.

Wallace Elfrida from Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio, 1719 Tremont Ave SW, $93,900.

Nimishillen Township

Baker Bruce R Aka Richard & Jerry L from Kelly Eileen M, 5606 Rainfield Cir NE, $237,000.

Lindamood Tamie S & Chad from Guarnieri Doris E Trustee / Doris E Guar, 8708 Ravenna Ave NE, $435,000.

Rich Korey M from Thomas Mark A & Christine M, parcel 10014623 Swallen Ave NE, $78,675.

Riel Joshua I & Carrie L & from Neff Charles E & Clark Diane L, 5552 N Nickel Plate St, $122,500.

Riel Joshua I & Carrie L & from Neff Charles E & Clark Diane L, parcel 3301509 Meese Rd NE, $122,500.

Riel Joshua I & Carrie L from Riel Joshua I & Carrie L &, 5552 N Nickel Plate St, $122,500.

Swogger Barbara A from Deem Wesley D & Nicole L, 7300 St Francis St, $153,000.

Vernier Brian L & Lynn M from Thomas Mark A & Christine M, parcel 10014622 Swallen Ave NE, $78,645.

North Canton

1375 South Main Street LLC from Bassai LLC, 1375 S Main St, $1,050,000.

1401 South Main Street LLC from Bassai LLC, 1401 S Main St, $1,050,000.

1401 South Main Street LLC from Bassai LLC, parcel 9201592 Main St S, $1,050,000.

Coreas Nicole L & Urias Rafael Coreas from 915 Chapel LLC, 302 Sheraton Dr NW, $195,000.

Critchlow Daniel J from Webber Jonathan A, 514 Pershing Ave SE, $195,000.

Gabriel Real Estate Ventures LLC from Lilenfield Amy & Miller Dena Ttees, 119 Woodside Ave NE, $123,500.

Hawkins Diana J from Devito Carmelee C, 244 Brookview Dr SW, $285,000.

Hicks Timothy D from Lancashire Linda L, 1211 Pasadena BLVD NW, $28,000.

Johnson Christopher Shawn & Shannon Lee from Barr Dennis E, 1506 Shiloh Run SE, $510,000.

Moody Mary Jane from Lalinsky Marjorie, 1512 Cambridge Ave SW, $160,000.

Murphy Tyler P & Chovan Ingrid N from Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd, 1259 Chandler Ave SW, $256,000.

Phillips Mary from Ailes Pamela A & Venosdle Tammy L, 309 Harmon St SW, $140,000.

Spencer Ned & Dorothy from Mclaughlin Richard L & Judith J Trustees, 1720 Lancaster Gate SE, $345,000.

Spengler Donna J & Larry from Stoner Darlene M, 339 Sutton Ave NE, $220,000.

Osnaburg Township

Elliott Paris L from TNC Renovations LLC, 136 Liberty St W, $147,625.

Kandel Carl H & Sherri L from Motts Levi S & Natalie M, 2595 Miday Ave NE, $55,000.

Kandel Carl H & Sherri L from Motts Levi S & Natalie M, 2615 Miday Ave NE, $70,000.

Miner Larry L from Wilder Teela, 8583 Mapleton St SE, $60,500.

Palmer Jeffrey George & Tracy Lea from NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation DBA, parcel 9000101 Spanish Bay St SE, $328,160.

Shreffler Brent J from Spencer Jeffrey L, 347 Ranowsky CT N, $125,000.

Perry Township

Airgas USA LLC from TJ Investments Am LLC & TJ Investments, 4664 Faircrest St SW, $1,040,000.

Becher Lisa M from Pidgeon Brock, 2868 Alex Neal Cir SW, $289,900.

Campbell Raymond L & Mick-Campbell from Vincent Richard D, 1422 Woodlawn Ave NW, $157,900.

Crues Justin G from Vanvalien Melissa A, 234 Manor Ave NW, $145,000.

Cunningham Bianca J from Lang James, 5208 4th St NW, $182,000.

Dash Residential LLC from Brown Gary T, 1144 Southview Cir NW, $134,900.

Davis Scott & Misty from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 6041 Lavenham Rd SW, $357,640.

Ivanic Anthony & Amber from Vespar LLC, 244 Pershing Ave NW, $175,000.

Ketterman Jordan Patrick & Micki Ellyn from Hogan Vickie L Aka Vickie Lee, 4516 15th St NW, $196,900.

Kincaid Christina D from Nussbaum Kristopher, 7277 Gauntlet St SW, $315,000.

Machamer Matthew & Mallory from Bennett Austin T & Mackenzie B, 5215 Nave St SW, $221,000.

Mcadams Macy J from Sugar Bay Properties LLC, 303 Pershing Ave NW, $142,000.

Montgomery Debra R from Amazon Enterprises LLC, 1624 Sherwood Ave NW, $186,000.

Montgomery Street Homes LLC from Ajsj LLC, 1451 Saratoga Ave SW, $113,000.

Montgomery Street Homes LLC from Ajsj LLC, parcel 4306091 15th St SW, $113,000.

NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA from Dehoff Agency Inc, parcel 10013302 Lavenham Rd SW, $60,000.

Phillips Brock P & Aaliyah A from Andreotti Michael v Tia L, 2592 Brooklyn Ave SW, $167,000.

Reinhart Brian C & Ashley N from Mcmahan Cindy J, 1740 Perry Dr NW, $265,000.

SFR3-040 LLC from Burns Joseph F, 123 Saratoga Ave SW, $80,000.

Stevenson Kelly M & Aegerter Samuel C from Degasperis Christopher, 117 Cayuga Ave NW, $130,000.

the Spring Electric Co from the Spring Electric Co, 4676 Faircrest St SW, $144,150.

Troxell Kayla Lee from Oakvale MGT LLC, 4898 Oakvale St SW, $130,000.

Watkins Donene from Mills Mark, 5616 Faircrest St SW, $411,400.

Wolford Keelyn & Milnes Tyler from Ah & S Family Trust, 300 Rohr Ave NW, $110,000.

Pike Township

Carpenter Paul E & Belinda G from Morris Fredric J & Rosemond W, 5920 Sherman Church Ave SW, $207,500.

Crossen Kelly from Vaitsis Bill, 5895 Stinewood Dr SE, $21,000.

Crossen Kelly from Vaitsis Bill, parcel 4900520 Stinewood Ave SE, $21,000.

Isom Kyle Isaac & Tessa Rae Anne from Cook Arica, 1938 Ash St SE, $152,000.

Kerr Melissa A from Omeara Diana L & Amos Nancy J, 7368 Sherman Church Ave SW, $168,800.

Neary Daniel Lee Jr & Linda Mae from Crouse Denise L, 2353 Crescentdale Rd, $240,000.

Plain Township

Adams Robert D from Skymount Solutions LLC, 2620 Clearview Ave NW, $140,000.

Bender Jennifer L & Daniel J from Bender Jennifer L & Daniel, 2594 Carlton St NW, $102,800.

BSMK LLC from Lesh Properties LLC, 3211 Middlebranch Ave NE, $165,000.

Coy Emily R from Serra Anthony D, 2624 Cottington Cir NW, $259,900.

Dalton Nathan A & Syetta Cheire from Cooper Megan R, 3510 Croydon Dr NW, $280,000.

Davis Gregory & Jaime from Wicker Creek North LLC, parcel 10013767 Wicker St NE, $58,000.

Dewees Rick from Phillips Mary J, 7471 Pittsburg Ave NW, $135,000.

Eckberg Linda J & Kenneth C from Bragg Michael R & Thomas A, 6865 Woodell Ave NE, $211,000.

Fleming Cole M from Summers Wanda I, 3001 55th St NE, $135,000.

Hamilton Jay S from Klausner Steven Et Al, 911 29th St NE, $124,200.

Hill Rachel A from Prucha Jerry G Jr, 4375 22nd St NW, $214,900.

Latz Glenn & Shidler Linda from Papes Alta J, 2634 Wertz Ave NW, $65,358.

Mcdermott William C & Karlie J from Lizer Edna Pearl Trustee, 1638 Pine Cone St NW, $245,000.

NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes from Mckinley Development Company Ltd, parcel 10013254 Stonegate Cir NE, $68,000.

NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes from Mckinley Edgewood Development Company LL, 1252 Fountain View St NE, $72,000.

Ostrowske Joseph M & Athena M from Dean Rosemarie N Trustee / Rosemarie N D, 3624 Darlington Ave NW, $1,200,000.

Schneider John David from Park Investments, 3518 Zinnia Ave NE, $20,000.

Summerhill Walter A from Stone Kyle L, 3619 Rowland Ave NE, $360,000.

Vickers Douglas P & Nicole E from United States Bargain Huners LLC, 6956 Glenmere Ave NE, $205,000.

Sugarcreek Township

Big D Real Estate LLC & LK1 Investments from Baum Gerald E, 100 Dartmouth St SE, $116,600.

JB Yoder Enterprises LLC from White Charles C, 324 6th Ave NW, $3,000.

Schlabach Matthias A from Shamp Clifford J III & Mclaughlin, 13133 Mount Eaton St SW, $154,000.

Tuscarawas Township

Cowan Stacey & Eric D from Gardner Jack L & Cynthia L, 12133 Lincoln Way NW, $100,000.

Cowan Stacey & Eric D from Gardner Jack L & Cynthia L, parcel 7400012 Lincoln St W, $100,000.

Geiser Jeffrey R & Ada D from Bolender Kenneth W, 3003 Manchester Ave SW, $455,000.

Green Lynnette from Tilton Sandee, 14482 Lincoln Way W, $7,100.

Washington Township

Anstine Jesse L & Brianne R from Kramer Lynn A & Deborah M., 11546 Easton St NE, $72,000.

Slyvester Anthony Trustee from Yeagley Debra Ann, 15075 Louisville St NE, $210,000.

Yauman Roger D & Kimberly A from Culp Timothy, 2805 Patriots Path Condo 4-D, $170,000.



4783 Ridge Rd, Scheutzow Nichole D to Flanigan Nicholas & Alexandra, $380,000

536 Brentwood Way, Pearson Marguerite A & James F Trustees to Prestige Builder Group LLC, $200,000

697 Reimer Rd, Erb Thomas Jr to Howe William A & Beth I, $79,000

62 Johnson Rd, Schauwecker Gary W & Sherry L Tooley to Ashley Leslie Dean, $275,000

8409 Wadsworth Rd, Welch Kenneth & Douglas & Pamela Bebout to Bebout Mark & James Miller, $60,000

1197 Ledgestone Dr, Beirne Martin J Jr to Chauhan Augusta LC, $225,000

317 Leatherman Rd, Gore Jack L & Jennet Simmers Gore to David Nicholas & Renee, $314,500

962 Flanders Dr, Rosenberger Paul A & Christine A to Preising Danny L Sr & Joan L, $320,000

335 Carol Way, Jesionek Donald A to Stachowicz Lukasz & Cindy J Santiago, $336,500

904 Queens Gate Way, Higgins Kenneth R to Albright John Laurence & Dawn W, $256,000

parcel 040-20D-07-076 S Main St 327-329, Munger Bradley A & Melissa S to Lewis David R, $35,000

715 Woodcrest Dr, Williams Boris R II & Member H to Gardner Justin M & Amanda, $185,000

391 Foxglove Dr, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Hamilton David & Annette Manuel-Hamilton, $430,180


4829 Emerald Ln, Kriso James D to Garrison Billy D & Tammy R, $220,000

842 Glenrock Dr, Bartoul Nicholas James to Warner Joseph D, $140,000

5279 Creekside Blvd Q-20, Puls Steven A to Blackstrom Frederick J, $138,500

4400 Kingsbury Rd, Borcoman Mircea & Teresa F to Dadouk Sleimn, $85,000

4422 Wolff Dr, Crowe Mary Lou to Capeles Edwin, $239,000

4030 Magnolia Dr, Krueger Andrew J & Tika L to Kash Stephanie & Jacob, $254,000

76 Castle Ct, Will Gary R to Pascu Mihaela Elena & Daniel I, $145,000

4285 Alpine Hill Ct, Coleman Sarah Ann to Schorr Sharon J & Joshua D, $125,000

537 Autumn Reserve Pkwy, Sindha Parul & Joga Singh to Awawdeh Ashraf N, $500,000

1135 Kent Dr, Ghazoul Elias D to Gibbons William, $125,000

3308 Tyler Dr, Nowak David J to Adams Julie A, $280,000

1646 Berwick Dr, Bezoski Virginia A to Scott Veronica & Dwayne, $170,000

1752 Maxwell Blvd, Pearce Audrene to Hritz Jenelle L, $147,000

1694 Clemson Dr, Raiff Steven G & Laurie A to Missella Frank J Jr, $385,000

2006 George Dr, Kostos Drew N to Boyd David & Gina, $344,000

2102 Byron Dr, Munsey Treia to Thompson Hunter T & Taylor Maddix, $189,900

332 Bruce Dr, Kanai Jeffrey to Horak Brian J & Ana Maria, $244,500

640 Maplewood Ave, Thomas Troy A Jr to Furniss Kathleen A, $168,000

Chippewa Lake

85 Euclid Ave, Lemmon Matthew Brock to Kelly Douglas & Carol, $78,000

592 Twilight Trl, Riedel David A & Sheila R to Safe Harbor Holdings LLC, $75,000


8984 Spencer Rd, Zemancik David L Trustee to Clifford Breanna R, $70,000

parcel 019-13A-35-004 Spencer Rd, Zemancik David L Trustee to Clifford Breanna R, $70,000

12475 Black River School Rd, Rusiecki Franklin T to Boroi Andrew O & Kalie, $420,000


5305 Avon Lake Rd, Brown Panda Enterprises LLC to Scheutzow Nicholas C & Nichole D, $640,000

3758 Martha Cir, Griffin Brian L to Golak Donald A & Michelle L, $385,000

10121 Norwalk Rd, Foote Jason D & Patricia L Bilinovich to Bilinovich Patricia L, $84,140


parcel 015-26A-14-191 106-108 Broadway St, Tlparker Investments Incorporated to Eagleplex LLC, $45,100

503 Creek Bend Trl, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Wethern Michael David & Lynell Hope, $246,850

8160 Greenwich Rd, Vorhies Terry L & Tonya T to Brown Joe E & Anna L, $293,000

514 Creek Bend Trl, Whisper Creek Development LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $43,000

517 Creek Bend Trl, Whisper Creek Development LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $43,000


5059 Ridge Rd, Blue Crab Ventures LLC to Aj Allison Enterprises LLC, $510,000

7433 Egypt Rd, Woodhall James R II & Andrea L to Woodhall Thomas G, $200,000

7121 Westfield Rd, Kempson Marlene T to Sopczak Marty, $410,000

5723 Chippewa Rd, Metz Diann C to KTC Properties LLC, $70,024

parcel 020-10D-21-021 Ballash Rd, Stone Phillip L to Bartos Simon & Lauren, $80,750

3005 Marks Rd, Kissinger Alan & Marilyn to Phillips Denton & Amber, $325,000

4247 Windmill Ct, Tierney Dona M Trustee to Corall Daniel J & Kathleen, $630,000

3935 Burgundy Bay West, Oleski David R Trustee to Tippie Daniel M & Georgia Fath, $370,000

360 Bella Rosa Ct, Demichael Paul A & Barbara A to Schaefer Terrance Andrew & Katherine Therese, $320,000

305 Jackson St, Riedel David A & Sheila R to Cartwright Jonathon J & Emily R, $120,000

221 W Liberty St, Brumfield Enterprises Ltd to Fractal Financial Design LLC, $257,500

232 E Howard St, Fargo James C to Tab-MD LLC, $67,000

221 Canterbury Ln B-38, Kantor Nicole to Kutcel Katherine M, $80,000

711 Wadsworth Rd, Kiousis Sean to Brock Kylie & Chase Bower, $163,181

984 Lancaster Dr, Dade Thomas M & Brigitte A to Stanek Carrie L & Kelly Ann, $285,000

parcel 028-19D-05-335 Wadsworth Rd, Kiousis Sean to Brock Kylie & Chase Bower, $163,181

1205 Forecastle Trl, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Hicks Paul James & Jody M, $307,510

1117 Featherstone Dr, Wolny Gregory W & Ann E to Linsalata Michael A & Vera, $322,500

1197 Forecastle Trl, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Washington Leo & Raesheeka T Elliott-Washington, $301,215

630 Smokerise Dr, Scina Stephen J to Schwenzer John C & Barbara L, $130,000

928 Westview Ct, Murray Mark T & Laura L to Taylor Olivia & Brian, $231,000

4659 Riverrock Way, Ballachino Jason & Misti Joseph to Bravo Carlos & Razan Aboutaj, $331,500

5614 River Styx Rd, Collins Richard R to Sievers Matthew Russell & Sydney Salerno, $280,000

3605 Poe Rd, Hill N Dale Limited Partnership to Hill N Dale Limited Partnership, $25,000

5721 Beach Rd, Rini Matthew J Trustee & Charles Andre & Joanne Edmonson to Edmonson Charles Andre & Joanne, $284,500

6088 Summer Lake Dr, Stockmaster Paul A & Lauretta J to Schwendeman Timothy M & Tiffany Welch, $825,000

5919 Upland Ridge Dr, Harvey Brian S & Suzanne M to PDH Properties LLC, $579,900

5721 Beach Rd, Rini Matthew J Trustee & Corrine M Woodworth to Rini Matthew J Trustee & Charles Andre & Joanne Edmonson, $284,500

7001 Beach Rd, Smith John & Eileen Smith to Futures United Properties LLC, $245,000

4449 Erhart Rd, Butler Amber L to Sleggs Liam A & Hayley, $215,000

parcel 045-05B-24-089 Abbeyville Rd, Kholyavka Leonid & Ekaterina to Burko Oleg, $90,000

6147 Lake Rd, Cle Wealth Group Ltd to Jones Jeffrey William, $380,000

parcel 020-10D-21-034 Ballash Rd, RDC Bill LLC to Craft James S, $125,000

3807 Retreat Dr, Patel Chandrakant S & Sushila C Co Trustee to Sozen Ibrahim & Pinar, $325,000

4974 Shady Brooke Run, Wellman Tammy & Mark Szymanski to Wolny Gregory & Ann, $515,000

425 W Friendship St, Alberty Mark S & Kristie L Kehoe to Habitat for Humanity of Medina Inc, $30,000

437 N Harmony St, Winkler Jason T to Androsac Teressa & Jeffrey T, $212,000

parcel 030-11A-12-001 Sharon Copley Rd, Steidl Carl A & Scott Anthony to Shear Sharon C, $30,000


5092 Catawba Place Ln, Davis Grover L Trustee to Vorhies Terry L & Tonya T, $246,000

126 Royal Crest Dr Unit J, Skidmore Robert C & Claudia M to Skidmore Claudia M & Cornelia R Sucky, $42,000

parcel 012-21A-01-106 Bates Ave, Seville 2018 LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $55,000

7312 Wooster Pike, Johnston Joseph A to Taylor John A & Sarah J, $269,900

8020 Lake Rd, Drees Company the to Knapp Randall & Maureen, $500,000

Sharon Center

861 Sharon Copley Rd, Mikel Robert J to Hales Katelin M & Michael A Willmitch, $166,500

Valley City

6384 Beaver Creek Pkwy, Valley Investments 2 Ltd to Roach Matthew & Myra, $609,551

6328 Beaver Creek Pkwy, Hat Creek Company Inc the to Drees Company the, $90,000

West Salem

10215 River Corners Rd, Cowan of River Corners LLC to Prediy Ilya & Iuliia, $405,000

Westfield Center

6754 Grant Dr, Decor Design Construction LLC to Anderson Erica & Luis W Torres, $446,358

6533 Woods Edge Dr, Huth Beth L Trustee to Oakes Gregory A & Martha H Oakes, $640,000

8995 Highland Dr, Rossi Anthony V & Mary Ann L to Ford Thomas & Kathleen, $275,000


Apple Creek

10855 Emerson Rd, Hixenbaugh Franklin D to Vanyo Samuel O, $60,000


23 Front St, Enoch Keith E & Laura M S/T to Rutter John I Jr, $120,000

10815 Overton Rd, Slayton Dale W to Workman Michael, $358,500


222 S Crestview Dr, Carney Brian L to Wood Jesse D & Laura M S/T, $205,000


15466 Portage St, Bixby Ann M to Timmons James E & Lisa S/T, $190,000

373 N Portage St, Clark Thomas L Tod to Barnes Barry, $35,000

400 Church St, Durbin James M & Michael J Co Trustees to Zollinger Nicholas R & Emma R Gentner S/T, $150,000


3152 3154 Dalton Fox Lake Rd, Elm Run Farms LLC to Ressler Ronald & Josephine S/T, $638,488


7611 N Apple Creek Rd, Hostetler Owen J to Curtis Chad C & Jennifer A S/T, $335,000


9701 W Smithville Western Rd, Dean Chance Farms LLC to Weaver Loren C & Sarah, $521,708

2888 Mccoy Rd, Arnold Richard P II & Heatherd S/T to Todaro Lisa A & David M S/T, $351,000

This article originally appeared on Akron Beacon Journal: Home sales for Summit, Stark, Portage, Wayne, Medina week of Dec. 6