Greater Akron real estate sales: Here's what homes sold for week of Feb. 21



709 Mohawk Ave, HDK Properties LLC to Zhou Singher, $92,500

155 Melbourne Ave, Steward Sarah to Fletcher Justin Robert, $290,000

483 Douglas St, Enjoy LLC to COSTATRAN98713 LLC, $78,183

408 Pioneer St, Beani Bazar Investments Inc to Dillard Douglas Scott Jr, $70,000

1661 Goodyear Blvd, Mcgruder Bari A to SFR3 050 LLC, $40,000

440 Downing Pl, Underwood Sandra K to Lopez Santiago A, $4,000

1674 Thornapple Ave, Goodchild Brian C to Penson John, $164,000

102 Thorlone Ave, Dinkins Rochelle to Dinkins Rochelle, $50,000

634 Caine Rd, Ciarlillo Linda S to Cozart Russell T Jr, $145,000

2207 Cooledge Ave, Thompson William E to Alcorn Dylan Richard, $109,900

707 S Hawkins Ave, Allbritton Valerie K to Padodara Jigar, $70,000

545 & 547 Stratford Ave, Conduit Properties LLC to Hernandez Feliciano, $110,000

869 Silvercrest Ave, Goch Mark A Jr to Diamond Property Group LLC, $40,000

1475 Multnoma Ave, Quality Rentals Roth LLC to Balyuk Taras, $120,000

59 Woolf Ave, Mccloskey Scott L to Campbell Gary R, $174,900

1057 Norka Ave, Samarye Enterprises Inc to Fekete Adam, $43,000

1009 Oakland Ave, Riesterer Eric to Hartwell Jasmine S, $130,000

671 Thayer St, Bochkor James G to Sein Ha, $107,000

2553 Ogden Ave, Clark Lisa to Zukas Trent SM, $120,900

399 Allenford St, Walter Ruth A to Walter David Scott, $112,000

851 Cole Ave, Roteain Raymond to Travis Teisha, $67,000

210 Lownsdale Ave, Tournoux Michael to Davis Matthew, $260,000

948 Amelia Ave, Dejournett Robert E to Lasker Erika L, $144,000

193 Charles St, Smiling Dolphin LLC to Neo Home Buyers Inc, $35,000

2196 Stone Creek Trl, Colwell Elizabeth A to Haas Alan B, $308,000

680 Rainbow Dr, Jones Doston Bobby II to SFR3 060 LLC, $40,000

953 E Wilbeth Rd, SM Dickerson LLC to Esther Zabay Auto LLC, $60,000

464 Butler Ave, Moore and More LLC to Allison Melanie Latrice, $29,600

593 Wilson St, Moore and Moore LLC to Allison Melanie Latrice, $30,400

371 Beth St, Moore Kourtney to Allison Melanie Latrice, $70,400

1331 Sparhawk Ave, Boggs Fred to Celedon Jose V, $67,700

2508 Leland Ave, Hines Jena to Siddiqi Mariam Trustee, $168,000

862 Dawson Rd, Saw Homes LLC to Ellerson Sammie, $100,000

716 & 718 Carpenter St, Honey of A Home LLC to Hamlin Patrick Michael, $107,000

1577 Bauer Blvd, Mittler Majestic Stella to Kma Capital LLC, $40,000

2286 Bent Branch Ct, Thielo Pamela J Trustee to Stevens Lois J, $364,500

1509 Hyde Park Ave, Pensco Trust Company Custodian FBO Cynthia J Haston Ira to Moorer Brandi L, $135,000

1047 Kevin Dr, Frazee Cynthia A to Mcbee Jacklyn, $141,000

550 Mohican Ave, Palazl One LLC to Ordonez Camaron Manuel, $48,000

576 Victoria Ave, Sylvester Michael to Kelly Nathan, $84,900

1020 Silvercrest Ave, Anderson Angerine to Ingram Luther, $93,500

1551 Cuyahoga St, 1551 Cuyahoga Street LLC to Quinlan John Christopher, $165,000

329 & 333 Vaniman St, Todaro Thomas A to Sliman Martin G, $91,000

1451 Onondago Ave, Wood Brandon to Lomelo Andrea M, $120,000

668 Oxford Ave, KV Properties LLC to Finch Elizabeth C, $107,900

869 Silvercrest Ave, Diamond Property Group LLC to New Cleveland Real Estate Holdings LLC, $70,000

973 Berwin St, Honey of A Home LLC to Gallardo Conrado Jocson Jr, $88,500

2830 Nesmith Lake Blvd, Dexter Daniel R to Rankin Clarence G, $137,000

370 Newell Ave, Weaver Juanita L to Esque Michael A, $119,900

803 N Howard St, Tax Ease Ohio LLC to Eyzc Re LLC, $16,500

845 Chinook Ave, Mayfield Kelly R to Mayfield Jason P, $70,000

994 Moeller Ave, Deutsche Bank Trustee to Smotherman Rayshawn, $28,000

87 & 89 Greencrest Terr, Ringer Daniel L to Bluewater Investment Group LLC, $110,000

1088 Murray Ave, K S Yoak Enterprises LLC to Chohfi Tiffany Angela, $126,000

1061 Murray Ave, J E S Properties Ltd to Safely Landed Inc, $57,000

1148 Linden Ave, be Jun Ma to K S Yoak Enterprises LLC, $55,000

586 Johnston Ct, S.o.s. Homebuyers LLC to SFR3-050 LLC, $29,000

121 Ido Ave, Green Scott A to Brown Vanessa Monique, $95,900

687 Excelsior Ave, Jonad Properties LLC to D and A Property Management Group LLC, $50,000

2929 Shelburn Ave, Smith Norma L to Skeriotis Theodore, $105,100

692 Seiberling St, Kravetz Benjamin M to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, $73,967

369 Ruckel Rd, Garretson Melvin B Jr to Midfirst Bank, $49,590

2395 Audubon Rd, Lloyd Willard B to Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust HB5, $188,000

686 Elma St, Ragan Janet P to Motivation Inc, $25,000

686 Elma St, Motivation Inc to San Ha, $36,000

943 Delia Ave, Somerville Lynda D to SFR3 050 LLC, $40,000

1353 Leonora Ave, Ollietown LLC to Daniels Mary Jane, $89,500

429 Sumatra Ave, Michalski Martin G to Schramm Ashley, $94,000

1589 Glenmount Ave, Mcintyre Roger K III to Alli Aaron, $120,000

2205 SW 19th St, Wilt Richard to Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd, $25,000

2325 Congo St, Bailey Stephanie Trustee to Jumps 22 LLC, $74,537

281 Hampshire Rd, Weschler Patrick J to Dalton Suzanne L, $425,500

1216 Grant St, Flint Holdings 18 LLC to Incognito Traders LLC, $6,121

2386 Nesmith Lake Blvd, Lowry-Malone Diane M to Moyer Cynthia M, $87,400

1494 Preston Ave, Kuhns Evelyn B to SFR3 050 LLC, $63,000

484 Vosello Ave, Andersons Home Restoration LLC to Sadonis Tammie Sue, $332,500

739 Elma St, Ali Dama Z to Carroll Jessica, $47,400

564 Patterson Ave, Graham Michael to Rai Rina, $78,000

783 Hampton Ridge Dr, Rida Fatima to Garrett Stephannie R, $152,000

1349 Curtis St, Castle 2020 LLC to Richardson Lamard, $33,500

1069 Ellsworth Dr, Evans Jonathan D to Rozo Rafael Ernesto, $150,000

815 Hancock Ave, Tubin Marko to Delta Real Estate LLC, $198,000


496 Hudson Run Rd, Halilovic Amir to Yoder Joseph J, $130,000

1240 Prospect St, the Aem Services LLC to Hays Scott, $147,000

398 Snyder Ave, Willow Park Properties Ltd to Franks Nathaniel D, $22,000

309 Edward Ave, Ohio Home Rentals Inc to Archer David, $30,800

888 Laurel Cir, Stemple Zella M to Fisher Richard C, $300,000

203 24th St NW, Barberton Realty Two LLC to Johnson Timothy Michael Jr, $144,000

164 6th St NW, Trenta Margaret to Dunlavey Brian, $325,000

394 & 396 E Washington Ave, White Michael E to Riccardi Preston, $115,000

618 E Baird Ave, Beal Karla to Scharver Gregory Alan, $149,900

12 24th St NW, Beaumont Lynn A to K S Yoak Enterprises LLC, $60,000

294 Broadview Ave, Simpson Paul to Davis Jace M, $125,000

401 4th St NE, Moore Amanda T to Simmons Anthony, $135,000

198 2nd St SW, Lytle Craig R to Kavalchek Kenneth J, $25,000

5227 Witner St, NVR Inc to Golden Stephanie C, $251,465

1131 Benton St, Jones Britney S to Watson Tyler, $127,750

Bath Township

3456 Tee Dr, 23105 Mccann St LLC to Grabenstetter John P, $250,000

2218 Berrywood Dr, Elsie of Glencairn LLC to Juby Shannon L, $500,000

1120 Nina Ln, Butler Jesse P to Todd Christine L, $620,000

1905 Orchard Dr, Salata Nina to Buehner Patricia L, $172,680

2545 Maple Ridge Dr, Yellow Creek Reserve LLC to Hykes Steven, $149,900

3731 Granger Rd, Skidmore Barbara P to Yellow Creek Development LLC, $230,000

Copley Township

4127 Meadowcreek Ln, Joyce Beatrice C Trustee to Studenic Charles R Trustee, $360,000

1133 Meadow Run, Meadows of Copley Holdings LLC to NVR Inc, $36,542

1145 Meadow Run, Meadows of Copley Holdings LLC to NVR Inc, $39,500

1129 Meadow Run, Meadows of Copley Holdings LLC to NVR Inc, $39,500

1137 Meadow Run, Meadows of Copley Holdings LLC to NVR Inc, $36,542

1141 Meadow Run, Meadows of Copley Holdings LLC to NVR Inc, $36,542

1215 Meadow Run, Ingersoll Aimee Elizabeth to Shah Hemal, $173,000

Coventry Township

parcel 1908090 E Robinson Ave, Weigand Caroline T to Seifert Michael, $350,000

135 Lakota Ave, Royal Oak LLC to Wise Madeline, $174,100

281 Willowview, Fletcher Shana to Dachtler Stacie, $170,000

3613 Manchester Rd, Ritchey Linda L to Stoltz Brookelyn, $148,500

3551 Dorwil Ct, Hagen Georgia J to Rini Dante W Trustee, $375,000

1118 Portage Lakes Dr, US Bank Trust Trustee to Mcglumphy Hallie, $75,100

336 Killian Rd, Lane Darlene M to Fu Yechun, $26,336

Cuyahoga Falls

1812 Northmoreland Blvd, Sloan Rosemary to Scenic Way Properties LLC, $90,000

124 Filmore Ave, Shatzer Gary L to Kiss John J, $182,000

2111 Cook St, V & W Properties LLC to Properties Plus Investments LLC, $89,000

2014 27th St, Jaklitsch Jeff to Karolczak Alison Jane, $262,000

1921 High St, Clawson Barbara J to Slawson Shawn R, $178,000

1422 Tewksbury Cir, Schwartz Katherine M to Brown Darlene C, $190,000

1305 Treasch Dr, Greenwell Michael O to Pitcher Jessica M, $200,000

1728 7th St, Hite David R to Acklin Jennifer A, $132,500

630 & 1634 Bailey Rd, Smith Jennifer A to Smith Jeffrey, $202,000

1310 Northmoreland Blvd, Wayco Mary Ellen to Dexter Daniel Ray, $225,000

3055 13th St, Kleski Stephen A to Bell Amy, $114,900

1645 Union St, Halak Usama Ali to Halak Usama Ali, $36,000

749 Alameda Ave, Richard Janice to Limosana Michael J Trustee, $145,000

723 & 725 Hollywood Ave, Zimmerman Scott A to Born Again Real Estate Rentals LLC, $100,000

431 Hayes Ave, Saran Homes LLC to Patterson Katherine, $205,000

2119 Pinebrook Trl, Furcolow Carolyn C to Spikerboen LLC, $56,400


3317 Morewood Rd, Nemer Manuel to Parker Joshua, $317,500

3371 Lenox Village Dr, Johnson Regina A to Silverberg Robert, $169,900

2535 Burnham Rd, Garrett Ellen M to Morris Stephen, $234,000

Green City

2876 Crows Nest Cir, Lisy Staci A to Wilson Zachary V, $400,000

4445 Max Rd, Banks Margaret L to Maurer James, $200,000

3417 Stratford Green, Adams Becky L to Sands Laura K, $310,000

2701 Ontario Rd, Lake Charles to Goodchild Brian C, $315,000

1380 Maple Grove Ln, K Hovnanian Forest Lakes LLC to Blydenburgh Jason, $269,315

135 Schneiderman Dr, Richardson Iris V to Day Anthony, $193,501

482 Amberley Dr, Cohn Evan H to Sehnert Robert M, $575,000

3950 Crest View Dr, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Hultz James A III, $490,110

550 Stoner Rd, Clemmer Kristin E to Rosson Nathan, $574,900


parcel 3003001 Darrow Rd, Sulentich Marilyn R Trustee to Triban Investment LLC, $700,000

6573 Walnut Ct, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to O Brien Antonella B, $681,505

64 Bard Dr, Allman Kimberly to Lozic Ivan, $325,796

6676 Kingswood Dr, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Beuk Willem Frederik, $643,594

5879 Laurawood Ln, Hopkins Phyllis E Trustee to Augustine Mathew Marks, $731,500


3175 Sunny Brook Dr, NVR Inc to Shaw Jeremy, $315,045

3155 Sunny Brook Dr, NVR Inc to Martin Mary, $300,000


8680 N Melody Ln, Swedlow Joshua to Hall Sydney, $282,000

8696 Kingfisher Ln, Randhawa Baljinder Singh to Greene Gail, $226,000

Munroe Falls

parcel 5801418 Rustic Terr, Winter Dorothy E to Keller Dana, $16,000

565 Willow Grove Dr, Sivec Robert F to Yeager Stiver Karen S, $235,000

New Franklin

2525 Sussex Dr, Kress Richard A to Hennis Alex, $230,000

5229 Fawn Dr, Hennis Alex M to Ricciardi Phillip P, $212,000

1195 Highwood Dr, Boyd Christi A to Murdock Angelisa, $188,000


9124 Cambridge Dr, Patel Satyen to Onder Nicholas Robert, $145,000

92 Magnolia Ave, Ghotra Harbans S to Zimmer Kathleen A, $290,100


3905 Jean Lane, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Sykes Thomas, $78,750

3339 Weber Dr, Howard Charles to Spees Heather S, $150,000

3935 Higgins Dr, Addison Norton LLC to NVR Inc, $54,168

4343 Wadsworth Rd, Smith Jeffrey R to Bath Anneka C, $300,000


3852 Ridgeview Dr, Stafford Elizabeth H to Macy Roberta, $247,500

3576 Hawthorne Dr, Mata Tiffany L to Horrigan Taylor Anne, $269,900

4581 Hawkins Rd, Hess Margaret E to Wehr Christopher, $275,000

2518 Monica Dr, Jurovcik Sara E to Prediy Sergey G, $215,000

Sagamore Hills Township

8359 Crystal Creek Rd, Siebert Brian to Montgomery Street Homes LLC, $285,000

402 Houghton Unit 15 Rd, Ondak Robert C Sr to Chambers Julianne, $249,900

6260 Greenwood Pkwy, Martinez Jose to Helen and Associates LLC, $90,900

911 Canyon View Rd, Mettenberger Kaci Rae to Williams Daniel, $145,000

1135 Canyon View Rd, Vaughan Deborah F to Miller Geoffrey Edward, $91,250

Springfield Township

2968 Gale Dr, Burket Colleen M to Burton Matthew R, $110,000

1224 Winter Fern Ave, Reusser Donna H to Goodlet Jeffrey C, $255,000

1790 Beryl Rd, Cvoric Albin to Cvoric Armin, $195,000

986 Tritt Dr, Stanton Kevin R to Wright Joshua, $70,000

3508 Sanitarium Rd, Allison Sarah A to Nicholas Timothy, $301,785

488 Lessig Ave, Krokos Janet M to Frost Patrick, $48,400

563 Ewart Rd, Williams Dynasty LLC to Heatherly Charles L, $140,000

2969 Arcadia Rd, Ebury Re LLC to Bell Anthony, $31,000


parcel 5619654 Darrow Rd, NVR Inc to Ross Pamela, $317,230

4662 Dresher Trl, Blake Alexander to Yoerger Jordan Guy, $275,000

3903 Hile Rd, Edwards Amy L Trustee to Douglas Mark Thomas, $128,000

4604 Muirwood Pl, Woodward Robert B to Schieber Randall B, $451,500

parcel 5619655 Darrow Rd, NVR Inc to Fabrey Henry G II, $345,121

3068 Kent Rd, Swartout Donald R to Richard Janice R, $67,000

3575 Williamson Rd, Young Susan K to Fowler Kyle A, $145,000

4696 Haughton Ct, Harrison Dannielle H to Patterson Andrea N, $315,000

1878 Lillian Rd, Wilcoxson Jamira A to Stern Nathan, $170,000

parcel 5619616 Pin Oak Dr, Design Construction Services LLC to Ridgley Philip R, $374,905


524 Morningstar Dr, Obendorfer John E Trustee to Jagos Roderick B, $230,000

142 Van Evera Rd, Cummins William Homer to Niepokny Theresa, $175,000

68 Antone Ave, Teter Cheryl to Frick Brittani Lee, $95,000

136 S Munroe Rd, Wang Qing Qin to Beckwith Adam, $192,000

96 N Washburn Rd, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Grimes Kristopher Ryan, $379,820

762 Northwest Ave, Cargill Edward T to Fast Ronald T, $79,184

552 Washburn Rd, Hood Jeffery L to Beaver Nathan, $380,000


10366 White Ash Trl, Adler Marjorie M to Moore James Gregory, $235,500

8900 White Oak Dr, Scott Jennifer L to Bukszar Zachary, $243,000

11251 Frederick Ln, Vandemotter Melissa S to Ayoade Adewole Adekola, $343,000

2945 Framingham Ln, Lemmo Ronald to Hufgard Christina, $215,000

11560 Ravenna Rd, Westrich Eric to Turle Ashley B, $83,200



642 Cherry Park Ov, Hritz Mark to Baker Michele M & Doris Vanlander (J&S), $200,000

824 S Chillicothe, Harper Jason Lewis to Geraci Rachael, $179,900

455 Danbury Dr, Odriscoll Justin G to Ciciretto Stephen & Dorothy (J&S), $385,000

94 Eggleston, Konturas Seneca to Krontz Alan Daniel & Jennifer Lynn (J&S), $430,000

865 Dipper Ln, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Schlagbaum Anthony, $385,565

934 Lloyd, Kornuc Timothy & Margarita (J&S) to Carnahan Lisa M, $225,000

681 Scarlett Ln, Stavely Ian & Kaitlin (J&S) to Gupta Vikaas & Zankhanaben Thakkar (J&S), $622,500

996 Goldenrod Ln, Groth Christopher C & Amy L (J&S) to Wyner Matthew R & Joanna G (J&S), $404,000

Brimfield Township

3790 Olmsby, Goldner Joshua B to Kridler David V & Michelle M (J&S), $175,000

4630 Creekside Dr, Bentz Mark W & Susan R (J&S) to Mupinga Davison & Emily (J&S), $187,000

1560 Countryside Dr, Holtzapple Donnel & Sean Perry (J&S) to Cain Shannon & Danielle, $475,000

361 Clearfield, Marks Peter M Jr to Perry Donnel L, $215,400

1460 Brimfield, Cady Robert to Danko Michael, $268,500

3501 Ivanhoe, Ward Timothy D to Gennuso Jeffrey, $150,000

2199 Orchard Cr, Cranberry Farm LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $61,800

2257 Orchard Cr, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Urbank John Paul & Emily Alcoy Urbank (J&S), $364,390

2291 Orchard Cr, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Biswa Suk & Ambika (H&W) & Gajmer Naina & Dhan (H&W) (J&S), $356,400

4682 St Rt 43, T R Z Real Estate LLC to Powell Kameron S, $200,000

Franklin Township

31 Germaine Cr, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Caver Brieanne & Keronta (J&S), $411,225


727 W Main, Pizzute Timothy T & Pamela L (J&S) to Hensley David W & Kurt David Baker (J&S), $76,500

651 Yacavona, Linger Cynthia to Lowery Allen R & Patricia F &Daniel F Maynard (J&S), $138,700

1286 Carol, Kurzenberger Brian E to Willoughby Diane J, $146,000

1084 Elno, Adolphson David L & Laura N (J&S) to Kline Mark A & Amy C (J&S), $172,000

302 Wilson, RLV Investments LLC to Semonin Jared & Alyssa (J&S), $227,500

Mantua Township

Lot 19 & Lot 25 St Rt 82, Vesely Dennis & Lynn & Douglas to Vesely Dennis & Lynn & Douglas, $0

11838 Mantua Center Rd, Miller Seth to Kump Alexander Scott, $340,000

12726 Vincent, Sirk Katelin to Gingerich Chelsea & Karmella Brown (J&S), $160,000

Nelson Township

10757 Hopkins, Miller Adam A to Schmucker Wayne O & Cindy D Miller (J&S), $325,000

Palmyra Township

4818 St Rt 225, Lillard James R & Jean K (J&S) to Carney William & Lindsay Patyak (J&S), $450,000

10161 Mason, Dillon Judith A Aka Judy A to Brock Jennifer, $113,000

Lot 28 & 30 Mason, Dillon Judith A Aka Judy A to Brock Jennifer, $113,000

10176 Mason, Bauer John J to Gray Theresa L, $12,600


881 Main, Pittman Jack L & Charlene A (J&S) to Ankrom Travis, $89,300

Div S Lot 5 Main, Pittman Jack L & Charlene A (J&S) to Ankrom Travis, $89,300

1088 Duxberry Dr, Zuckerman Adam to Fullen Gary W Jr, $235,000

555 E Main St, Speedway Superamerica LLC to Pietrasz Patricia L, $10,000

559 E Main St, Speedway Superamerica LLC to Pietrasz Patricia L, $10,000

Rootstown Township

3539 Tallmadge, Kohl Kimberly Ann to Gregg Michael G & Kellie L, $273,000

Shalersville Township

4437 St Rt 303, Aberdeen Properties Management LLC to Mceldowney Keaton & Abigail (J&S), $190,000

3057 Lake Rockwell, Scarlett Darlene to Sherrod Aaron, $142,500


1735 Pike PW, Dye Patricia A to Toigo Nicolette Marie, $201,000

10031 Delemonte, Salvo Benjamin Edward @3 to Nemecek Richard A, $230,000

135 Emerald Ave, Stonegate Enterprises Inc to Phelps-Rowe Michelle, $89,000

1453 Crescent Dr, Frontier MV X LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $64,016

1687 Leslie Dr, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Rhone Jacqueline, $305,840

1650 Duncan Way, FLG Streetsboro LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $73,680

1654 Duncan Way, FLG Streetsboro LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $73,680

8778 Kelly Ln, Diaz Denia Zelaya & Brian Russell (J&S) to Hatfield Alex Z & Madison A (J&S), $345,335

10204 Autumn Cr, Golden George P & Virginia A (J&S) to Uppal Gurmeet Singh, $403,000

Suffield Township

285 Pheasant, S & G Bonner Family LLC to Hayes Douglas & Corinne, $185,000

Briarwood Vil 2 Lot 16 F 110.00 Heartwood, Matonis Anthony M to Mayfield Brett, $20,000



Axline Chad R from Guinter Eric, 1075 Johnson Ave, $149,000.

Baier John C from Wearstler Mary E, 167 W Harrison St, $90,000.

Barkley-Hanson Edward Troy III from Wesney Karen M & Sarchione Karen M, parcel 100991 Freedom Ave S, $97,500.

Barkley-Hanson Edward Troy III from Wesney Karen M Fka Sarchione Karen M, 1628 S Freedom Ave, $97,500.

Crouse Mark R & Tina M from Carpenter Mark E, 881 Vaughn Ave, $95,000.

Emery Harvey David & Nancy Ann from Doak Larry Allen, 204 Fernwood BLVD, $130,000.

Herderick Larry & Paulette from Waffler Nancy A, 2137 Hedgewood Ave, $267,500.

Huntington National Bank from Katich Carmel J, 2491 Center Ave, $50,000.

King Karen M & Jay from Justice Karin, 30 S Mckinley Ave, $82,000.

Nichols John & Rebecca M from Keeling Laura, 634 Fairview PL, $174,900.

Pilla Ryan v & Armour Trisha L from Ocean Realty LLC, 278 W Washington St, $79,000.

Bethlehem Township

Mhca Homes LLC from Hitched Wholesale LLC, 6000 Beth Ave Lot 21, $12,500.


Alves-Rodrigues Kevin from Doran Alicia Y, 926 Rex Ave NE, $30,000.

Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd from Luster Karen S, 2212 2nd St SW, $23,000.

Borrell-Gambino Joanne & Gambino Joanne from Lawver Bruce H & Cynthia L, 1815 Walden Ave NW, $75,900.

BW P&L Holdings LLC from Pay N Stay Rentals LLC, 2529 Cleveland Ave NW, $128,000.

Cieslewicz James R & Heidi M from Blocher Gerald J, 1227 Colonial BLVD NE, $149,000.

Cottage Blues LLC from Cavender Charles B, 4100 Cleveland Ave NW, $103,000.

Dudley Wanda from Peterman Matthew, 1700 Woodland Ave NW, $110,000.

Esway Stephen A from Vaughn Jeffrey L, 1511 Pontius PL NE, $7,000.

Galletta Dana from Ama Ohio Homes LLC & Luisi Nicholas, 3807 2nd St NW, $142,800.

Gonzalez Robin from JSC Properties LLC, 341 21st St NW, $212,500.

Himes Euretta B & Voros Judith A from Hallak Muhannad Osama, 1445 Gonder Ave SE, $80,000.

Investart Ltd from H R A Trustee, 610 Market Ave N, $215,000.

Iraheta Reina S from Sag Construction LLC, 1132 Richard PL NW, $3,000.

Kadas Matthew J & Andrea Ellen from Shaheen Janet E, 1802 Market Ave N, $326,000.

Light After Loss from Merging Hearts Holistic Center Inc, 3751 Burrshire Dr NW, $190,000.

Lre LLC from SFR3 Aic LLC, 347 18th St NW, $57,000.

Mccomb Cody from Hupp Jeffrey A & Mari A, 3605 Birchdale Rd NW, $94,900.

Mcconaha Leda Elisabeth from Milford Michael A & Millford Trisha A, 1938 Gibbs Ave NE, $90,000.

Mcconaha Leda Elisabeth from Milford Michael A & Millford Trisha A, parcel 212949 20th St NE, $90,000.

Mcdew Corey D Sr from Mitchell Matthew Paul IV, 1303 Cleveland Ave SW, $27,900.

Mclaughlin Megan from Alzught Akram H, 137 30th St NW, $92,900.

Meadows Richard J III & Rebecca B from Coyne Blaine, 803 Smith Ave NW, $57,500.

Moreland Steven A from Moreland Edna, 2135 Henry Ave SW, $54,800.

Moritz Luke John Edward & Crystal Lynn from Darrah Constantinosr, 1725 Yale Ave NW, $193,000.

Nelson Joseph Walter & Cardona-Nelson from K S Yoak Enertprises LLC, 3208 3rd St NW, $134,000.

Neo Home Buyers Inc from Rue Eugene J & Long Jean Ann &, 2919 Vera PL NW, $15,200.

Olvin Rodriguez Ramirez from Arreguin Gilberto, 1915 4th St NW, $9,200.

Parkdale Properties LLC from Gray Street Investments LLC, 2616 2nd St NW, $25,000.

Paul Ethan S from Ross Brittany, 1233 Hawthorne Ave SW, $98,000.

Pebblestone Properties LLC from Lukens David B, 1536 39th St NW, $465,000.

Pebblestone Properties LLC from Lukens David B, 1606 39th St NW, $465,000.

Phillips Brandon Aka Brandon Xavier & from Larkin Street Homes LLC, 1633 Holland CT SW, $83,328.

Phillips Brandon Aka Brandon Xavier & from Larkin Street Homes LLC, parcel 201101 Quimby Ave SW, $83,328.

Reich Spencer R & Scott R from Barton Michael J, 1236 Ridge Rd NW, $87,500.

Rollison Darianna from Mcdew Ashawnte, 1712 Virginia PL NE, $25,000.

Stevens Francine from Geis Rebecca Trustee of the James F Rich Revocable Trust, parcel 305974 Eastwood St NW, $49,900.

Stoneham Partners LLC & from Goodland Properties Canton LLC, 1212 7th St SW, $1,800,000.

Stoneham Partners LLC & from Goodland Properties Canton LLC, 1219 7th St SW, $1,800,000.

Stoneham Partners LLC & from Goodland Properties Canton LLC, 700 Schroyer Ave SW, $1,800,000.

Stoneham Partners LLC & from Goodland Properties Canton LLC, parcel 201673 6th St SW, $1,800,000.

Substantial Kennels LLC from Mattox Acquisitions LLC, 721 Highland Rd NE, $9,500.

Susej LLC from S F R S LLC, 1390 Henry Ave SW, $10,000.

the Bank of New York Mellon from Stroud Jessie L & Willie Mae, 3844 35th St NE, $60,000.

University Autos LLC from Williams Erika D, 4813 Leigh Ave NW, $100,000.

Waicak Jeffery from Baker Dell, 508 Sayler PL SW, $13,800.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society Ttee from George Gregory, 2822 Baldwin Ave NE, $64,600.

Wines Bradley from Stuhldreher Timothy, 1909 Sandwith Ave SW, $95,000.

Wisse Richard & Carrie from Bittenbender Mark W., 1918 Endrow Ave NE, $25,000.

Canton Township

Bettinger Jacob M & from Kuhn Joshua A & Skelley Kary M, 4300 Dueber Ave SW, $180,058.

Brenner Levi D Trustee from Cook Terri, parcel 1313557 Central Ave SE, $145,000.

Snyder Ashley from Oliver Brian L, 3011 Lincoln St E, $110,000.

Vezie David A from Bell Vicki L, 5236 Martin Dr SE, $260,000.

Wise James M Sr from Jadip LLC, 2812 Cleveland Ave SW #73, $7,200.

Jackson Township

Blue Falls Real Estate Company Inc from Codispoti Linda, 6600 Frank Ave NW, $1,000,000.

Dennis Hayden J from Dennis Michelle R, 7756 Cheryl Lane St NW, $200,000.

Herron Kellie J & Rodney L from Bennett Richard, 8436 Audubon St NW, $242,500.

Hoffman Michael & Heather from Hall Jerry M, 5874 Akron Ave NW, $250,000.

Kintz Kasey R & Ogle Michael D from Craver Joni & Christopher, 4072 Red Oak Cir NW, $386,000.

Kumpf Cory T & Carrie M from Berkshire Farms LLC, parcel 10013512 Greenview Ave NW, $99,900.

Marucci Bernard A & Lindsey M from Doak Andrew W & Andrea D, 9964 Strausser St NW, $625,000.

Mathie Brandon E & Kylee M from Seifert Diana L & Timothy J/TTEES of the, 4922 Red Fox Dr NW, $550,000.

Mathie Brandon E & Kylee M from Seifert Diana L & Timothy J/TTEES of the, parcel 1627789 Red Fox Ave, $550,000.

Mlaikia Lotfi & Rafiaa from Kovatch Philip J & Teresa S, 9714 Emerald Hill St NW, $280,000.

New Residential Mortgage Loan Trust from Hill Douglas Aka Doug C Aka Douglas C, 4477 19th St NW, $70,000.

Pand Properties LLC from Helline Gerald P & Lori Lee & Heather R, parcel 1701137 Woodlawn Ave NW, $64,000.

Peacock Warren & Dewanna from Fike John A & Catherine C, 7740 Bricker Rd NW, $250,000.

Sari Brian Thomas & from Huffman Delane E & Joanne M, 8533 Esquire St NW, $393,000.

Valli Matthew v & Monica L from Valli Victor W & Gail A, 8772 Ontario St NW, $165,000.

Warren Pamela K from Sypek Rhonda J & John P III Co Trustees, 6619 Glengarry Ave NW, $500,000.

Lake Township

Brown R Michael & Leah J from Takacs Joseph & Mary K Trustees, 11176 Oasis Ave NE, $280,500.

Brown R Michael & Leah J from Takacs Joseph & Mary K Trustees, parcel 1902865 Butte Ave NE, $280,500.

Fassnacht Melissa & Ray Roger from Ray Sharon L, 3012 Brouse St NW, $150,000.

Gates Samuel T from Desatnik William Jr, 13675 Cleveland Ave NW Lot 38, $8,000.

Geig Michael A & Kara M from Robinson James E and Sara M, 2499 Mcginty Rd NW, $515,000.

Georgakopoulos Kyriakos from Thompson Arthur D &Lynn A, 10291 Hunting Hills Ave NE, $178,000.

Heestand Dean E II & Joy M from Flashhouse Cle South LLC, 2460 Macnaughten St NW, $490,000.

Kinzel Eric B & Morgan B from Dixon Terrence L & Tonya, 8374 Macthomas Ave NW, $455,000.

Lika Property Management LLC from Posten Timothy W & Susan K, 12725 Cleveland Ave NW, $244,000.

Noble Property Management Ltd from the Lake Woodland Properties LLC, parcel 10014174 Woodlands Glen Ave, $80,000.

Pitinii Fredrick M & Melissa v from Giovannelli Deann M, 3067 Thornton St NW, $133,000.

Plato Judy A & Erik T from Judkins David W & Catherine J, 13516 Sara Ave NW, $215,000.

Thurston Lawrence O & Marie E from Marshall James K & Rosemary R, 12521 Gwen Whisler Dr NW, $169,000.

Vipan Kumar LLC from Asj Inc, 260 Prospect Ave S, $80,000.

Lawrence Township

Oney Levi Hunter & Breanna Danate from Appleton Aaron & Patty J, 14861 Lawmont St, $215,000.

Oney Levi Hunter & Breanna Danate from Appleton Aaron & Patty J, parcel 2400744 Lawmont St NW, $215,000.

Lexington Township

Ely Stacey L from Johnson Mark A, 11689 Edison St NE, $170,000.

Ely Stacey L from Johnson Mark A, 11691 Edison St NE, $170,000.

Evans Jonathan K & Penny S from Mummert Walter T III, 13191 Iowa Ave NE, $185,000.

Evans Jonathan K & Penny S from Mummert Walter T III, parcel 2801379 Burden Rd NE, $185,000.


Grant Nina M from Degasperis Donald G II & Angela E, 1030 Cypress Ave, $197,000.

Spencer Mark E & Julia A from Royer Ruth A, 246 Cypress St, $232,000.

Marlboro Township

Yoder James Eric & Jenifer Lynn from Mestemaker Lisa Ttee, 5183 Smith Kramer St NE, $273,000.


Camp Patricia W from Winters Susan J, 1730 Coventry Rd NE, $250,000.

Camp Patricia W from Winters Susan J, parcel 604619 Wales Rd NE, $250,000.

Card Darrian from Williams Christal M, 1730 Lincoln Way E, $93,400.

Carvoo Briana & Jeremy from Gardiner Gloria, 149 Rolling Acres Cir W, $4,800.

Corbett Samantha & Jonathon David from Mclaughlin Tyler M, 716 Andrew Ave NE, $125,000.

Fries Nathan D from Stickley Kathy M, 2130 Duane Ave NW, $55,000.

Fulton Anthony Francis & from Durkin William M & Madison R, 2480 Urbana Ave SE, $283,000.

K Hovnanian at Country View Estates LLC from Partner Land Company LLC, parcel 10014522 23rd St SW, $55,000.

Kuhns Maisey J & Jeese L from Biles Kenneth R, 210 State Ave NE, $69,999.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC from Shaffer Maggie E., 808 Wellman Ave SE, $44,000.

Lemon Nicholas A & Stacy L from Munnell Roger A & Melissa A, 316 3rd St SE, $84,600.

Mast Duane O & Katie H from Wolfe Jennifer & Ayers Luann Co Ttees, 434 24th St NW, $173,500.

Meadow Wind Realty LLC from Meadow Wind Associates LP, 300 23rd St NE, $5,520,000.

Nationwide Investments LLC from Straley Joshua D & Maria v, 934 Green Ave SW, $45,575.

Reinhart Steve from Bonded Oil Co, 709 Erie St S, $35,100.

Villard Jane F from K Hovnanian at Country View Estates LLC, 1227 23rd St SW, $75,000.

Warren Family Funeral Homes Inc from Paquelet Propertiesllc, 1100 Wales Rd NE, $2,135,000.

Nimishillen Township

Malt LLC from Phipps Sarah R & Bradley T, 7660 Lakefield St, $115,000.

Ramser Daniel from Hansen Corrine & Koah Mary Kay Et Al, 4885 Broadway Ave, $86,600.

North Canton

Bailey Phillip J from Zeno Michele S & Bright Graham D, 1251 Pasadena BLVD NW, $20,000.

Clunk David P from Chen Litong & Huang Dinglei, 1330 7th St NE, $240,000.

Hill Daniel & Paula from US Bank Ttee, 1215 Janet Ave NW, $289,900.

Lafleur Ryan A from Li Yinghua & Honxu Su, 1031 Bachtel St SE, $187,500.

Rexrode Timothy G & Hoskinson Melody M from Miller Sharon S, 1107 Terrace Rd NW, $81,227.

Sal 1401 Propertygroup LLC from Bush Ben R & Kathleen D, 1401 Portage St NW, $350,000.

Scott Mary F from Mancari James Michael Trustee, 1531 Cambridge Ave SW, $176,000.

Sullivan Maurice J III & Jill from Freeman Jonathan D & Christine S, 225 Woodrow St NW, $145,126.

Sullivan Maurice J III & Jill from Freeman Jonathan D & Christine S, parcel 9200989 11th St NW, $145,126.

Osnaburg Township

A-List Land Development LLC from Malleo Anthony W & Christina A Trustees, parcel 9000098 Spanish Bay St SE, $51,500.

Bole Jason Ryan & Jamie Lynn from Noturno Jessica L, parcel 3704792 Neimans Ave SE, $58,500.

Deibel Jennifer L from Desper Cornelious G, 6995 Maplebrook Ave NE, $46,000.

Fischbach Timothy K & Veronica from NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA, parcel 9000072 Quarry Lake Dr SE, $417,695.

NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA from A List Land Development LLC, parcel 9000105 Spanish Bay St SE, $40,000.

Paris Township

Miller Jason M & Alicia Joelle from Goodnite Jack H & Judith A, 288 Paris Ave NE, $105,000.

Perry Township

Blowers Keith R from Pence Cecil A, 224 Adele Ave NW, $125,000.

Braholli Owen R & Batchi Abigail B from Howell Kristia L, 5250 Charm St SW, $159,900.

Cortese Gabriella from FJL Properties LLC, 233 Sippo Ave NW, $189,900.

Davis Dorothy T & Jerry S from Grosschmidt Virginia L Ttee, 2429 Ashwell Ave SW, $335,000.

Dettore Janet K & Workman Marissa A from Map Services Neo LLC, 150 Cayuga Ave NW, $190,000.

Endress Julia & Daniels Eric from Doane Cynthia A, 921 Bellarbor Ave NW, $210,000.

Jackson Jerry H Jr from West Manor MHP LLC, 171 Marsden Ave, $5,000.

Paul Rachel T from Harris Michael S & Kathy D, 229 Locke Ave NW, $139,000.

Quality Home Investors LLC from Beadle Sally J, 212 Highland Ave SW, $104,500.

Snyder Douglas & Ashley from NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA, 2657 Genoa Ave SW, $343,750.

Unkefer Andrew from Adcp LP, 5271 Charm St SW, $153,000.

Webster Christina M from Pachan Benjamin v, 3039 Greenpark St NW, $190,000.

Young Nichelle Dionne from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 4312 Westmont Ave SW, $253,820.

Ziegler William A Jr Ttee from Ziegler Realty P.L.L., parcel 4315981 Corporate St SW, $51,900.

Pike Township

Fritz Sherry Faye & Roger Lee from Karam Marc Trustee, 7885 Cleveland Ave SE, $200,000.

Plain Township

Ashton Mary P from Henline Nora Y, 3804 Bellwood Dr NW, $115,000.

Ashton Mary P from Henline Nora Y, parcel 5203321 Bellwood St NW, $115,000.

Dudley David Brian & Mckenzie Erin from Brust Timothy & Holly, 7836 Sandleford Ave NW, $335,000.

Fricano Matthew from Metzger Eleanor Jean Trustee, 7814 Wareham Cir NW, $257,500.

Iltis Johnathon & Erika G from Gizzi James J & L Sue, 6225 Sandalwood Ave NE, $225,000.

James Haley J from Wicker Creek North LLC, parcel 10013761 Wicker St NE, $56,000.

Jel Laundry LLC from TNC Renovations LLC, 2525 Clearview Ave NW, $117,000.

Jones Patrick Scott & Brockhurst-Jones from Sal Investment Properties LLC, 7445 Market Ave N, $340,000.

Koser Eugene Richard & Tamela Lea from Adamczyk Maxwell, 1606 32nd St NE, $135,500.

Mayle Denise from Anew Story LLC, 4127 27th Ter NE, $29,400.

Morris Christopher R Jr from Rupple Vera J, 7495 Byron Ave NE, $180,000.

Nippers Kathy & Whitlock Mitchel D from Holdsworth Darin & Valerie, 7544 Ellesmere Ave NW, $355,250.

NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA from Mckinley Development Company Ltd, 7181 Stonegate Cir NE, $68,000.

NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA from Mckinley Edgewood Development Company LL, 1337 Fountain View St NE, $72,000.

NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA from Mckinley Edgewood Development Company LLC, 1225 Southbrook Cir NE, $98,000.

Palek Jarryd T from Evans Jonathan K & Penny, 2737 Englewood Dr NE, $250,000.

Revision Homebuyers LLC from Frasher James M, 2415 Regentview Ave NE, $54,500.

Sarachman Andrew & Wise Lauren from Palmer Dylan G & Denise R, 3930 Darlington Rd NW, $332,000.

Warther Kurt & Melissa from Adams James H, 7795 Angel Dr NW, $375,000.

Sandy Township

Davis Jeffrey B from Mccallin Travis J, 126 James St, $135,000.

Ferren Richard F & Rochelle R from Minnie-Winnie Ltd, 115 Main St S, $95,500.

Ferren Richard F & Rochelle R from Minnie-Winnie Ltd, 117 Main St S, $95,500.

Malvern Laundromat & Car Wash LLC from Joseph Asset Management Company LLC, parcel 6600341 Lisbon St E, $78,100.

One Waynesburg Company LLC from Waynesburg District LLC, 8610 Waynesburg Dr SE, $800,000.

One Waynesburg Company LLC from Waynesburg District LLC, 8650 Waynesburg Dr SE, $800,000.

One Waynesburg Company LLC from Waynesburg District LLC, parcel 10010226 Minerva Dr SE, $800,000.

Russo Thomas A from Swinderman Jordan, 7613 Broadford St SE, $116,900.

Russo Thomas A from Swinderman Jordan, 7641 Broadford St SE, $116,900.

Vuckovich Jeffrey D & Tracy L from Mayle Melvin J, 244 Hillside LN, $82,500.

Vuckovich Jeffrey D & Tracy L from Mayle Melvin J, parcel 6102417 Muckley Dr SE, $82,500.

Sugarcreek Township

Andrews Robert J Jr & Mckenzie M from Pfouts Fred E & Shirley A Trustees of TH, 240 Harmon Ave NE, $210,000.

Kuemerle Randall & Tracy from Hardman Eric J & Catherine J, 641 Horton St NE, $192,700.

Tuscarawas Township

Adams John D & Lamb John P & Donna R from Warstler Edward L & Jean, 1445 Manchester Ave NW, $152,000.

Borbely Alexander James Jr & Rachelle R from Wolfe Michael & Terrijo, 4389 Manchester Ave SW, $420,000.

Zimmerman David & Angelie from Schwartz Andrew & Dorothy, 4163 Manchester Ave SW, $170,000.

Washington Township

Blake Cody Alan Michael & Rachel Marie from Kukunis James J & Jamie L, 16227 Cenfield St NE, $80,000.

Curfman Rechelle L from Pleasant Valley Cattle Inc, parcel 7505568 Union Ave NE, $225,000.

First Choice Property Acquisitions LLC from Howell Clyde D & Deann Sue, parcel 10007107 Schubert Ave NE, $12,000.

Herbert Chelsea Renae & Troy Allen & from Grove Jill N Aka Mckim Jill N, 2596 Queensbury Rd, $420,000.



268 East St, David Nicholas V to Hat Trick Property LLC, $141,500

2660 Blake Rd, Dodge Diane M to Huvler D Philip & Tamora L Brooks-Huvler, $78,000

parcel 009-16B-35-041 Greenwich Rd, Stoner Thomas Edward & Cheryl Ann Co-Trustee to Kalsek Nathan J & Jenna M, $650,000

9005 River Styx Rd, Stoner Thomas Edward & Cheryl Ann Co-Trustee to Kalsek Nathan J & Jenna M, $650,000

190 Deepwood Dr, Cole Carrie to Peyatt Donald, $150,000

6219 Tim Dr, Grandview Group Inc to Hajdari Mejdi, $62,500

1361 Bolich Dr, Woodhaven Reserve PH 2 LLC to Miller Cole F & Katie M, $94,900

144 Garfield St, Ford Mark William to Zufall Kenneth, $155,000

146 Fairview Ave, Kaufman Lawrence E & Jolynn G to Winkler Abby E, $186,000

878 Longbrook Dr, Lott Michael J & Debra L to Ramer Evan & Allison Hose, $332,500

166 Nottingham Way, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Knotts James C & Lisa, $397,920

141 Ault Ave, Henley Paul Steven & Laura to Jacquemain Isaak Aaron, $99,900


771 Camden Ln, Libal Jason A & Malorie K to Hankins Ryan J & Stephanie, $315,000

655 Almas Ct, Jontony Henry J III to Bordas Lucia & Leontin, $147,500

97 Surrey Dr, Ruda Johnathan & Rhyanne to Bekker Evgeniy & Allison, $335,800

4012 Skyview Dr, Rohal Richard & Renee to Townsend James Edward Jr, $321,000

3178 Holly Dr, Horton Nicholas D to Dickard Kevin & Holly Galloway, $305,000

1177 Pearl Rd, Abs Holding Company LLC to Difiore Family Properties LLC, $200,000

parcel 003-18B-14-029 Lyman Cir / Westchester Dr, Lachenal Clarito Jose I Trustee to Habitat for Humanity of Medina County Inc, $25,000

3830 Magnolia Dr, Ford Thomas G & Kathleen A Kilner-Ford to Hirsch Jeffrey & Madeline Elizabeth, $250,000

1130 Stearns St, Stetz Karen K to Npo Construction LLC, $152,880

2773 Nationwide Pkwy, Nationwide One to Strategic Properties Nationwide One LLC, $1,700,000


parcel 013-14D-18-018 Avon Lake Rd, Potts Barbara A to Shilling Transfer Inc, $200,000

parcel 013-14D-13-017 Avon Lake Rd, Potts Barbara A to Shilling Transfer Inc, $200,000

parcel 013-14D-18-019 Avon Lake Rd, Potts Barbara A to Shilling Transfer Inc, $200,000

parcel 013-14D-13-018 Avon Lake Rd, Potts Barbara A to Shilling Transfer Inc, $200,000


1480 Skyland Dr, Rich Zachary L to Abell Christopher L & Laura M, $262,000

2019 Hinckley Hills Rd, Hinckley Hills Investments LLC to Ortiz Tyler, $300,000

1009 River Rd, Palik Mark to River Road Horse Farm Plus LLC, $1,740,000

2091 Hayden Dr, Skyland Land Company LLC to Meridieth Patrick A & Tammy S, $220,000

847 Aldon Rd, Rebick Todd A to Woods Daniel, $84,105

2699 Crestview Dr, Brandt Gary M & Tracee P to Deskins Jennings T & Julie A Weiner, $285,000

1195 Skyland Falls Blvd, Skyland Land Company LLC to Holt Burgess M & Burgess L, $190,000

1438 Center Rd, Wright Bonnie J Trustee to Kubala Residential LLC, $1,900,000

parcel 016-03B-33-062 River Rd, Palik Mark D to River Road Horse Farm Plus LLC, $1,740,000


9080 Spencer Rd, Foky Steven to Evans Troy Alexsander & Lia Louise, $225,000


3995 Vandemark Rd, Klein Jason R to Roufail Joseph & Shannon, $280,000

parcel 024-04C-13-003 Jones Rd, Yoder Owen to Olar Megan A & Jacob S, $64,000

9608 Norwalk Rd, Issenmann Clarence G Bishop to Issenmann Clarence G Bishop, $12,000


415 Bank St, Crocker David D & Faith J to Baer William T, $164,900

105 Vesper Cir, Whisper Creek Development LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $43,000


401 Highland Dr, Moehring Elizabeth E to Funfgeld Elizabeth, $166,500

3776 Retreat Dr, Scaduto Lori A to Neate Dennis B, $354,000

426 E Smith Rd, Bonezzi Thomas H to Baer Whitney, $228,000

978 Chadwick Ln, Renfro Michael & Lori to Stervagi-Rivera Steven & Dana Stervagi, $225,000

3959 Burgundy Bay West, Culp Ronald E to Juszczyk Property Management LLC, $221,200

351 Lakeview Dr, Baer Whitney R & William T to Woolsteen Chadwick L & Athena D Ridgley, $312,500

2670 Medina Rd, Angies Ohio Properties LLC to Levy Robin G Trustee of the Robin G Levy Living Trust, $195,000

3412 Old Weymouth Rd, Thompson Clara J to Thompson Edward G, $200,000

parcel 029-19A-07-136 Chadwick Ln (R), Renfro Michael & Lori to Stervagi-Rivera Steven & Dana Stervagi, $225,000

2937 Sutton Ln, Clouse Phillip G & Jill to Fallon Chris & Lori J, $808,000

2798 Station Rd, Rundle Jessica A to Bowes Allison & Joseph Steidl, $376,000

3092 Seven Bridges Rd, Preston Kevin M & Lenor E to Killeen Terrence J & Barbara E, $315,000

parcel 028-19C-20-232 Topsail Dr, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Destefanis Frankie Jr & Jennifer Presser, $277,000

5691 Arlyne Ln, Williams Charles R & Sandra M Murin to Hildenbrand Jason & Jennie, $489,900


9253 Woodland Blue Dr, New Enterprise Developers LLC & Shannondoah LLC to Bond Ronald & Teresa, $35,000

6060 Valley Quail Ct, New Enterprise Developers LLC & Shannondoah LLC to Linberger John & Lorie Ann, $52,000

8119 Yoder Rd, Montgomery Luke P & Wendie M to Brenneman Jordan & Kimberly Wojcik, $400,000

Valley City

1552 Honey Badger Ln, Drees Company the to Baker James A IV & Amy E &Gary W Strenk, $532,641

7781 Grafton Rd, Durica Robert G & Janis K to Dobson Matthew I & Jennifer L, $350,000


Apple Creek

132 Villard Ave, Mullins Paula Mae to Perrine Terry, $165,500


13134 Burbank Rd, Sheppard Breanna Aka Breannon Sheppard & Cassie Copley Aka Cassie Lepley to Sheppard Breanna Aka Breannon Sheppard, $400,000


12930 Burton City Rd, Tacchio Steve F II to Riggenbach Michelle M, $78,000

West Salem

parcel 25-00590.000 Congress St, Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Ziebro Richard, $57,250

190 Congress St, Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Ziebro Richard, $57,250


5684 Mechanicsburg Rd, Gower E Arlene to Hurn David Wayne & Danyelle, $160,000

This article originally appeared on Akron Beacon Journal: Home sales for Summit, Stark, Portage, Wayne, Medina week of Feb. 21