Greece bans export of dozens of medicines to avert shortage

People walk past a closed pharmacy in Athens on June 10, 2015 (AFP Photo/Louisa Gouliamaki)

Athens (AFP) - Greece's drug agency EOF on Wednesday announced a temporary ban on the export of dozens of pharmaceuticals to the EU and other countries to avert a possible shortage caused by capital controls.

"As an emergency measure to protect public health, there will be a temporary ban on the export" of 73 drug types, the agency said.

"This decision has immediate effect, and while it remains in force all stockpiling of these products is prohibited," it added.

The list includes medicine for diabetes and asthma and vaccines for polio, hepatitis and chicken-pox.

Capital controls were imposed in Greece last month to keep banks from running dry before the radical left government on Monday reached a draconian deal with its international creditors.

Banks have been shut until at least Thursday, restricting Greeks to daily withdrawals of 60 euros ($66).

Parliament on Wednesday was preparing to vote on the tough reforms, a condition demanded by the creditors before the flow of funds resumes.

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