Greece blooms as spring arrives

Spring has sprung in Greece.

As the first day of spring closely approaches, the abundant almond trees of Athens are flowered in white, and the hillsides around the city and the Acropolis hill have filled with poppies and daisies.

Traditionally, the first day of spring is celebrated on March 21, although this year the first astronomical day of spring in the northern hemisphere will start from March 20, according to the farmers almanac.

In the last years Greece has witnessed unusual weather phenomena, from record snowstorms to heatwaves. Scientists in Greece say climate change is expected to make temperatures rise by some two degrees in areas such as Athens.

In the northern Greek region of Veria, the arrival of spring is marked by fields of orchards filled with hundreds of pink flowered peach trees covering an area of17,500 hectares (43,000 acres).

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