Greece pushes back at migrants on Turkish border

Clashes broke out between police and migrants trying to cross the the Turkish-Greek border on Saturday (February 29) as a crisis in Syria shifted to the European Union's doorstep.

Greek police fired teargas over the border and migrants threw stones.

The group of migrants arrived after Turkey said on Thursday (February 29) it will no longer contain the hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers.

That announcement came after an air strike on Idlib in neighbouring Syria which killed 33 Turkish soldiers.

Almost immediately, convoys of people began heading towards the land and sea borders of Greece -- a primary gateway into Europe for asylum seekers in 2015 and 16.

Greece, has tense relations with its neighbour Turkey at the best of times and described the situation as an "onslaught" saying it would keep migrants out.

On the other side of the fence Turkey hit back at the Greek accusations, with Turkey's Foreign Minister tweeting, "Look who's lecturing us on international law! They're shamelessly throwing tear gas bombs on thousands of innocents piled at their gates."

Back in 2015 almost a million refugees and migrants crossed from Turkey to Greece's islands, setting off a crisis over immigration in Europe.