Is Green Bay's season over? | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

After dropping five straight contests, Yahoo Sports' Matt Harmon and Scott Pianowski explain why the Packers' season is essentially lost.

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: The weird thing about the quote to me at the time for Rodgers was he's talking about guys who aren't playing, maybe give them a chance. Like who-- that's even more like who are you talking about than the guys making mistakes. Because there are no reinforcements coming on this roster.

And now, Scott, you mentioned Aaron Jones in a walking boot. Romeo Doubs, who was everybody's kind of favorite for the guy Rodgers might have been talking about in that quote, he left the stadium in a walking boot as well. He was carted off earlier in this game. So now it's like a house of cards is already tumbling at this point. Because that's what this offense was. It was a unit that was not made to withstand a lot of injuries, and now it's withstanding those injuries to the point that I think it's just done.

The Packers are done as a team this year, as an offense that we should be even remotely interested in fantasy. I know that AJ Dillon, if Aaron Jones misses time, it'll be, oh, this is the time for AJ Dillon. I'm just not sure what juice is left to squeeze at this point, even if AJ Dillon takes the starting job.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Man, has he looked bad all season. And Rodgers targeted 12 players. I mean, he's like a guy at the track who's just at the teller window, just shouting out numbers at this point. He's just trying to bet on every horse because he wants to cash a winning ticket. Rodgers is scrambling for any kind of answer. Again, it's cute that they threw David Bakhtiari a throwback pass at the goal line. Didn't work out.

So they're trying everything. Deguara had five catches today. I mean, they went for all of 41 yards. Again, Lazard on a good team would be a three. He's their de facto number one. I don't know what's been wrong with Dillon. I know the line play hasn't been great, but AJ Dillon has been one of the major disappointments. Can't fault injuries on that.

And this is five losses in a row for the Packers. I know it's hard because the monster is never dead. The monster is dead.