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3 Dead In Bowling Alley Shooting; Green Beret Charged

A 37-year-old active duty serviceman is charged in the deaths of three men and the wounding of two teenagers and another man.

K-9 Killed In The Line Of Duty: IL Sheriff's Department

Loki was fatally injured when a suspected drunken driver crashed into the back of a sheriff's officer's vehicle, police said.

Myocarditis Concerns Grow For Athletes Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

As myocarditis has been linked to the coronavirus, athletes are concerned about their health, especially during high-energy cardiovascular activity.

2 Men Killed In Fires Christmas Weekend

A man died on Christmas Eve after firefighters pulled him from his burning home earlier that morning, and a second man was killed in a Christmas Day fire.

Brawl At The Mall: Orland Square Fight Caught On Video

A fight that broke out at Orland Square Mall on Saturday evening had a crowd of people watching, or joining in.

Juggling Remote Learning And Work Is 'Hard' For Working Parents

One reader said that as a working mother who has children in remote learning, she is "beyond stressed" every day.

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