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1) Electric Planes

One of the social media flashpoints in the Green New Deal plan was the suggestion to "build out high-speed rail at a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary." It's a lofty goal, considering that in 2017, according to the FAA, commercial flights in the United States carried a total of 971,595,898 passengers. But air travel, beyond being an unpleasant experience for many, is a major polluter. Air travel accounts for 9 percent of the greenhouse gases produced by U.S transportation.

For regions where rapidly expanding rail travel might be a tall order, electric planes could provide a cleaner alternative. Currently in their earliest stages, companies like Eviation and the Boeing-backed Zunum.Aero want all-electric and hybrid-electric planes that could hit around 650 mile trips. That's enough for Miami to Charlotte, Atlanta to Washington, D.C., or Denver to Kansas City.

There's one big problem in electric planes: batteries. Eviation CEO Omer Bar-Yohay thinks that electric planes could be flying in 15 years, but with massive government investment, who knows what might be possible.

The Green New Deal Desperately Needs These 5 Innovations If It's Going To Work

The Green New Deal proposed by Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey is ambitious, which it must be if it's going to combat climate change. But reaching those goals would require some serious innovation.

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