'Green Goblin Gang' Of Women Sporting Neon Bodysuits Attack And Rob Teenagers On NYC Subway Train

While traveling on a Times Square subway train at approximately 2 a.m. Sunday, a crew of six women wearing full neon green bodysuits assaulted and robbed two 19-year-old girls. The ridiculous attack was caught on several videos by passengers on the train.

In the video, you can clearly see the women ganging up on the two girls, and at one point, one of the victims takes several punches to the face, while the other looks to be dragged down to the floor.

Now, in the more extended version of the video uploaded to YouTube, you see the train is stopped, no transit authority in sight, but there are a ton of bystanders, with only one brave guy stepping in to help. Even that one poor guy took hits and punches, and it looks like the girls wanted more smoke with him for stepping in.

This altercation was nothing less than wild; again, no police were in sight.

The enraged mother of one of the victims chose to remain anonymous but had a few words to describe the viciously violent incident. She told the New York Post that what occurred on the train was “absolutely disgusting.” Those women need to be held accountable for their actions.

“Animals belong behind bars,” she exclaimed. “Make an example of them. What happened to the New York City we all loved? Start fixing it now,” she demanded.


According to WPIX-TV, the victims declared to authorities that before turning physical, they had a verbal altercation with the suspects, and the mother of one of the 19-year-old girls added that one of the neon green suited women bumped into her daughter’s friend, so they thought it would be best to just move to the next carriage. However, that didn’t help the situation. Once they moved, the gang followed the teens, and the onslaught began.

“My daughter, she had like five of the girls on her at one time,” she shared.

News outlets have reported that after the beating, the suspects took the victims’ cell phones, credit cards, a wallet and other personal items.

While very few passengers were trying to help, the victim’s mother was annoyed that people were recording the attack instead of trying to help. She had words for the men on the train who did nothing.

“All these men sitting there taking videos and watching, and none of them helped while a group of 10 women was beating two young girls,” she snarled.

According to the anonymous mother, her daughter is a business and international college major in Florida and was visiting family in her hometown of Queens over the weekend.

“She was home from college,” the mother said. “Now she’s getting chest X-rays and CT scans. She’s in excruciating pain. In one video, you can see the one girl kicked her and got her foot caught in my daughter’s purse strap.”

The mother of the other victim told the New York Post that her daughter was vomiting due to the concussion and is awaiting a CT scan of her head.

As of Tuesday, no arrests have been made.