"The Green Knight" Has Been Pulled From Movie Theaters In England

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The Green Knight, A24’s much anticipated Arthurian epic fantasy film starring Dev Patel, will not be hitting theaters in the UK on August 6 as originally planned.

Dev Patel as Gawain

The decision was taken by UK distribution company Entertainment Film Distributors (EFD) in light of COVID-19 concerns, although the UK is witnessing a decline in the COVID cases.

Eric Zachanowich / © A24 / courtesy Everett Collection

The British theaters have been asked by Entertainment Film Distributors to withdraw all trailers and posters until further notice.

A supernatural being with a wooden head and green skin and green clothes

The UK removed almost all restrictions on July 19, but is seeing a surge of the more virulent and dangerous Delta variant, despite overall COVID cases in decline. The US release on July 30 shall go as planned. The movie has been a big hit with critics, and cinema goers are waiting to see what such a talented cast has brought to the screen.

A24 / Via youtube.com

The Green Knight is just the latest in a series of British movies and series to be hit by COVID-19.

This feature film from writer-director David Lowery is supported by a stellar cast comprising mainly of British artists.

Ralph Ineson (Dagmer Cleftjaw in Game of Thrones and recently seen as Jim McAlester in Gunpowder Milkshake) stars as the titular character.

Ralph Ineson as The Green Knight
© A24 / Courtesy Everett Collection

The story is based on a medieval poem titled "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight."

Dev Patel as Gawain

The British Library describes the poem as "the story of the young Gawain, who is a knight at the legendary court of King Arthur. The poem opens with a description of a Christmas feast at Camelot, the Arthurian court. During the feast a mysterious knight, with green hair and green skin, riding a green horse, arrives and challenges the assembled crowd to a bizarre game, which sets off a chain of events in which Gawain faces trials and temptations."

Eric Zachanowich / © A24 / courtesy Everett Collection

There's a fox in the movie too. And it has a speaking role.

One can only hope that the US release goes smoothly and the British viewers get to enjoy this masterpiece soon.

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