Greene Co. Animal Control asking for help finding home for dog who survived gunshot to the head

Greene County Animal Control is asking for help finding a home for a dog who was on the brink of death just over two months ago.

Coco, a three-year-old pit bull terrier, was found by animal control officers alone with a gunshot to the back of the head.

The officer who found Coco stabilized her at the center before taking her to the hospital.

“She went over to Docton Animal Hospital here in Xenia and they fixed her up,” said Jarrod Mitchell, Greene County Animal Control Outreach Coordinator.

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Veterinarians were able to save Coco, and now you can’t even tell she was ever shot.

“She was able to make it through and continue to live her life and thrive the way she is after going through that horrific injury,” Mitchell said.

That was almost not the case. The bullet came out the front of Coco’s face just barely missing her eye.

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“She was very lucky to retain that on that full vision, and then the vet was fantastic was able to help her out,” Mitchell said.

The center is full right now with other dogs who need a home, and Coco is no exception.

Even though she suffered a serious trauma, Coco is playful, sweet, loves treats and captured the hearts of everyone working at the center.

“She is definitely one of the favorites. She will be missed when she goes but that’s the day we all love to see,” Mitchell said.

A favorite for sure— Coco has already been chosen to be the dog of the year for the center not even a full month into 2023.

“Our number one dog for the year for Green County. What she’s gone through with her adoption comes at number one tag and she will forever be that number one dog of 2023,” Mitchell said.

Coco is available for adoption right now just like all of the other animals at Greene County Animal Control. To learn more, you can visit their website by clicking here.