Greenfield Coronavirus Update: 3,730 Cases, 83 Deaths

Gillian Smith

GREENFIELD, WI – There have been a total of 3,730 confirmed coronavirus cases to date in Greenfield, health officials announced Tuesday.

As of Tuesday, there have been 83 COVID-19-related deaths in Greenfield, representing 2.2 percent of all cases to date. In addition, 6.5 percent of cases in Greenfield have required hospitalization and 91.3. percent of cases have required self-isolation.

In the week ending Jan. 3, there were 118 new coronavirus cases reported in Greenfield. This number has been steadily declining for the past month or so, but spiked slightly after the winter holidays.

In Milwaukee County, there have been 89,257 confirmed cases and 995 COVID-19-related deaths.

To date, Greenfield has conducted 37,353 coronavirus tests, which accounts for 3.99 percent of tests conducted in Milwaukee County. The positivity rate for these tests is 11.1 percent.

In the last two weeks, Greenfield had conducted 2,069 coronavirus tests, with a 10.5 percent positivity rate.

According to the health department, 81 percent of the confirmed cases in Greenfield are in people who are under the age of 65.

This article originally appeared on the Greenfield Patch