GreenLight Matchmaking Services to open at Shoregate in Willowick

Mar. 6—Earlier this year, the Willowick Plan Review Board approved GreenLight Matchmaking Services to move forward with plans to open and operate at Shoregate Town Center.

Owner Charisse Green plans to offer more than a dating service, providing outreach and promoting long-term commitment and/or marriage counseling through her business, which is scheduled to open soon at 259 Shoregate Mall, according to its website.

"It is more of a service set up for people who need counseling such as grief recovery," Green stated during a Plan Review Board meeting. "Most of the people who will be coming in are people in need of counseling, they may be coming out of divorces or something along those lines."

During the meeting, Chief Housing and Zoning Inspector Sean Brennan asked if the business will be like therapy to which Green indicated that it would be.

"They do a behavioral assessment and if there are any indications that raises a red flag with the counselors, they are promoted for counseling," Green said of prospective clients.

Brennan inquired if there would be anyone who has a doctorate degree affiliated with the business. Green stated that she has a bachelor's degree in sociology and a master's in community health education.

"In that district, a retail district in the city has uses spelled out in the ordinance and one of the uses is medical offices," Brennan said.

Green said that services offered GreenLight will be external services, a space used for the administrative purposes of the businesses, conducting background checks and assessments.

Additional discussion took place on the uses allowed in a retail district and based on the submission for the businesses, it originally looked as if GreenLight was presenting as a service and would need to go in front of Planning Commission and council.

However, after further discussion following the meeting with the law director, it was determined that the business does not need to go to Planning Commission or council as the use of this business does fall under the allowed uses in the district as it is more administrative.