Greenwich Hospital To Establish New Coronavirus Unit

RJ Scofield

GREENWICH, CT — Greenwich Hospital will establish a new 30-bed, dedicated unit for coronavirus patients after receiving a "substantial" anonymous donation. In an announcement, hospital officials said the new unit will "geographically cohort patients" with the virus, also referred to as COVID-19, to minimize infection transmission to staff and other patients in the hospital.

The unit will include designated rooms where staff can carefully put on and remove protective gear, including isolation gowns, gloves, N95 respirators, face shields and other personal protective equipment. (To sign up for Greenwich breaking news alerts and more, click here.)

The hospital said the anonymous donors were looking to help establish "impactful, forward-thinking solutions" to some of the unprecedented challenges Greenwich Hospital frontline workers have faced while fighting against the virus.

"The protection and wellness of the front-line staff and their families is key to successful patient care and to the safety of the broader population of patients and caregivers at Greenwich Hospital," the unnamed donors said in a statement. "We hope this gift helps our greater community for many years."

The anonymous gift will be used to construct specialized and isolated changing spaces for staff working in the COVID-19 dedicated unit, as well as purchasing specialty PAPR suits and supplies.

Construction of the new unit is anticipated to begin after the current moratorium on construction is lifted by the state. The project will be among the top priorities for the hospital, officials said.

"During the many weeks of caring for patients with coronavirus, our front-line caregivers gained insight into opportunities for efficient and sustainable room design and infection protection," CEO Norman Roth said in a statement. "The resources provided by this gift will assure continued safety, comfort and protection."

This article originally appeared on the Greenwich Patch