Greg Abbott sends more migrants to Kamala Harris’s Washington DC home

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has sent more migrants to Vice President Kamala Harris’s Washington DC home.

The 46 migrants arrived by bus on Monday morning at the Naval Observatory in the northwestern parts of the US capital, according to an aid group.

SAMU First Response has been helping migrants sent to Washington from Texas. Its Managing Director Tatiana Laborde said that the group of 46 people included both single adults and whole families and that they were taken to a church in the area for aid, CNN reported.

Mr Abbott and two other Republican governors have sent migrants north via plane or bus in protest against the Biden administration’s border policies.

Last month, a number of migrants seeking asylum in the US were left outside the observatory following their processing by the immigration authorities and while they waited to have their court dates scheduled.

Mr Abbott sent that group of migrants just days after Ms Harris had appeared on Meet the Press on NBC, arguing that the border was “secure”.

Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff told CNN at the time that Mr Abbott’s stunt was “shameful”.

Gary Grumbach of NBC News tweeted on Monday morning that following the arrival of the migrants “they were ... sorted into groups based on needs, by volunteers who met the bus”.

Mr Grumbach said the office of the governor said that buses will keep arriving in Chicago, Washington, DC, and New York City several times a week until the Biden administration updates its border policies.