Greg Warmoth shares his story of how getting something checked by a doctor saved his life

November is about men’s health, so Channel 9 anchor Greg Warmoth is sharing his story in hopes that it encourages you or someone you know to get checked out.


Warmoth’s surgeon, Dr. Bruce Haughey, with AdventHealth, said doing so, led to his lip cancer diagnosis and, ultimately, saved Warmoth’s life.

“So doing nothing was not an option. If I did nothing or if I let this go, is this something that could have killed me?” Warmoth said.

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“Yes, in the ultimate, it could have, because when they get very large in this location, they then spread to the region, such as the lymph nodes in the neck, and then it spread potentially to the rest of the body,” Haughey said.

After trying topical treatments, Warmoth was faced with micro-section surgery, 17 superficial radiation therapy, or 30 daily radiation treatments.

“We looked at the surgical and the nonsurgical options and you consulted with other experts in those areas,” Haughey said. “And I think you, in my opinion, made a good decision because we got we got all of the malignant and the pre-malignant field change tissue managed in the one operation.”

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“I have heard from so many people some that sent me pictures where they have gone forward with this procedure or with a similar procedure that otherwise they might not have,” Warmoth said. “So I believe this happened to me so that others might also receive some help. I don’t know if you buy into that, but I do believe that this happened for a reason for me and the situation I’m in.”

“Yeah, you know, absolutely,” Haughey said. “Glad you’re back in the office and back on the announcing table at your station. But I think things are going to get even better yet.”

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