The Grim Numbers of Turkey's Devastating Earthquake

The Grim Numbers of Turkey's Devastating Earthquake

As the death toll from Turkey's earthquake rises into the hundreds, the rescue of two-week-old baby Azra has become a symbol of hope. Eastern Turkey is struggling with the aftermath of a Sunday's 7.2 magnitude quake, which has left hundreds dead, reports the New York Times. Rescuers in Ecris, the hardest hit city, pulled two-week-old Azra Karaduman alive from the arms of her mother, Semiha, who was buried under a collapsed building, reports Reuters. Hours later, rescuers pulled her mother from the wreckage and rushed her to an ambulance, reports the AP which provided video of baby Azra's rescue:

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Elsewhere the reports of the devastation is bleak. Collapsed buildings outnumber those being treated, the only thing consistent about the reported death tolls is that they continue to rise in a grim tally of the tragedy. 

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  • 2,260- The number of collapsed buildings in Eastern Turkey. [NYT]

  • 1300- The number of injured being treated. [NYT/WaPo/AP]

  • 3,000-plus- The number of rescuers, some of whom are digging through the rubble with their bare hands. [NYT]

  • 360, 366, 432- The estimated death toll which continues to rise. [NYT, ABC, AP]

  • 12,000-The number of tents the Turkish Red Crescent, whose relief efforts are being criticized for sluggishness, are promising to the city of Van by Tuesday. [Reuters]

  • 5.7- The strongest aftershock recorded so far. [NYT]

  • 213 or close to 500- The estimated count of aftershocks that have been reported in Turkey since the quake. [NYT/AP]

  • 14- The number of days baby Azra Karaduman has been alive. [AP]

  • 2-The number of days baby Azra Karuduman had been trapped in her mother's arms under rubble before being rescued in Ecris today. [AP]