Grimes' Abs And Booty Are Legit 🔥 In Totally Nude IG Photos

Grimes' Abs And Booty Are Legit 🔥 In Totally Nude IG Photos
  • Grimes just dropped some belated photos on Instagram from her iconic Halloween costume, and she was not messing around.

  • The singer, 34, was totally nude in the shots, flaunting her sculpted booty, core, and legs in the process.

  • Grimes hasn't talked a ton about her workout routines, but in 2019, she said she spent two hours sword fighting each day.

It can be tricky to get your Halloween photos out at the right time. After all, they can get lost in the noise of everyone and their mom sharing their snaps. Well, Grimes, aka Claire Elise Boucher, just shared her Halloween pics nearly a month after the big day, and they’ve definitely got people’s attention.

In the photos, the singer is fully nude (with some artfully-placed scribbles over select areas) while her flowing orange hair floats down off her shoulders. Grimes shows off some impressively toned abs, legs, and booty in the photos, and if the comments are any indication, people pretty much melted when they saw them.

“Never got around to posting my Halloween costume,” she wrote in the caption. “MALENIA, BLADE OF MIQUELLA ⚔️🛡.”

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Grimes' fans were quick to support her strong post. “That’s hot 🔥,” said Paris Hilton. “Omg- The last one 😭😭😭😭😭,” said Nicole Dollanganger, while one person hilariously joked, “Trick or treating must have been a tad chilly 🥺.”

Grimes has shared a little about her workout routine online, although it’s hard to say what she ~actually~ does. In a promotional Instagram post for Adidas she shared back in 2019 (which has since been removed), Grimes said, per Wired, that her workouts consist of one to two hours of sword fighting and 30 to 45 minutes of inclined hiking at roughly 4 to 4.5 miles an hour, which she says is “arguably the most efficient workout.”

That’s all followed by stretching and a screaming session “while I slow boil the honey tea that maximizes vocal proficiency.”

On the food front, Grimes told Harper’s Bazaar that she likes to kick off her day by noshing on Go Cubes, which are little caffeinated squares. “I usually just eat one of those and go back to sleep, and then slowly the caffeine enters my system, and then I wake up,” she said.

Breakfast is usually what she calls “butter toast” where she melts a stick of butter on a plate, plops toast on top, and turns the toast over so the toast is completely saturated in butter. “Then, I put a little bit of jam on it and eat that. It's actually incredible,” she said. If butter toast is not available, Grimes said she’ll eat a “fortified cereal, like Raisin Bran.”

She also shared that she’s not into fruit or vegetables, but she does still try to eat them. “I actually dislike vegetables pointedly, but they're important to eat,” she shared. “It's just vile. Like, broccoli? ... I don't know how anyone eats it.”

Grimes used to be a vegan, but she told Harper’s Bazaar that she gave up that lifestyle when she started having cravings for cow’s milk during her pregnancy.

Dropping Halloween photos after Thanksgiving…pure genius.

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