Gripes About Garbage Cans In Des Plaines

CBS 2's Brandon Merano reports dozens of Des Plaines residents are blaming the city's new trash and recycling company for bins blowing down the road. And delivering broken containers.

Video Transcript

- Trash bins blowing down the road and containers that suddenly break. That's what homeowners in Des Plaines say is happening and they blame their new trash service. CBS 2's Brandon Merano spoke to neighbors about their garbage complaints.

BRANDON MERANO: The biggest complaint from people in Des Plaines are the wheels of their new trash cans falling off. Also they're lighter than the old ones so on windier days, residents here say they've seen their neighbor's trash cans flying down the street and the sidewalk, blowing trash everywhere.

KATHY HORTON: Our garbage cans in particular did not blow down the street. We have not had to go back and retrieve all of our garbage. We've witnessed our neighbors cans doing that.

BRANDON MERANO: Dozens of Des Plaines residents, like Kathy Horton, also complaining the new trash containers are cheaply made and less durable after the city completed switching trash providers this winter.

KATHY HORTON: You can tell that they've just given up and they've left the garbage can at the end of the driveway because the wheels have fallen off the rails.

BRANDON MERANO: Lakeshore Recycling Services, one of Chicagoland's biggest trash and recycling providers, tells us that problem lies with trash can manufacturer Tote; based out of Texas, who rushed delivery and assembly of the bins after falling behind due to their winter storm.

KATHY HORTON: I feel like a senior citizen, like sitting here complaining about garbage pickup days like I don't have anything better to do with my time.

DANIEL DOMARACKI: But there's been a lot of complaints.

BRANDON MERANO: Daniel Domaracki's biggest gripe--

DANIEL DOMARACKI: But I always thought, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

BRANDON MERANO: Confusion over the new company's policy.

DANIEL DOMARACKI: The other people picked up the garbage perfect, no problems. I don't know about the new one. I read something in there you get one big item pick up, otherwise you got to call.

BRANDON MERANO: Leaving residents hoping for--

KATHY HORTON: More clarity around the type of pickup that we can expect and what to do with the larger items.

BRANDON MERANO: LRS has issued an apology and says they will be refunding all 16,500 customers one week of free service in April regardless if they've experienced an issue or not. In Des Plaines, Brandon Merano, CBS 2 News.

- Lakeshore Recycling told CBS 2 even though the new cans are lighter, they believe the older, heavier cans would have been blown away as well.