Grizzlies and Spurs to face-off in Play-In

The play of Memphis' Ja Morant will key what happens in the Play-In Tournament game between the Grizzlies and Spurs.

Video Transcript

- Well, let's talk about this 9-10 matchup-- the San Antonio Spurs, the Memphis Grizzlies. Can't wait to see this one. Two contrasting styles-- of course, you've got the point guard, Ja Morant. Season series-- he had 25 points in this one.

So focusing right now on the Grizzlies, 3D, we saw them not necessarily have their best performance against Golden State. However, consistently during the season, they've been right there playing defense, forcing turnovers, second chance points. They're right there. Going against this Spurs team, what should we expect from Ja Morant and company?

- Well, do you believe what you've been doing all season long? It's your first time as a young team going to the playoffs with your first-time coach, should I say, going to the playoffs with you.

But what I've liked is they play for one another. They play hard every night. Sometimes, they make some bonehead mistakes. That's OK with a young team.

But Ja, this is your first chance to be on that bright stage. We know you're a star. We know your an All-Star knocking on doors. But you got a chance to be a superstar now in this play-in situation and go and take your game to another level.

- So we have the San Antonio Spurs, who, of course, missed the playoffs for the first time in 22 seasons last year. Now they're back in the play-in situation, Channing. You have some young talent with the mix of vets. What should we expect from the Spurs in the play-in tournament?

- Number one, they're going to be prepared, right? Obviously, Pop-- any Pop coached team is going to be prepared. And number two, they've got DeMar DeRozan. I think people forgot how good this dude is in playoff situations, where just getting a bucket is absolutely crucial for his team. And if he could be efficient, if Keldon Johnson can play above what he's been playing-- he's had an amazing year-- those two guys to me and Dejounte Murray, are really what's going to push this Spurs team over a really, really good Memphis Grizzlies team.