Grocery Store Shooting: Officer Eric Talley Was Killed Within Seconds Of Entering King Soopers In Boulder

Officer Eric Talley was killed within seconds of entering the King Soopers store in Boulder on March 22, the district attorney said during a news conference on Thursday.

Video Transcript

JIM BENEMANN: Good evening. Our top story at 5:00, dozens of new charges filed against the man accused in the deadly shootings at the King Soopers in Boulder. He now faces 54 counts in all. Those shootings happened one month ago today. 10 people lost their lives that awful day. Happened at the Kings on Table Mesa the afternoon of March 22. CBS 4's Rick Sallinger live now in Boulder. Rick, the district attorney providing a lot of new information today.

RICK SALLINGER: Well, Jim, I have to tell you, it's difficult to come back here. Today, he told us that there were 115 people inside the store when the shooting took place, another 25 in the parking lot. And here's another number. As you mentioned, 54, the number of charges the defendant now faces. A month since the day when life here was interrupted by death.

LAUREN GILBERT: And it happens at any moment. It makes me think of how precious life can be, and how there are terrible things in this world.

RICK SALLINGER: We know what happened, but DA Michael Dougherty says we still don't know why.

MICHAEL DOUGHERTY: I understand the community, and certainly the victims' families, want to know why that King Soopers and why Boulder.

RICK SALLINGER: What he did spell out were more charges against Ahmad Alissa. In addition to the 10 counts of first-degree murder already filed, now added are possession of illegal ammunition magazines and attempted murder of numerous civilians and officers at the scene.

MICHAEL DOUGHERTY: No civilians were shot and killed after Boulder police officers and other law enforcement entered the King Soopers.

RICK SALLINGER: But one Boulder policeman, Eric Talley, was shot and killed seconds after entering.

RUTH STEWART: It hurts me. But I couldn't imagine how it feels for the people that had someone they loved in there. I just want to like think of a positive solution. The future of, like, how we can prevent this tragedy from happening again, so people aren't living in fear here anymore.

RICK SALLINGER: 54, the number of charges, speaks to the enormity of this horrible event. But if it sounds like a lot, the DA says there are even more to come. In Boulder, Rick Sallinger, covering Colorado first.