Grocery Store Shoppers Still Adjusting As Massachusetts Drops Mask Mandate

Though Massachusetts dropped COVID restrictions Saturday, many are easing into changes that have become part of their regular routine.

Video Transcript

- Another notable change for people getting used to not wearing a mask is at the grocery store. Yesterday at this Stop & Shop in Watertown, we noticed a significant number of customers still choosing to cover their face on their way in. And the change joining Wegmans, Trader Joe's, and Hannaford, among the list of retailers dropping their massive requirements for people who are fully vaccinated. Some shoppers told me they welcome the change. Others aren't quite there yet. Was it a refreshing experience going back in there and seeing some of the masks off?

- Yes. I don't generally wear a mask. I will wear it here or to a market, because I don't want other people to feel awkward. But I never wear one going out. So it's been really good to see people finally just getting to-- back to a little bit of normalcy, anyways.

- Just staying safe and doing what I have to do until, you know, I feel comfortable doing what I need, what's right.

- Stop & Shop says they still plan to offer special hours for shoppers over the age of 60. And they still strongly encourage everyone to wear a mask in the store.