Groom Finds Out Celtics Lost During Wedding

A happy groom was recorded quickly shifting emotions when he found out the basketball team he supported lost while at his wedding in Newport, Rhode Island, on May 1.

Footage recorded by MJ Bagdasarian shows the groom, Arsen Avakian, quickly change demeanor when he was told the Celtics had lost, before switching back to a smile as he and his wife walked out of the church as newlyweds.

Bagdasarian told Storyful that his cousin Avakian works for the Celtics, and is “very close with the players.”

“He was standing at the front during the ceremony wondering how they were doing the whole time, and found out the bad news on the walkout” Bagdasarian said.

The Boston Celtics lost to the Milwaukee Bucks with a final score of 101 – 89 in the second round of the NBA playoffs on May 1. Credit: MJ Bagdasarian via Storyful

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