Groom's stance on vegan wedding food causes unexpected blowout

A Reddit user sparked an intense discussion

over his choice to uninvite his fiancé’s

relative from their wedding after a

disagreement over vegan food options.

The user, who writes under the

account veganthrowawa, shared his conflict

to Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A******) forum.

Veganthrowawa said that since he has been

vegan for 9 years and Andrew is vegetarian, they

decided to make their wedding 100 percent vegan.

The problem? Andrew’s family

is “meat-eatin’ country folk”.

“So many people called us, SO OFFENDED we

would make our wedding vegan … We were polite in

informing them we would not be serving meat”.

Though most guests complied, a relative

Veganthrowawa refers to as “Sweet Gale”

demanded the two grooms change the menu.

“She quickly told me while he was gone that she

would ‘put up with a pansy wedding, but there’s no

way in hell [she’d] let her kids eat like pansies”.

“I was fed up and told her ‘Then

don’t f****** come’ and hung up”.

After the argument, he said at least 20 people

said they would not come to the wedding until

he apologized for being “rude” to Sweet Gale.

“My fiancé wants me to apologize as he wants a

big wedding … I told him I’m not apologizing until she

fesses up about what she really said to me”.

Commenters were divided

over how Veganthrowawa

should handle the situation.

It’s YOUR wedding … guest[s] refusing to

have a meat-free meal for ONE day is obnoxious”.

Others said he need to budge at least a little bit. “Is

it that hard to respect your guests’s choice of food”