Group adds to college scholarships

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Sep. 15—GUILFORD COUNTY — Beginning with the 2023-24 school year, a local educational nonprofit group will provide more grants and scholarship dollars to students graduating from Guilford County Schools who need it most.

Starting in fall 2023, students who receive the maximum Pell Grant award will be eligible for an Acceleration Grant of $1,250 a year, an increase of $900 from previous awards, the group shift — ed, formerly Say Yes Guilford, announced Thursday.

The group also announced a new scholarship model under which more than 90% of shift_ed scholarship dollars will go to public school students with a family income under $150,000, and more than 40% of the total awards will be awarded to families making under $40,000 (as reported on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

With equity as the guiding principle, the group's staff, board and scholarship committee sought a way to better serve Guilford County Schools graduates, the group's CEO Wendy Poteat said in a press release.

"Reimagining how we distribute scholarships was critical to narrowing the opportunity gap that exists for our scholars," Poteat said.

As a last-dollar tuition scholarship, awards are determined after federal, state and institutional aid. The nonprofit does not consider any outside scholarships when making awards.

Additionally, the nonprofit does not consider a student's GPA, require a resume, essay, or any letters of recommendation.

Registration for Guilford County Schools seniors will begin on Dec. 1, and the window will remain open until July 1.

The 2023-24 scholarship model is available to review along with frequently asked questions at The nonprofit also set up a scholarship hotline dedicated to current scholars needing information, 336-355-8213.