Group of friends claims Airbnb experience made them feel unsafe

A group of friends claims they experienced an unsettling encounter at an Airbnb. Jennifer Enriquez (@glammedbyjenny_) posted a video of a group of women as they watched a man walk across the house's driveway. In the TikTok, one of the friends contacts the alleged Airbnb host writing, "Hello, someone came and said he is renting the garage?". "Not sure who that is. Kindly ask them to message whoever they booked with," the host responded . "Lol, long story short, there was an extra room in the back that we were NOT aware of," Enriquez wrote in the comments.

According to a representative from Airbnb, the event took place in July 2020. In The Know reached out to Enriquez for further comment but has not heard back.

“Our team looked into this situation when it was only brought to their attention last week,” the Airbnb representative told In The Know. “The host, in fact, did accurately describe that the property was shared with a second listing in the back of the property.”

Airbnb also stated that the “information was conveyed on the front end” on the listing page. Allegedly the host also pointed this out to the guest and “the guest was understanding.”

Ultimately Airbnb said the incident was not in violation of Airbnb policies.

Video Transcript


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