New Group Graduates Revamped Freedom House 2.0 Program

A new group of graduates is ready to serve others as certified EMTs and healthcare workers.

Video Transcript

- A new group of graduates are ready to serve others as certified EMTs and health care workers. UPMC Health Plan hosted the graduation ceremony for the Freedom House 2.0 program. It's a 10 week training program that jumpstarts an individual's career in health care. It started back in the 70s but was recently revived to bring back job training in the medical service.

- Back then when you called for emergency medical services, either the police showed up or a funeral service showed up. And then for the residents of Hill, sometimes nobody showed up, so they started their own ambulance service. They're going to take care of themselves, and we're happy to still be here in the Hill district today offering this-- or revamping this program.

- The training is free thanks to the partner organization 4Work. And all the graduates passed their national practical exam, so they are ready for work.