Group Traveling Route Of Underground Railroad Arrives In Philadelphia On 900-Mile Journey

The group is walking to raise awareness of human trafficking.

Video Transcript

JESSICA KARTALIJA: A walk with a mission-- today a group arrived in Philadelphia after finishing about a third of their more than 900 mile journey. Eyewitness News at the William Still house where Kelly Diane Galloway and the Free Them Walkers arrived on foot. The group has been walking since May 3 when they departed from Lynchburg, Virginia. They're traveling on the route of the Underground Railroad to bring awareness to modern day slavery, human trafficking.

KELLY DIANE GALLOWAY: Slavery still exists. And as long as slavery exists, there needs to be a loud voice that will cry out for freedom, and those are modern day abolitionists, like myself, and the rest of the Free Them Walkers, and all those who are fighting for slavery around the world today.

JESSICA KARTALIJA: Galloway and the group will continue walking through June 19 when they arrive in Buffalo, New York.