Groves Capital Announces Company Expansion With Over 575 Loan Officers Across 22 States

San Diego, California--(Newsfile Corp. - September 28, 2022) - Groves Capital, founded by Chris Groves, has announced a major company expansion hiring multiple loan officers across 22 states, bringing their total to 575 loan officers in The United States.

Groves Capital, whose mission is to help people find the right solutions needed for them when finding a loan, works with over 160 lenders who are connected to thousands of customers to find a solution that fits the current marketplace.

Currently, Groves Capital has over 1,000 of loan products that most companies or banks have access to.

Chris Groves, CEO of Groves Capital

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"Groves Capital has over 160 lenders on our platform which give each client various solutions to finding the best loan product that fits their goals. Our loan officers are true professionals who take the time to qualify and focus on our clients goals to find the loan terms that best fit their needs. This expansion will mean even more people being helped across the country" Chris Groves details.

"The USA market the last few years has had very low rates through the pandemic. Now that rates have come up to more of a typical rate they need to understand its part of our economy to increase rates to stabilize the housing market. It's important for home buyers to understand their buying power and home ownership benefits when deciding if now is the time. In any case buying a home will always yield a positive return in the long term over paying someone else rent," Chris Groves added.

As a result, according to the founder, this gives the broker, and banker lending platforms the edge in this new market to give solution based lending while giving numerous options at the best market rates and terms. In addition, thanks to their recent expansion, their average close time for Groves Capital is 21 days whereas the banks average is 42 days, which can affect if sellers will accept offers and keep to the contract timelines.

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