How to Grow, Harvest, and Store Mint

Mint has many uses.And it's so easy to grow that it often takesover, which is why most people recommendgrowing the herb in a container.When you plant perennial mint, the herbwill die back in the fall and return springafter spring without being replanted.Keeping your plant watered is importantbut it will survive some forgetfulness.Mint is a low-maintenance option forindoor herb gardens—simply add soil,seeds, and water to your favorite pot.Make sure to keep your plant inan area that is partially shaded.Frequent pruning will help your mintgrow into a bushier, fuller plant.Harvest herbs like mint when theflower buds are just beginning toform but before they open.Store fresh-cut herbs in a water-filledglass, with a produce bag wrappedaround the top and tied in place