Growing Your Own Fresh Herbs Is Easy with This Indoor Gardening Kit, No Backyard Required

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Courtesy of Amazon

Starting your own herb garden is a fun way to enjoy more greenery around your home and jazz up your meals. If you're new to the gardening game, seed starter kits make it super easy, and hundreds of Amazon shoppers are especially keen on the Nature's Blossom Herb Seed Kit. This indoor herb garden kit provides all the essentials you'll need in one package, from the seeds to the pots. Plus, it gives you the 411 on the growing process, so even if you're a beginner, you'll have the care instructions for your herbs right at your fingertips. And this Nature's Blossom kit is on sale for $20 on Amazon right now.

Courtesy of Amazon

Buy It: Nature's Blossom Herb Seed Kit, $20 (originally $30), Amazon

This particular set comes with seeds for basil, parsley, cilantro, and thyme, as well as soil pellets that expand in warm water. While you can buy your own pots, the kit includes four biodegradable planters and little labels, which make it easier to keep track of which herb is which. Because your herbs need specific TLC, the kit also contains a handy pamphlet that gives you easy-to-understand tips giving your seedlings the right amounts of water and sunlight.

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If you're worried that growing an herb garden will be too difficult, Amazon shoppers say that these herbs are the "easiest plants to grow for beginners." One says people who can "even kill fake plants" can grow these "no problem." All you have to do is follow the included instructions for the best results.

The Nature's Blossom herb garden kit a particular favorite for those who live in small apartments. Even with just a sunny window, city-dwellers can still reap the flavorful benefits of a herb garden, no outdoor space required.

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Shoppers say they feel empowered knowing they can grow their own herbs, even on a small scale, and that you'll "feel like a bonafide plant momma with these little cuties!"

"I am very happy with the product!" writes one Amazon shopper. "I have wanted to start gardening for a while now and wanted to start off easy. This was perfect! The kit had everything I needed to start. The instructions were extremely helpful in starting my plants, as well!"

Whether you're looking to pick up a new hobby or want to incorporate the freshest herbs into your homecooked meals, the Nature's Blossom Herb Seed Kit is an easy way to grow your gardening skills. Get it while it's on sale for $20.

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