Guardian US's 11-minute climate strike: why we devoted our front page to climate change

Jane Spencer

Today, American students from all 50 states are taking part in what could be one of the largest environment protests in history: a global school strike to demand that adults take action on climate change.

In addition to a major rally at the US Capitol and more than 70 events around the country, the actions included an 11-minute school walkout at 11am ET to draw attention to a recent UN report warning that we have just 11 years to avoid a climate change catastrophe.

To support the students, and highlight the global emergency, the Guardian devoted our entire US front page – containing more than 40 stories – to climate change coverage from 11am to 11.11am ET. You can view our complete climate front page here.

The Guardian is also providing 24 hours of live coverage of the global student strikes as they travel across countries and time zones. The coverage began last night with our colleagues in Australia and has included reports from correspondents in Thailand, the UK, Belgium, Sweden, France, Spain, the US and many more.

Throughout the day, the Guardian will highlight the voices of young people from the US and around the world who have never known a world where the climate isn’t rapidly heating. And in the coming year, and particularly in our 2020 election coverage, the Guardian will strive to feature the voices of young people in our climate reporting to ensure that those whose lives will be most affected by climate policy over the next century are part of the conversation.

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