Guardianship Offers Permanency For Teen

Raise the Future works to bring permanency to children living in foster care. which can be mentorship or guardianship.

Video Transcript

- Raise The Future is now offering support services for families in all 64 Colorado counties, and these services include virtual classes, customized, in-home education, live virtual coaching, and respite care. And they go a long way to helping a newly formed family come together.

Learning a new game means new rules and new strategies. So does coming into a new family.

JASON: It was very strange at first.

- Jason needed a new home, and old family friends, Josey and Ian, stepped up to be his guardians.

- He was wonderful, but it was a challenge, for sure.

- Jason had to learn the rules of the house.

JASON: One thing that kind of hit me was, like, responsibilities and duties that you have to do, like making my bed was a huge one.

- Josey and Ian had to learn how to parent a child who had a hard life.

JOSEY: I did not understand the kind of trauma that Jason had been through as a little guy, and I did not always understand his responses to things. And those classes really helped me to understand him.

- Josey took trust based relational intervention classes through Raise The Future. She was also paired with Kathy as a navigator.

- So I thought we would do a check in. We haven't talked for a little bit.

- We cannot put our family together just in a blender and expect that things are going to just be perfect.

- Kathy taught her how to slow down and let the relationships between the teens develop.

- She was a great, great bit of wisdom for me.

- It's been a year since Jason came into their home, and the family is doing great.

- High five. Good girl.

- And Jason is thriving.

- It was a gift from God. It's a miracle that I have such a good family.

- And you're a miracle, buddy Thank you so much for that. Remember, you can support all these wonderful services that make families work and make it stick.