Guards Intervene as Government MPs Face Off Against Opposition in Armenian Parliament

Security guards were forced to intervene during a debate on rescinding martial law in the Armenian parliament on Thursday, November 26, when MPs from the governing My Step party faced off with lawmakers from the opposition Prosperous Armenia party.

The tensions flared during a speech by Hamazasp Danielyan, a My Step MP.

The vote to lift martial law was defeated, with the the ruling My Step bloc voting against the bill. Martial law was instituted on September 28 after a conflict with Azerbaijan broke out in the contested Nagorno-Karabakh region. A ceasefire, brokered by Russia, led to a cessation of hostilities, but with parts of the region to be handed to Azerbaijan.

The ceasefire agreement was called a “disgraceful defeat” by Prosperous Armenia lawmaker Iveta Tonoyan ahead of the debate, according to Credit: National Assembly of Armenia via Storyful