Guest Update: 15-Year-Old Refused To Go To School. What Happened To Rivers?

In Dr. Phil season 16, Angie and her husband, Hunter, said say they had given up on forcing their aggressive 15-year-old son, Rivers, to go to school. Rivers, who spent his time playing video games, insisted he didn’t need to go to school or follow his parents’ rules because his plan was to become a musician. “There’s nothing I want to do that school can do for me,” he said at the time. Then, Dr. Phil stepped in with a plan to help Rivers find his path. Did Rivers finally stop his aggressive behaviors? Watch the video above to find out how the now 19-year-old is doing today! Check out more guest updates from the past 20 seasons of Dr. Phil in Tuesday’s episode, “Dr. Phil Celebrating 20 Years” and on Wednesday check out part two: “Dr. Phil: 20 Years Changing Lives.” Check your local listing for air times.

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