Guest Update: How A Couple Who Filed For Bankruptcy In 2002 Are Doing Today

In season one, Ed and his wife, Ginger, had two kids, multiple pets, a big house, and a mountain of debt. “You're just living in chaos across the board,” Dr. Phil said to the couple, who had filed for bankruptcy shortly before appearing on the episode. After Dr. Phil set them on a path to re-engineering their spending - and their life - Ed and Ginger reported that reducing their spending and eating at home added up to more than $9,000 in savings. Now, 19 years later, are Ed and Ginger still following Dr. Phil’s advice? Watch the video above to find out! “’Dr. Phil’: Living Beyond Your Means” airs Friday. Check here for your local listing. WATCH: Fighting Over Money? ‘It’s Not Any One Thing That Brings You Down,’ Dr. Phil Advises Newlyweds TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Need Dr. Phil to get real with someone?

Video Transcript

DR. PHIL: When we first checked in with Ed and Ginger after their episode aired years ago, they told us that just reducing their spending and eating at home added up to $9,000 a year in savings. Well, we recently caught up with Ed and Ginger again this year. They say they've now been happily married for 31 years, and their son Dakota and daughter Julie are now ages 30 and 23, if you can believe that.

They told us that because of my advice, they're no longer stressed out about money and continue to live within their means. Ed said they still have dogs and cats. Sadly, the lizard, well, their lizard passed away.

I'm glad to hear that they were able to keep up the positive changes, and their family is doing well. I wish Ed and Ginger, and their kids, and all of my guests, of course, the best. I'm so glad that these simple solutions that we gave were able to make life changing differences for the better. That's often the case-- small differences add up across time to big results.

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