Gun episode exposes divide in Mich. tourist haven

A northern Michigan community known for tourism is grappling with some of the issues that have ignited protests in bigger cities around the nation (Feb. 22)

Video Transcript

TYASHA HARRISON: It's definitely alive. And it's present. And it's prevalent. And it's shown not only through certain community members, but also our elected officials.

KELI MACINTOSH: I mean, you can say that we don't have problem Proud Boys around our area, but there are obviously problem Proud Boys around the country causing problems. And for them to have been invited to speak, you know, I am not a gun owner, but I can certainly appreciate people wanting to have their gun rights protected, but I would think everybody in our country would have to realize that permission has been given to these activist groups to do more with their guns than go out hunting.

HOLLY T. BIRD: So the question of whether or not people of color, BIPOC people, Black, indigenous, people of color feel welcome here in Traverse City area, I'm going to say no.

TYASHA HARRISON: So yes, racism is very much alive in our nation and also in northern Michigan.

CHRIS STONE: You know, I do stand out. And you feel it. You know, it's hard to describe that to people.