'Gun Girl' Gets Heckled and Booed at Ohio University

Gun-rights advocate Kaitlin Bennett was greeted by a large group of protesters who heckled and booed her when she arrived at Ohio University on February 17.

Bennett, who rose to fame as Kent State’s “Gun Girl” after a photo of her with a graduation cap and an assault rifle went viral, was on campus for Presidents Day where, according to a tweet, she planned to ask trivia questions to students.

Bennett said she was instead greeted by “a bunch of whiny children” throwing “temper tantrums”.

Video posted of the incident shows Bennett surrounded by students shouting: “Where’s your diaper?”, a reference to a rumor that circulated about Bennett allegedly soiling herself at a party in February 2019.

Ohio University police released a statement following the incident saying that it “did not rise to the level of a riot”, as Bennett alleged in a tweet. Officers were present to “protect everyone’s rights and safety,” police said.

Bennett was once a correspondent for Infowars and has made a name for herself by visiting college campuses and asking students provocative questions about gender and LGBTQ rights. She said on Twitter she would “absolutely be returning to Ohio U’s campus again, and next time I’ll bring an army of gun owners for an open carry walk through.” Credit: Anya Bartek via Storyful