Motive sought after handyman shoots well-known construction worker

Investigators are still trying to figure out why a local handyman allegedly shot and killed a friendly construction worker nicknamed "the mayor of City Island."

Video Transcript

- A really bizarre and tragic story in a part of the Bronx that's usually kind of idyllic. On City Island, a woman, for a reason we do not yet know, is shot and killed by a man on a bicycle. As it happens, the victim's boyfriend was also there. And he hopped in his car, chased the shooter down, hit him, and then held him for cops. So why did this happen? Here's our "Eyewitness News" reporter, Jim Dolan.

JIM DOLAN: Despite the murder of a female colleague this afternoon, workers had to finish the job tonight on City Island, or residents wouldn't have had water. It was an emotional day. Neighbors left flowers on the bridge that leads into, and out of City Island. Nearby, police crime scene investigators were meticulous with the bike they believe the gunman was riding when he shot, and killed a female worker from the crew.

GIGI LYONS: She did the slow and the stop, you know. She had the sign, and getting us to slow down we come on the island. Very nice. She was having lunch the other day, as a matter of fact, standing up. And that's a good worker.

JIM DOLAN: The crew started work about 6:30 this morning to replace a water main. At about noon they walked across the street, here, to have lunch at this waterfront park on City Island. About a half hour in they heard the gunshots.

- The shots rang out and, you know, you never know. Because you have Rodman's neck, which is right over here. So there's always gunshots going off. So you don't know, but this sound to clear and it was right outside.

JIM DOLAN: Police say the victim's boyfriend chased the suspect in this car, and rammed into the bike. You can see the damage. Police say the driver beat the suspect, and held him for police. The construction crew had been here on City Island for a few weeks. So many here knew the 52-year-old victim.

- She was a very, very nice person. Very bubbly personality. The last kind of person you want to see something like that happened to.

GIGI LYONS: She was a doll, she was good. We all understood, they were doing work, you know. Wait for the traffic. It wasn't a big deal. I don't know how anybody could be that angry.

JIM DOLAN: The victim is 52-year-old Lizabeth Mass. She lived in Brooklyn. The 67-year-old male who was riding the bike, and was held for police is in custody. Police are interviewing the boyfriend who witnessed the shooting.