Gunman opens fire at Oslo gay bar

STORY: A gunman went on a rampage in Oslo in the early hours of Saturday (June 25), attacking a gay bar and the surrounding streets, in what police said is being investigated as a terrorist attack.

Two people were killed and at least 20 were injured.

The victims were shot at the London Pub - a well-known gay bar and nightclub, as well as at another bar in the center of the Norwegian capital.

This man said he saw people screaming and crying, with others lying on the floor in fear.

The shooting came as the city’s LGBTQ community was due to celebrate its annual Pride parade.

The parade has since been canceled by the organizers, citing police advice.

Oslo Police Lawyer Christian Hatlo said the suspect - a 42-year-old Norwegian citizen of Iranian origin - is being charged with terrorism.

The charge is based on the number of people killed and wounded, as well as the number of crime scenes, he said.

Adding that the police had reason to assume that the suspect’s intention was to “spread fear among the general population.”

Police said they believe he acted alone.

And added that two weapons, including a fully automatic gun, were retrieved from the crime scene.