Gunman wounds 3 US students of Palestinian descent

STORY: Police and federal agents were on Sunday hunting a gunman, who had shot and wounded three college students of Palestinian descent in Vermont, in what investigators say they suspect was a hate-motivated crime.

Authorities said a man with a pistol shot the three 20-year-olds on Saturday evening, on a street near the University of Vermont in Burlington and then ran away.

Two of the victims are U.S. citizens and the third is a legal U.S. resident, according to police.

They added that two of the students were wearing the traditional checkered keffiyeh scarf at the time of the attack.

The shooting comes amid a rise in anti-Islamic and antisemitic incidents reported around the United States, since the latest wave of Israel-Palestinian bloodshed erupted in the Middle East on October 7.

In a statement, Burlington's police chief said:

"In this charged moment, no one can look at this incident and not suspect that it may have been a hate-motivated crime."

According to police, all three remained under medical care on Sunday.

Two of them were in stable conditions, while one suffered "much more serious injuries".

The three went to universities in different states, but were gathered in Burlington for the Thanksgiving holiday at the home of one student's family.