Gunmen launch 'terror attacks' in Vienna

Police in Vienna launched a manhunt after a deadly attack on Monday (November 2) carried out by at least one person that authorities called an 'Islamist terrorist.'

They say that gunmen hit six locations in the city center.

Several people have died, including one attacker, who was shot by police.

More than a dozen were hospitalized, some in serious condition.

As the manhunt got underway, police put up road blocks.

And Austria's Interior Minister Karl Nehammer urged the public to shelter in place.

"This is a terrorist attack, the severity of which we have, thank God, not had to suffer in Austria for a long time. Sadly we have several wounded and several dead. Our police special forces managed to take out a heavily armed terrorist who was armed with an automatic assault rifle. And according to our current knowledge there is at least one assailant still on the run."

According Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, the gunmen were "well equipped with automatic weapons" and "prepared professionally."

Eyewitnesses described the men firing into bars and restaurants crowded with patrons out for a last night on the town ahead of a nation-wide coronavirus curfew.

So far, there have been no claims of responsibility for the shootings or word on motive.

The attacks were all located around Vienna's central synagogue, although the Jewish community leader has said it's not clear whether the building was a target.

Austria's neighbor France has seen two deadly knife attacks in recent weeks.

President Emmanuel Macron has reached out.

In a statement he said, "This is our Europe....We will not retreat."