Guthrie Writer had an Idea for a Bigfoot Series that Won’t Let Her Go

GUTHRIE, Okla. – The thought that someone or something could be watching, even on an innocent walk in a neighborhood, can get just about anyone thinking.

From doorbell cameras, to hidden eyes in upstairs windows, to unseen creatures camouflaged in the grass.

“Sounds kind of creepy,” smiles Missy Hancock. “I don’t know.”

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The writer Hancock used to dismiss such silly ideas until, one day, she was driving through Southeast Oklahoma with her daughter.

Bigfoot could really live out here, she thought.

Especially, added her daughter, if…

“Unless what!” Hancock recalls asking. “Unless there’s a secret society of people protecting them. Then I thought, okay.”

Missy did write a serious novel during the pandemic shutdowns, but that other idea, a story about a woman moving to the Kiamichi Mountains, and finding Bigfoot in the flesh, held on like a scary monster at night.

“We kept talking about it and saying ‘what if it was this or this’, and simultaneously saying, ‘I don’t know what I’m going to write next. Meanwhile, my husband was saying, ‘I think you know what you’re going to write next’. I argued back like, ‘I am not doing bigfoot books.”

Normally a shy creature, difficult to find, her Bigfoot jumped right off the page.
So did her heroine, a character she modeled after her mom, with her own ‘salty’ tongue.

“She’s feisty and my mom would have loved her,” insists Hancock.

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“Bigfoot Watching Woman Watching Bigfoot” takes character Ele Charmicheal to the Post Oak Hills, to actual contact with Bigfoot, and eventually to an effort to create a sanctuary for her fictional creatures.

Hancock laughs, “It’s a twisty tale.”

Two more books will quickly follow, the second is a murder mystery.

As much as she tries to be a serious writer, some ideas, like troubling thoughts or dreams, just won’t let her go without working them out first.

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