Guy Clark documentary shows intimate portrait of three artists

A new documentary shows an intimate portrait of the lives of three songwriters, Guy Clark, his wife Susanna Clark and Townes Van Zandt. Writer/director Tamara Saviano based the film around Susanna Clark’s diaries, which are voiced by Sissy Spacek in “Without Getting Killed Or Caught.” (April 1)

Video Transcript


- Texans really love their heroes. And Guy is a true blue Texas hero.

- He was a powerful figure with an enormous presence.

TAMARO SAVIANO: I didn't understand why Guy wasn't iconic in the same way Johnny Cash is. You know, yes, I think he's got the same thing, but he chose just to go in another direction.

SUSANNA CLARK: I'm Susanna Clark. I live in Nashville with my husband, Guy, and our best friend, Townes Van Zandt.

TAMARO SAVIANO: The three of them loved each other. They all had different relationships with each other. And it influenced them as artists. And that's what I found compelling is this deep love and respect they all had for each other. And so I wanted to tell that story.

SUSANNA CLARK: Guy and I were married. But Townes and I were soul mates.

TAMARO SAVIANO: And he just trusted me. I mean, he gave me Susanna's diaries, audio and written, without ever listening to them or looking at them, and just said, whatever's in there is Susanna's truth, and you're welcome to it. And I think he just wanted me to make the film I wanted to make. I really feel that way. And I think he would like it. I think he would be proud of it.