Guy responds to his own wanted mugshot on Facebook and hilarious romance ensues

Ugh, don't you hate it when the police rush you into turning yourself in?

A Facebook post led to an unexpectedly hilarious exchange between the Richland Police Department and a wanted criminal who was taking his sweet time.

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For its weekly "Wanted Wednesday," the Washington police department posted a mugshot of 38-year-old Anthony Akers, who allegedly violated his probation. He has a history of illegal possession of prescription drugs and resisting arrest, according to the Tri-City Herald.

But Akers, clearly exasperated by the attention, didn't want to be rushed. 

"Calm down, im going to turn myself in," he commented. 

When he didn't show up, the Richland Police Department tried reaching out again. They even offered him a ride to the station.

Akers said he needed to tie up "a couple loose ends" before his impending incarceration, but assured the police that he would show up in "the next 48 hours." 

On Monday, the police responded with another post, days after Akers promised to turn himself in. 

"Dear Anthony, is it us?" the Richland Police Department asked. "We are beginning to think you are not coming."

When he didn't show over the weekend, Akers wrote a heartfelt apology for standing up the police. Here's his tongue-in-cheek note admitting his "commitment issues."

After nearly a week of ghosting, empty promises, and leading them on, Akers finally turned himself in. He replied to the Richland Police Department's post with a cheeky selfie captioned, "Here for our date sweetheart." 

Love, Actually who? Watch this romance blossom over Facebook instead.

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