Guys Who Give award nearly $6K to Gibault Children's Services

Oct. 31—Guys Who Give Vigo County have awarded $5,900 to Gibault Children's Services.

The funds received from the Guys Who Give will be used to construct a family visitation pavilion on the campus of Gibault.

The pavilion will provide a secure and supervised area for visitation which can be enjoyed by families for many years to come. The projected start date for this project is spring 2023.

"Gibault is honored to receive a donation from Guys Who Give," said Michele Madley, Gibault's president and CEO.

"Many children in our care have experienced severe trauma and as we received increased required supervised visits, and as campus restrictions remain on our Gibault property, we noticed families often sitting on blankets in the grass when the weather was nice," she said. "Our goal is to create a shelter that permits our families the ability to enjoy a picnic or a family visit while sitting under an appropriate shelter."

"Gibault Services is such a wonderful asset for our community," said Al Perone, Guys Who Give nominating member and member of the Gibault board.

Guys Who Give Vigo County is a sponsored program of the Wabash Valley Community Foundation. The group provides financial support to local nonprofit agencies and organizations. The yearly tax-deductible cost of membership is $500. For more information, please visit the Guys Who Give website at or call the foundation at 812-232-2234.